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Published: Thursday, Oct. 20 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Before the Ute haters give their 2 bits worth, yes, we know that we are going to be challenged. But we'll come out on top. It wasn't that long ago that the Utes were going to the Sweet 16 each year, including a run to the National Championship game. And during that same time our rival was going through rough (1-25) seasons. Things have a way of evening themselves out.

Go Utes!!

Iowa City, IA

Well, at least this way if you do not finish last you've exceeded expectations...

Highland, UT


Just like utah "fans" like to remind BYU fans how long ago their Football National Championship happened let's just say it has been over a decade, almost a decade and a half, since utah didn't win the basketball national championship against Kentucky. It has also been a decade and a half since BYU hit rock bottom in basketball, which by the way they bounced right back from in 2 seasons. In otherwords, and to quote every utah "fan" that has ever posted on this site, those things are "ancient history" and completely irrelevent.

I hate to burst your bubble but you will not "come out on top". utah will never be a pac10 basketball power and will only occasionally be competitive. This year they will be abysmal and may not win a pac10 game.

Current reality is sometimes hard to take but the truth is you have absolutely nothing to look forward to with the utah basketball program. It was left to rot in favor of the football team.

Hurricane, UT


Are you a psychic bro? Because you're acting like one.

BYU turned their basketball program around when they were just awful.

Utah hasn't been 1-25 bad, so what makes you think that a Ute turnaround is just so far out of reach? I just have to laugh at your "love" for the University of Utah. Grow up a little! The amount of effort you put forth to not like Utah is downright hilarious. How old are you again....?

Anyways, Utah's basketball program will turnaround and get better; it wasn't long ago when Utah was very very good.

Heck... There is no where to go but up!


La Crescenta, CA

Duckhunter, I'm a BYU fan, but I think you are too hard on Utah. This year Utah will not contend for the PAC-12 championship, so I agree with you, but as the underdogs they will have nothing to lose, so they may win a few more than people think (i.e., they won't rot). Going forward, in my opinion, the Utes biggest challenge will be recruiting. Top BCS level programs rely heavily on players that rarely stay for 4 years. Some schools like Kentucky have new faces every year because their starting lineups are all drafted. Unlike football where depth and talent may be developed, college basketball has more of a revolving door. I think this difference will make it harder for Utah to compete in basketball than in football.

The good news for Utah is that the PAC-12 is not a historically strong basketball league. So Utah will have a chance, especially when it has a strong line-up of seniors and juniors that have been in the program. It is bad timing that Utah is joining a much better league right now. It will make recruiting at a BCS level harder if they finish last.

Corona, CA


Appreciate the classy comments. You're an entirely different caliber cougar fan than Duckhunter.

However, I have to disagree with you on recruiting. When Utah was in the WAC and MWC under Jerry Pimm and Rick Majerus they never lacked the talent to make it to sweet 16's, elite 8's, and final fours (Van Horn, Miller, Bogut, Chambers, Vranes eyc.). Basketball is very different from football from a recruting perspective... If you have 1 or 2 really good players, you can go deep in the tournament (see Jimmer).

Good luck to the Utes & Cougs this year

Salt Lake City, UT


You tell us! Way to come in here and put us in our place. Seriously, who let's this guys posts through?

Salt Lake City, UT

Well duh!!!

Syracuse, UT

bottom of the pac 12, tell us how the view is from the bottom.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I see those from the Y who believe that one year of semi success now makes them basketball critics and knowledgeable have come to talk trash.

I am always amazed at the arrogance of those who wear the blue.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Awh, Ducky out from the hole he crawled in after the Utah BYU game I see, once again sharing his biased beyond belief dower predictions regarding the Utes. Duckhunter you must enjoy eating crow. Prepare for the next course. Bon appetit.

Highland, UT

And yet all of the utah "fans" on here know I am right. utah's basketball program is awful, why pretend otherwise? And no utah will not turn it around as quickly as BYU did, if they ever turn it around, and I'll tell you why.

