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Published: Thursday, Oct. 27 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, Ut

I'm sure Jon Huntsman is a very capable individual and I like him personally but here are his problems:
1) He's running in an election year with perhaps the strongest Republican field in decades
2) He's running as a moderate against a President that is very polarizing and becoming increasingly unpopular for his liberal policies. Wrong year to run as a moderate.
3) He's a mormon but he's not even the most popular mormon in the race
4) If had an election was held in Utah today, he wouldn't be the State's Republican nominee. He can't even win his own State

His best hope politically is for Obama to win re-election, further drive the country into a ditch, and the run again in 2016 against Obama.

Sandy, UT

I love Huntsman. He's fiscally conservative, a little more socially understanding, and a great diplomat. He's the type we need in this country to bring people together and set the country on course for a strong century. The problem we have now is we are spending ourselves to oblivion. And on the social issues side we are dividing ourselves rather than trying to see where we are common. People don't realize that Americans are far more united on the issues than we are divided. But the politicians focus on the differences.

Here's to Jon Huntsman, Jr for the future.


In most cases I would follow Jon Sr.'s advice, but in this one I think he is a little biased. If Jon Jr. weren't his son, I doubt Jon Sr. would vote for him. I'm sure Jon Jr. would make an excellent president of China, like his father suggested, but we need to elect the President of the United States of America.

Layton, UT

I just think it's too late to really get to know him. No one's seen him for the last few years, because he's been stored away in a Chinese freezer. I just like Romney's chances better.

College Station, TX

Sorry Jon Sr. With all due respect, the problem is not how well voters know your son. In fact, the more voters have gotten to know your son, the less enthusiastic they've become. I'm not sure any Republican candidate has done more interviews or spent more time in the media than your son. The result? He has gone DOWN in the polls and now sits at 1 percent in the national polls and has cratered even in New Hampshire where he has focused all his efforts. Your son can't decide which political party he really wants to represent. Frankly, he would probably do better as a Deomcrat in 2016 than he will ever do as a Republican because at his core he is more of a liberal than anything else. No amount of spending from his own or the family fortune will help him get anywhere. He is simply not what voters want or what the country needs. It's also embarrassing how much he equivocates on his personal religious beliefs. There is no religious test and that's the way it should be, but when a candidate can't even decide on his own religious beliefs, that's a very bad sign.

Orem, UT

A comment to Jon Huntsman Sr., we already know your son. Like Father, not like son. He won't even win his own state, let alone the nomination.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

I think Jon jr. Will get at least one vote.

the boonies, mexico

You republicans are crazy! Huntsman is heads and shoulders above the candidates you people have out there now. Yes he is moderate, and every single president from either party that has been a "great" president was the same. Whats the reason to be radical, racist, and greedy? Mommy and daddys spoiled brats. They want everything NOW, don't want to sacrifice to attain anything, have NO respect for anything or anybody ect, ect! Thats what I call the "instant gratification" generation (15-50 year olds). Get some old history films & books out spoiled ones and see how this country was built to be the best and it certainly wasn't through greed and didn't happen overnight! I'm an independent, native Utahn (72 yrs) and Huntsman would certainly get my vote!

safety dictates, ID

Bifftacular | 11:23 p.m. Oct. 27, 2011
Spanish Fork, Ut

Wrong year to run as a moderate? And then you concede that Obama will probably win a second term? Its the right wing obstructionists that is running the wrong race. Only a moderate has any chance at all. The Republican party is forcing their candidate to go as far right, or even further, than Obama is on the left. It is the wrong time to run as an obstructionist Republican but the time may never be so right to run as a sensible moderate. The Republican budgets will not fly because of their insistence on not raising taxes on the wealthy. The Occupy movement should be more focused on the problem - the obstructionist Congressmen.

Salt Lake City, UT

When he spoke about his faith, or the lack thereof, I learned all I needed to about Jon Huntsman Jr.

Joey D

Jon Huntsman Jr would have much better success if he ran as a Democrat. I'm sure his father thinks the world of him, but hardly a non-biased opinion.


Certainly one can understand a father's "pride" in an offspring. However, Sr's. snide comments (in this article and previous one) toward Romney are unfortunate. They reveal jealousy, envy and contempt. That is very unbecoming.

Jr. is not intellectually prepared to run for POTUS.....yet. That is not saying he won't be in the future. The snide remarks about Mitt running for 4+ years strengthen my support for Mitt as he IS intellectually prepared as well as organizationally. Let's be honest........Mitt QUIETLY help get MANY Republicans elected in 2010. It was about OUR country. He could've been in front of the camera and making headlines.......but he wasn't.

It is VERY telling that UT.....a state that knows Jr. the best.......will overwhelmingly support Mitt.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Jr. does not come across as able, presidential material. But then again, the one we have now proves he is not able and as far from presidential as a human could possibly get.

Spanish Fork, UT

The only candidate with a real plan is Ron Paul. This paper ignores everything about Paul. Making people in Utah think the only candidate is Romney. What a shame.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

we know jr. and he is no senior. sr is a class act and great man. jr is hard to define.

Alpine, UT

"Support is a very complex thing to define." I can tell you, when Jr. Huntsman had the chance to stand up for his heritage and religious roots and he showed NO character to being asked if he was a Mormon, he lost the vote and respect of everyone...on both sides of belief.

Provo, Ut

"if he were running for President in China, he'd have already won"????

Is that an endorsement?


I'd really like to see Jon Huntsman, Jr. win the presidential election. His experience in China is just what we need here in the US. He sure managed the state of Utah well & we are still in good shape compared to other states. Jon would make a great President.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

"His son, he said, never gets unraveled when the going gets tough. "I love that part about him. I've never seen him upset in his life. I've tried, as his father, to test him from time to time, but he's a very savvy man.""

Just wondering, Jon, why did you find it necessary as a father to test your son like that? Strange .......

Heber City, UT

Dad thinks son would be good president...stunning insight from the DN. I'm sure many readers were wondering what his daddy thought of him.

I like Jr. but getting into the field late is no one's fault but his own. Trying to run as a moderate in a party that has shut moderates out is equally problematic.

Jr's biggest problem is that he doesn't stand out. He hasn't highlighted the real differences between him and the others. He's gotten in a few good jokes but he was a complete no-show at the last debate. That was definitely a tactical mistake.

I'd like to see him run again. I'm not sure I'd vote for him but he would certainly be worthy of serious consideration.

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