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Published: Thursday, Oct. 27 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

With 10 news players, a brand new coaching staff, and very little to build on from last season, the Utes will be doing well to get to double-digit wins this season.

Frisco, TX

I'm expecting the Cougs to beat the Utes by 44 points.

Moab, UT


No Jimmer = BYU = .500.

Oh wait, you play in the WCC...definitely above .500, but no NCAA tourney this year.

Sandy, UT

This is no surprise. Anyone who expected Utah be top of the PAC 12 in B-ball this year is dreaming. They may surprise us, but I'm not expecting too much.

CougFaninTX - I highly doubt your cougs will beat anyone by 44 points this year. Without Fredette, maybe they should focus on putting 44 points on the board before they worry about beating anyone by 44.

Murray, UT

Who needs Duckhunter? Count on the Deseret News to fish the internet for anything negative they can find about the U.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I will concede this year is going to be a struggle for the Ute basketball team, but the future looks bright. The Ute's 2012 recruiting class is far and away the best in the State of Utah. Jordan Loveridge is at the top of the list as a 4 star recruit and the only recruit in the ESPNU 100 committed to any school in Utah. Coach K is doing a great job recuiting and building his team for the future.

San Diego, CA

Dear Dutchman,
Running an article on a national sports' organization's predictions for the upcoming basketball season is hardly an example of searching the internet for unfavorable news on the Utes. The Utes have a lot to prove on the basketball court. I wish them well except when they play BYU.
--Cougar Fan

Glenn A.
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, a last-place-finish vote was expected. I don't know how voters could have justified putting them anywhere else. Too much turnover, too many new faces, an unproven coach, etc. Having said all that, it will make it all that much more fun if the Utes end up surprising people this year. Looking forward to seeing the youngbucks Odunsi and Matthews.

Murray, UT


You missed the point. Of course there are web articles out there both negative and positive. The point is, the Deseret News makes a point of finding anything negative about the U and putting a link to it on their web page. We all know and understand the situation of the current b-ball program at the U. We don't need a link to a negative article telling us what we already know. Those who want to have the internet savvy to find this stuff on their own.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

stop calling him coach k. We all know the real Coah K is at Duke.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Portland Trail Blazers,

Last time I checked Coach K wasn't a registered trademark by anyone.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

yea but at least they are in the pac 10 plus 2. big deal!

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

I am excited to watch Coach K and the boys this year. I think they will improve as the season goes along. GO UTES!

Farmington, UT

Oh, this is really laughable. They really should be picked about 15th but that isn't possible since there are only 12 teams in the conference.

This reminds me years ago when Utah defeated BYU in Provo in football (rather rare back then) and the U had a better BBall program and an older U fan stood up and said to the Y fans around him "Don't worry; there's always basketball." Then he laughed heartily. I'd remind him about current U BBall and U PAC 12 football, except by now I'm sure he's pushing up daiseys.

So yes, U might get a program together again, but it will take years. You're not immune to the ups and downs of college athletics just because you view the world through crimson-colored glasses. Enjoy a losing season in BBall--again!

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

0-4 for Utes in the pac 10.2

basketball picked to finish last in the pac 10.2

how are things working out for the utes in the pac 10.2?

How 'bout them mighty Utes!

Talk about an athletic program on the rise.........crickets........

Highland, UT


I suppose it would be your preference if the news didn't report anything at all about utah basketball until such a time as it would be positive news? Saving your tender feelings aside it would be a very looooooooong time until you got some ute basketball news.


Syracuse, UT

The utes will improve this year if they can keep their players at from Run'n to other schools. A last place finish and they will lose any good players that was considering going there. Who wants to play B-ball in a sub-par conference and then top it off with a last place team.

South Jordan, UT

First to Portland: 54-10
2nd to Fisco, TX: Utah won't lose by 44 to anyone including Arizona and UCLA combined.

Utah will take their lumps the first two years. It is a proven fact that one or two good players can change around a lot of things. Majerus had good players, tough guys and one or two excellent players. He preached, tough defense, rebounding, great picks, free throw shooting and not turning the ball over. A bunch of decent athletes can learn those skills. The offense will eventually come around. I believe Coach K has many of the same philosophies.

Utes will make strides this year and it appears with the pickup of two very good players and the possibility of a few more, the future will improve. I am not looking for a miracle but will look for improvement and a solid foundation.

Cedar Hills, UT


Nobody saw this coming with football, but b-ball yes. Right now i wish utah had byu's schedule at the moment for football. they would easily be bowl eligible.

Centerville, UT

Utah fans bid farewell to a once mighty basketball team. Or was that football team? Whatever.

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