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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 25 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Comparative scores? They don't mean anything at this point. Utah beat byu with a Semi-healthy Jordan Wynn. Now Utah is playing with a JC guy that is having a hard time picking up the offense. Huge difference.

springville, UT

Your number 7 rated team is 0-4 in conference. What does this say about how good the pac ten really is?

Iowa City, IA

Coach Riley didn't get to play against Heaps. OSU will have no problem with Utah.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Max was right
The new PAC rankings are out today. Utah is now #11. A few points ahead of Colorado.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

I say Utah gets untracked and wins this one going away. Utah's defensive front should wreak havoc with OSU. Utah 21 OSU 17.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Only if Utah's defense scores 2 touchdowns and recovers a fumble in the Red Zone.
I do hope Utah wins this one. I want to see them get to a bowl.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT


I bleed blue, but I do want to see Utah win and get bowl eligible. To many of my ex players are Utes for me to be a hater.

Cedar Hills, UT

That win over byu has got osu's attention would still be relevant if we still had wynn. I wouldn't be too concerned about that game. We are a totally different team now unfortunately.

Pagosa Kid

Um well I see a lot of empty seats at RES Saturday night. The MUSS will be getting there late and leaving early. OSU 24 Utah 10

Saint George, UT

The UTES are having a rough year.

Speaking of teams having a rough year...

The Indianapolis Colts are 0 and 7.

9 more losses and they win the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes...maybe.

And, no, it's not Collie's fault.


The Colts were defeated 62-7 Sunday.

The highest point total since the NFl and AFL merged in 1970.

UTAH beat some team this year by a score not seen since 1922.


A professional team did not have a back-up QB ready?

The HC should be held accountable.

Fire the coach.

The General Manager should be held accountable.

Fire the General Manager.

All Colt fans should stop supporting the team.

Sound familiar UTE fans?

Buck-up UTE fans and show-up Saturday.

The players think you have given-up on them.

Prove them wrong.


Orem, Utah

@ Coach Biff,

How is 21-17 "going away"? Was that a veiled dig?

My 2 cents: OSU vs Utah is similar to Utah vs BYU because in both cases the losing teams (Utah and BYU) lost because of their QBs.

Unless Hays really grows up fast, it's a loss this week, Utes.

I thought early on that Hays looked promising. What happened? Probably inexperience in D-1. It hasn't slowed down for him yet.

Good luck.

Saint George, UT

What two teams have yet to win a pac10.2 win? The .2 guys, Co and U

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