There are 1000's of kids that dream of playing basketball at BYU, letterally thousands of them. There isn't a single kid alive that drams of playing basketball for utah.

BYU will always get enough good players to be a good team as long as the coaching is good. utah does not have that built in advantage. That is why BYU was able to bounce back to a winning record 2 years after only winning 1 game wereas utah has been mired in mediocrity for the last 6 years.

Many of the utah "fans" on here have claimed that utah is now a football school, I understand them wanting to make that claim since their basketball programs litterally sucks and their football program is ok, and they are correct in one aspect. They are a school that can only support one decent program, they do not have the resources to support 2. Basketball's the loser.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I hope they do better than that. Basketball in the PAC is much more competitive top to bottom than football. There usually aren't any really bad teams.



I am always amazed at the arrogance of those who wear the blue.

Thanks for sharing today's wardrobe choice with us.

Park City, UT

Duckie- So what? in athletics there are ups and downs. Even the most storied programs rebuild and aren't on top every year. And speaking of storied programs, let's just end this now shall we? Utes- NIT champs, NCAA champs, several final four and Elite 8 appearances. Cougs-NEVER been to a Final Four! Again, so what? we've been picked 10.2th (thanks to pac 10.2doormat for his moronic term) As stated above, if we even finish 11th we'll be exceeding expectations. The team will be back in the Sweet 16 before the Cougars will, so let's talk when you find another Jimmy.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


"I see those from the Y who believe that one year of semi success now makes them basketball critics and knowledgeable"

Having the concensus national player-of-the-year and coming within two points of the Elite Eight without your star center is much more than just having semi-success.

Despite your hyperbole, Utah fans would give their eye-teeth to have the kind of "semi-success" that BYU has had during the Dave Rose era.

BYU Utah Basketball 2006-2010

Last 5 Seasons (MWC)
2010 BYU 30-6 (2nd) Sweet Sixteen
2009 BYU 25-8 (1st) 2nd Round
2008 BYU 27-7 (1st) 1st Round
2007 BYU 25-9 (1st) 1st Round
2006 BYU 20-9 (2nd) NIT
Total BYU 127-39 (77%)

2010 Utah 14-17 (5th)
2009 Utah 25-10 (1st) 1st Round
2008 Utah 18-15 (6th)
2007 Utah 11-19 (6th)
2006 Utah 14-15 (6th)
Utah 82-76 (52%)

Utah couldn't even beat the bottom-dwellers of the WCC last season.

Oh, and just in case you've forgotten, BYU has won 9 of the last 10 head-to-head games, including the most lopsided HC beat-down in BYU-Utah history.

La Crescenta, CA


You make a good point. Utah had some good talent on those teams and proved it in the NCAA tournament. If Utah can get those type of players, they will be just fine in the PAC-12.

Being in the PAC-12 will help them with recruiting. But they will need better players than they've had the last several years. Hopefully being the PAC-12 will change that. Time will tell.


It's interesting how the Ute haters such as Duckhunter come on and predict their rival's hoped-for demise. Just a reminder:

NCAA National Championships:
Utah 1

National Championship games played in:
Utah 2

Final Fours played in:
Utah 4

Sweet Sixteen appearances:
Utah 9

And I could go on and on, like comparing All-American players with both schools, but it really is irrelevant. The only thing that is important is that the University of Utah is now in a high-profile conference, a conference that BYU "fans" would kill to be a part of.

Duckhunter, your posts always come across as sour grapes.

Mcallen, TX

What does Chris B. predict for the Utes?

Highland, UT


Uh....utah has NEVER won the basketball national championship. utah "fans" try to perpetuate that untruth but the fact is they have not. When they won the ncaa tourney 70 years ago it was an upstart tourney that was at best the #2 tourney of that time. Sorry to have to continue to set you all straight but it seems as if none of you realize National Championships have to actually be National Championships.


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