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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 26 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Um, you are paying more in property taxes for 2 reasons. 1, even thought the value of your home went down the county is allowed to increase tax rates to make up for lost revenue due to forclosure/home value depriciation. 2, All of SL county has to pay extra to support the Jordan and Canyon schools because they decided they just had to split. Not so much illegal immigrants....

Los Angeles, CA

It was Bush who origninally changed the H2a program.
The original idea behind the Bush administration's changes to the H-2A program--which went through a lengthy rulemaking process--was to cut out the red tape in the visa process and make the wage structure more efficient.

However, for farm workers, there was a major problem: it also reduced wages for H-2A visa holders. In North Carolina for example, agricultural guest workers would be paid $7.25 and $8.51 per hour under the Bush rules. Under the Obama Labor Department's plan, which adhered to regulations that had been in place since 1987, H-2A workers in North Carolina would have received $9.34 per hour.

The visa program needs revamping, but not in the way Republicans want--reducing protections for workers.

I would be interested to know where you got your statistics on the cost of medical care for illegal immigrants in Utah. Hospitals typically don't even determine pts. immigration status nor do they keep record of immigration status.


Ridiculous! Deport illegals and prosecute those who employ them!

Saint George, UT

The statistics are incomplete. It would be interesting to know how many of those reported as 'native born' are children of people who are in the country illegally. Our laws or constitution need to be changed so that babies of non citizens don't get citizenship automatically. 'anchor babies' are potentially one of the biggest economic costs of illegal immigration.


This is more pro-illegal immigration mumbo-jumbo. To begin with, you have to be pretty ignorant to believe that we "need" illegal labor. To believe this, you must believe that the work currently being done by illegals would not get done if they were not here. This is ridiculous. Are hotels going to stop offering maid service? No. Are restaurants going to stop bussing tables and washing dishes? No. Are farmers going to stop farming? Are builders going to stop building? Are landscapers going to stop landscaping? No. No. No. Undoubtedly, some segments of the economy have become dependent upon illegal labor, but that is only because they have had access to illegal labor. Get rid of the illegal labor and they will have no choice but to transition to legal, American labor. This will get millions of Americans off of welfare and unemployment and put them in the workforce where they will earn money; spend money and start paying income taxes rather than live off the taxpayers. There is NO downside to enforcing immigration laws.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Illegal immigration is a huge slap in the face to all those immigrants who waited their turn and came here legally.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The research also revealed that dairy workers' use of local health care systems was not 'disproportionate.'"

But they, i.e. the illegals, and their offspring, ARE using those -- and many other -- resources, right? And is this not an UNFAIR liability for the American taxpayer?

"A lower labor supply would result in higher labor costs. However, product costs would also rise."

Not necessarily. The cost of labor constitutes only a rather small part of the overall cost of production.

"'It doesn't matter what you're paying. You're not going to get people to fill those jobs unless they're doing that kind of work,' Bridges said."

The same-old, "you can offer Americans 50 bucks an hour but they still won't do it because they're such pansies" malarkey. American workers are the best workers in the world -- if you pay them a fair wage.

AZ Border Dude
Naco, AZ

Not buying it and others who think that the cost of labor is a small part of retail price and their fist full of "No," comments. One reply applies to all of them. If you raise the price of an element in the cost of doing business does it proportionally raise overall retail costs ot the product? Yes, unless more economical means are employed in other areas that offset the costs, such as mechanization or robotics.

A major problem is Congress sets quotas for the H-2 visas. Their data is typically very old because it takes many, many months to research the needs and get legislation through Congress. The system needs revamping. The states and industries using low cost labor can give better input for near future needs than Congress. The problem with the farm worker and the visa program, an immigrant must have an employer sponsor and job waiting for them. Typical farm operations only know how many, but not who, of that equation. Thus the current guest worker criteria doesn't work for that labor force. The same may also apply to other seasonal operations.

The article did not explain the headline, thus was confusing.

Santa Clara, UT

First of all, an immigrant is a person who is coming to the USA legally, having done the necessary paper work to become an immigrant. So what is a illegal immigrant? Shouldn't they be called illegal aliens or undocumented trespassers or lawbreakers? If the statistics are correct I am pleased and ask is there something we, the citizens, can do to expedite the deportation of the rest of the illegals? I see the numbers increasing in my community not decreasing. Gov officials, do what the oath you swore to says......uphold and enforce the laws. We will vote you out if you don't.

Santa Clara, UT

I forgot to add - Viva LEGAL Immigration.

Holladay, UT

She shows an interesting lack of perspective, I haven't even read the whole article because of this simply statment:
"Only one third of the Mountain West's Hispanic immigrants moved to the region in the past 10 years," said Salant
A 33% increase when the original population ( the fastest in the country) is growing at no more than 10% is staggering. When did 33% become not to big of a deal in providing additional infrastructure? The rhetoric comes from people like this also Ms. Salant

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