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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 25 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Is the law controversial because it requires compliance with current laws of the land, or is is controversial because the Obama Administration has chosen to ignore current law?

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Re-read the list of attendees!

The ONLY one there to represent the interests of ACTUAL LEGAL RESIDENTS is Sandstrom.

All the others (with varying degrees)just wish the citizens of Utah would SHUT UP!

lehi, ut

I don't understand how this is an issue, they are only being allowed to look if they are already in jail for something. Obviously if they are illegal and they are committing crimes we don't want them here.

Wasatch Front, UT

What country in the world doesn't check to see if those arrested for breaking the law are in the country legally? How can we protect this nation from those who want to do it harm if we can't check criminals to see if they are here legally. Oh the stupidity...

Provo, UT

The law mirrors Federal law that already exists. (Secure communities)

Utah passed four laws, one enforcement, 3 for guest workers (a federal program already exists also)

I think Americans know the problem with immigration is not the laws, it's how some people in our government ignore current law and try to mold the country in their view.

Shurtleff is trying to avoid a lawsuit, but vowed he would fight the Federal government on the guest worker laws. Are Utahns being treated honestly by our state leaders?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Those opposing the Utah laws are in favor of abdicating all claims to national sovereignty, and open borders. There can be no other explanation.

If borders are not secure and violations are not punished, than the entire foundation of out civilization has ceased to exist when the "rule of law" is gutted.

And, if border laws are not enforced, then why should any legal U.S. citizen obey ANY other law?

Bravo Rep. Sandstrom for doing the right thing, and the rest of the attendees should be ashamed of their refusal to enforce our laws.

Salt Lake City, UT

@DN Subscriber...I agree, the only person worth a dang is SANDSTROM!

I sure hope he runs against Amnesty Herbert for Governor!

West Valley City, Ut

I agree with TRUTH. I would vote for Sandstrom. Let us not forget the ones in the article who need to be voted OUT of office....
Mark Shurtliff
Michael Waddups
Luz Robles.

Please make a note of these names so you can show them your *appreciation* on election day (and please forgive the spelling if incorrect).

slc, ut

"challenge the constitutionality of HB497": really? Are they not here illegally and breaking the law of the land by doing so? When did the constigution protect citizens from other countires who break our laws?
To protect those that illegally come into my back yard, pitch a tent, then demand to join me in my kitchen for breakfast and dinner. True they mowed the lawn for me, but I would have rather paid a legal citizen for that service rather than having American dollars be sent to support someones poor family in another country. We have are own poor to worry about, I know, I am one of them.

ACLU can I please get a refund of my membership dues?

m.g. scott

"Show me your Papers". I get asked for my papers in one form or another all the time. I'm so sick of all this political correctness regarding illegal immigrants. Let's face it, Democrats want illegals in the country because they know that if eventually made legal they will vote for the party of freebees and goodies, namely the Democrats. Republicans don't want that to happen. The only rational and legal thing to do is control immigration in the way the law provides in the first place. Sidebar: The reason to close the border with walls and troops is to not only stop illegals, but stop the massive drug problem that comes with the illegals. Any parent Democrat or Republican should want that to happen. Unless of course you don't mind drugs in your childrens schools.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Just send the illegal alien lawbreakers home, pronto.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

One of the concerns of the DOJ was the requirement that an officer with a reasonable suspicion that a driver was transporting illegal aliens check the identities of the passengers.
Think about that. The very crime being investigated can't be investigated.
Perhaps UHP should be at the meeting to show photos of those vans rolled over in the desert.
Or perhaps they could take a field trip to a county morgue where those unclaimed bodies end up.
Eric Holder needs to see WHY this law was written. I'm afraid he can go on in blissful ignorance with this committee defending our case.

Springville, Utah

I would like to encourage all the people posting their views in this site and who are against illegal immigration to sign the Lawful Employment Ordinance Petition. This ordinance will require all employers to use E-Verify. For more details, simply google 'catsup crusaders' (citizens aligned to secure utah's prosperity).

Kearns, UT

Don't you just love hearing about those we voted in rubbing elbows with other corrupt politician's? I just get that warm fuzzy feeling reading about it.


Why is this unconstitutional? Maybe instead of asking only those who suit the profile of an illegal ask EVERYONE! there problem solved.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow there certainly seems to be a lot of xenophobia going around today. I have a question for you other than the obvious breaking of an administrative law for first time offenders, felony for second, what have the illegal immigrants done to harm this nation and cause so much ire?

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