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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 26 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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AZ Border Dude
Naco, AZ

Unconstutional, how?
Article I, Section 8; "Congress shall have the power....
"To establish a uniform rule of naturalization,"

Naturalization is decidedly different from Immigration. By an Act of Congress they gave the federal government the right to limit and enforce immigration.

These type laws, somehow, may violate federal law, but not unconstutional. Unless federal law prohibits states to require their agents to comply with, and take action under federal laws then state laws should apply. (Amendment 10, US Constitution)

Arizona SB 1070 law prevents counties and cities having a policy or practice that allows persons to violate federal immigration laws or prevent their police to notify ICE, should it become known they'd encountered an illegal immigrant; and allows, federal certified, local officers to detain and transfer them to ICE agents. This bars sanctuary areas from becoming havens.

It also made Illegal Immigration a Criminal Trespass crime; and, created Traffic Code rules preventing traffic conjestion, related to hiring day workers from crowds congregated on the streets of the state.

Nothing in violation of federal laws.

Federal policy encourages illegal immigration. They're getting free help in enforcing the federal law and they fight against it? How crazy is that?

New to Utah

The true colors of our elected leaders are coming out crystal clear. AG Shurtleff key notes amnesty gathering at the Marriott in downtown SLC. I don't see any concern on his part or Waddoups or Lockharts to the many legal citizens in Utah who are unemployed. It is give instate tuition, ebt cards,section 8 housing even driving privilege cards to those who illegally enter our country and take jobs from those who also have families and need jobs but do it legally. HB116 should be repealed both Waddoups and Lockhart know that their persuasion and other power skills will not be enough to stop a
motivated citizenry.

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