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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 26 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

@Counter Intelligence

Way to accentuate the negative. Try to compare this to the ugly mostrosity that was standing there before. HUGE improvement!

Charlottesville, VA

I agree that the skybridge could've been designed better. But I would not be so presumptious as to declare that it is unnecessary--not when Taubman Centers, which was extensive experience funding and developing shopping centers, determined that City Creek would not be viable without it.

And it makes sense--who's going to stroll along the second level, then go downstairs, wait to cross the street, and then go upstairs again to pick up window shopping where they left off? Shoppers don't behave like that.

Sandy, UT


Can you hold your unnecessary skybridge comments until the project is completed. At that time visit the area and make any necessary comment.

Well Read

It never seems to amaze me of the hatred that exists in this town. If any other entity other then The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were building this shopping center those who express hatred would be praising this outstanding shopping and living environment that is being created. But I guess we can expect nothing better from such persons.


Won't spend one dime there.


Congrats to the architects and the LDS Church for beautifying the city!
I can't wait to see it all.
I love the sky bridge and will be so happy in the cold and wet weather to be able to go from one mall to the other.
I do think they should put a big tongue on the bottom and a squirrel, or a rock!

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

What!? I LOVE the skybridge!

I love the design. I thought it was perfectly designed to blend in with the city, the mall, etc. And from these picture it seems that it will have an amazing view as well. Of course some people thought the space needle looked bad too, but guess what... it's now a staple of Seattle. This bridge may not be that same staple item- but I like it and I know plenty of others that do to!

American Fork, UT

I know this makes me a 'hater' but the whole development to me seems kind of false. Sure, the buildings are real, and I'll go there when it's open from time to time, but the whole concept is a bit forced to me. We didn't need the retail space. It doesn't have to make money like another shopping mall would. I imagine the expectation that it will is there, but if it doesn't nobody has to explain to the bank or shareholders. And the timing is not good. Of course, if you're going to build this sort of thing, where better than the middle of a town where most people have to have some tiny inkling they're a shareholder in it, even if unwillingly? It's a monument to what money can do. I think only time will tell if it was what money should do.


What a wasted effort of money and resources. This will surely be labeled as the biggest business flop in slc and mormondom.

Centerville, UT


"It's a monument to what money can do. I think only time will tell if it was what money should do."

As a life-long resident of Utah and a frequent visitor to SLC, I can't imagine how this development is a bad thing. The former establishment was a ghost town because it was outmoded and inconvenient. So instead of letting an enormous mall sit vacant for years to come, the church decided to be proactive. If they didn't do anything about it, they would have been criticized for being bad neighbors.

It seems like a lot of people are over-thinking this whole issue. They took a big dying ugly and turned it into a thing of beauty. End of story.

Layton, UT

At least it has a retractable roof. I never understood the concept of an outdoor shopping mall in Utah.

Charlottesville, VA

Although I disagree with "Counter Intelligence" about the skybridge being unnecessary, in no way was his/her comment hateful. Let's not get too defensive.

I happen to agree that the skybridge's design isn't the greatest. Visually, it's too heavy, and makes the space underneath feel crowded. The etched leaves didn't turn out so well; unless you're very close they look like smudges. City Creek tried to pay homage to more traditional architectural styles; the skybridge could've reflected that.

But hey, anytime you have a project this big, there will be some elements that could've been done better. There's far more to like about City Creek than to dislike. It's a bold attempt to introduce a mixed-use, transit-oriented, New Urbanist development into downtown Salt Lake, and even though Counter Intelligence and I might look at certain points and wish they'd been done differently, I think we both hope it's a success.

Diamond Pistol


As a real estate developer, the project MUST make money or else retailers will leave and the project will fail. Tiffany & CO. is going to be located there along with Nordstrom and other big-name retailers. They do their own (extremely detailed) market analysis before making a decision to invest in any new location. Having done the market analysis myself, Salt Lake City is throbbing for a downtown life such as what City Creek is bringing to it. There is so much pent up demand for this project, the shops, the restaurants, the lifestyle - it's something other cities have had and that Salt Lake (downtown, not the periphery, like the Gateway) has been wanting/needing for a long time. No entity, business, church or whatever is going to blow $1.5B for fun. This will completely change downtown Salt Lake in a big way. And what's with the silly comment about "what money can do?" Your car is a monument as to what money can do, as well as you house, as well as your clothes. 2,000 jobs and a healthy tax base is another huge bonus of this project.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

So super neat. Money well spent, downtown SLC is way more important than any other need the world may have.

Radically Moderate

Since I use the City Center trax station every day, I have to say that I actually like the bridge, even if only for two practical reasons. 1) It will keep shoppers from crowding the sidewalk to the station, only to keep walking, and 2) the little trax huts on the stations don't provide much protection against rain and snow, and this thing might do a better job on at least one station.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ex-Mayor Ross "Rocky" Anderson fought the Sky Bridge and Main Street Plaza tooth and nail. He lost and the businesses and people in Salt Lake City won. I wonder if he'll ever admit that he was wrong.

Ray in St.Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, FL

I am appalled at the bitter, cynical, and overall tasteless comments made by some of your readers .....

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

IT is a great project. It is subsidized by charitable exemption. Do the homeless get to camp out there?

Triple B
Milford, NH

@ one vote.

No, they get to come to your house. Glad you only get 1 vote.

Bountiful, Utah

Its definitely in keeping up with outward appearances as in common in Utah.

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