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Published: Thursday, Oct. 27 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

I already know his son, which is why I won't vote for him.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With respect to Jon Sr. I have to remind all that Jon Jr. is the governor who bailed out and left us with Governor Herbert. I can't support a man who would do a thing like that. We really cannot risk having a president going AWOL.

Clearfield, UT

Jon Huntsman, Jr., is the ONLY decent candidates the Republicans have. Of course he won't get their support, since he's not a far right wing fringe nut. Sad.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

So Huntsman, if running for president of China "would already have won the presidency". Is that because he really is a flaming leftist, and fit right in because the Chinese have embraced communism?

I think we in Utah already know Huntsman. No thanks.

Sanpete, UT

Know him...still don't like him, still won't vote for him. The denouncing of his religeon was enough for me.

Morgan Hill, CA

Huntsman for Secretary of State


Jon Huntsmans Jrs explanation on his faith was so wishy-washy, I immediately lost interest in him. He sounds like a fence sitter wanting it both ways. When he can tell us what his core values are then I will be interested in looking at him again. Some people attack Romney for his core values. I can see Romney's core values. I have no idea what Huntsman's core values are.

Like it was said above, I like father but so far I don't like son.

Springville, UT

Interesting, if not bizarre comments from the head of Utah's royal family.

The fact is Republicans have gotten to know Huntsman. That's why he's getting about 1% of their support. There's no kinship with his political views. It would be wiser for him to run next time as a Democrat. His funny religious views aren't too far off the family's uncommitted political views. They fund both parties each election. (I think it's called influence.)

10-34, 14-35, 14-31, 14-23 0-4
bountiful, ut

With due respect Sr. Hunstman Pipes said it best.... It is that fact alone that soiled his integrity and integrity is everything!

Lehi, UT

Like father, not like son...is right. Jon Huntsman Jr. may be polished, even-tempered and articulate. But he is not Ronald Reagan, conservative or perhaps even Republican. When you court the Gay rights money but shun Conservative groups, that says a lot. Sorry, Huntsman Sr., even though I respect you and your humble roots, your son doesn't understand middle income struggles, as Governor ridiculed concervative groups by complaining about so-called "message bills". Really? People of faith can't sponsor legislation in line with their values and beliefs? What are your values and beliefs? You seemed to have a tough time with conservatives promoting family friendly legislation when you were here.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I really admire Jon Huntsman Sr. But, if Jr. weren't his son, he's be on Mitt Romney's team just as he has been in the past. I don't think Jr. is probably electable this year or any other year.

Danish American
Payson, UT

Remember the fable of the frog and scorpion? We don't need someone who will compromise with the future of the Country. We don't need any more Presidents who ignore the Constitution and the heritage of the United States. We need men of courage who will stand up to the progressives, the Courts, and those who are leeches on society. The problem is we know Jon, Jr--and we don't need another frog who will succumb to the scorpions of the left.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

Its interesting that on other posts there seems to be a theme that religion shouldn't matter, yet some of the posters on this thread claim they wouldn't vote for Huntsman because he wouldn't take a stand about his religion? So apparently religion does matter?

the boonies, mexico

Stick to your ideals & principles Jon Jr. don't ever change to radicalism, greed, cheating, lying, stealing or being a flip flooper like others in this campaign in your party. I would absolutely love it if you would become an independent and run as such. Your intellect and character would then get the respect you deserve from people that love this country, instead of those others that love themselves. Do it Jon, your the man for me.

Kaysville, UT

Huntsmans biggest problem here in Utah is that people do know him.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Ms Molli: The point is NOT what his religion is. The point is that when asked to take a stand, he went squishy. He didn't have the courage to stand up for his faith. He gave a non-committal, political, wobbly answer. That doesn't make people think that he is a man of character or principle. That's what people objected to. When he was governor he spent more time worrying about photo ops than anything else. It got pretty hard to take.

His father is a great man who loves his son. But, he'd be on Mitt's team if his son wasn't running--just as he has in the past.

West Jordan, UT

Ms Molli: What a person's religion is shouldn't matter for the the office of president of the US, but not living your professed religion or being wishy washy about it says something about the person. When Huntsman said his beliefs were "hard to define" it appeared that he either doesn't know what he believes or he was willing to distance himself from his faith for political expediency. I respect someone who stands up for their faith even when it isn't popular to do so.

Given candidates of equal experience and conservative principles I would choose the one who lives his faith without embarrassment over a lukewarm member of my own faith.

Huntsman has experience but lacks some of the conservative principles I want. Romney may have been less conservative in the past, but show me someone who never changes their opinion based on information and experience and I'll show you someone who is dogmatic and unwilling to learn. I have read Romney's book, "No Apology," and I believe his conservative ideals are genuine.

Standing by his faith gives me greater confidence that he has integrity and will do his best to accomplish conservative goals in the White House.

Burlington, WY

Every goose thinks their own gosling a swan.

Denys Picard
near montreal, QC

I guess it's great for Junior to have Senior as his biggest fan and who may turn out to be his bedtime adviser to the White House also. And I do believe Huntsman Jr. is the sleeper candidate here. Yet he is at the same time to much of a technocrat replica of Obama with the same weaknesses of being great at doing deals, wonderful at being a diplomat; but follows in the corporate authoritarian foot steps, understands business but not the economy, loves trade but does not understand what america needs, believes in zero tax on capital gains, and therefore will kill the middle class like the remainder of the candidates. And it is kind of a lost opportunity because he looks bright, intelligent, quick, young, very appealing, a great white hope...But I believe I will have to say no; but he might be the best bet for the Republicans because he is in many ways a white barack...like Elvis was the white gospel singer...One thing is for sure: I ain't going to vote DEM! That is a certainty! Naybe, Maybe if Junior suppported Glass-Steagall HR 1489, then maybe...who knows?..

Roy, UT

Jon says Mitt has a head start, but everything a candidate does prior to running is part of his election strategy...

lets look at Jon's leaving the Gov. job at mid-term for China, for example, he said he had no choice but to do as the Pres. desired, then after 1 1/2 yrs. he resigns and jumps into Pres. race...was that according to the Pres. Obama's wishes too?? I don't think so, I think the whole China thing was to get national exposure for the Presidential run..

now, say again, how long has Jon been running? more than he admits, I believe.

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