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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 19 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Wait, but I thought Ute "fans" said that African-Americans, athletic guys, would never come to BYU.....?

Castle Rock, CO

I had dinner last weekend with Demarcus's brother. He is serving a mission in Chicago and I am in his ward for a few months. Great young man. He says he is going to try to walk on the BYU team when he gets back off his mission. It's great to have Demarcus here. I watched a few games that were streaming on the internet when they were in Greece. He can be really good when he learns the system. It will be nice to have a tall, athletic guard at BYU!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Portland, the big 12 still doesn't want you. Nor does anyone else. Congrats on your one athlete. Too bad you need a team full of them to go anywhere(see best season in 30 years ending in sweet 16)

West Jordan, UT

Great article. It will be fun to watch how BYU responds to the inroads that they made last year. If Coach Rose is this pumped about Harrison, it will be fun to watch him perform.

BTW...REALLY tired of trolls like those who have already posted.
They toss around the word "irrelevant" quite a bit. I think it applies to the image in their mirrors.

As always, best of luck to both the gridders and hoopsters...and Go Cougars!

West Jordan, UT

@ Chris B

Didn't you read the Crimson talking points memo released after 9/17/11?

I quote: "It is poor form to go on your rivals article and even hint at anything close to smack talk if you were beaten down in your last game. You must wait the mandatory one year and allow the victor the spoils of scoreboard."

I thought you'd like the reminder.

Best wishes...and GO COUGARS!


Sad commentary on many people when normal doesn't include basic spiritual beliefs. There are many people who would love to be in an environment where normal includes morality despite ones religion.
Great to have Demarcus at BYU where he can showcase his talent. A little disappointed that so many articles fail to recognize that a great young ballplayer who had a huge impact at BYU last year young Colinsworth will also be missed while on his mission. Good times when he and Haws are back on the court.

Pocatello, ID

"I'll play anywhere as long as it has BYU on my jersey." I love it! Anybody know if Demarcus has mission plans or whether he'll stay 4 straight years? Hope his older brother gets a shot as a walk on post mission. Iirc his brother was a short pg that didn't get a lot of recruiting attention. It would be cool to play with your brother.

Richfield, UT

Chris B. Go troll on a utah blog. Oh I forgot, there are none, nobody cares.


I hope Demarcus can prove to be a consistant outside shooter, we will need it. With Davies, Hartsock, and Collinsworth in the front court good outside shoting will be necessary and Demarcus could be key to our success.

Frisco, TX

@Chris B
"Congrats on your one athlete."

Which one athlete were you talking about? Harrison? Davies? Carlino? Abouo? Missionaries - Haws? Collinsworth? Soon to be Cougars - TJ Haws? Nick Emery? Chatman? There's a few more athletes that I could list also but I'm running out of space. You may want to congratulate all of them. They are anxious to play U. I'm predicting a 44 point win this year.

Congrats on your one athlete - Loveridge. I wish we would have got him. I hope he's not lonely as a one man show. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves U like most of the players do.

The Cougs will be led by the front court early in the season, but look for Harrison, Carlino and Winder to get better with each game. The back court will make some noise come March.

Zylstra is the big unknown. I thought he'd always be a mop up player, averaging 2 - 3 points a game. But after what he did overseas, I'm anxious to see if someone different emerges this season.

Mcallen, TX


BYU 5 & 2
Utah 3 & 3

BYU basketbal-top 16
Utah basketball-bottom 16

Chris B! Are you paying your fair share of taxes?

Washington, UT

Damarcus if you thinke BYU Marriott Center is a good atmosphere for Basketball, they your in for an even better treat when you play the Utah State Aggies in Logan.....Get ready to feel the whole arena shaking and it will make yous dizzy, (as has been reported by opposing players) The Utah State Spectrum last year was voted as 1 of the top ten place to play a basketball game at. Incidently, The Spectrum was also voted as one of the top ten hardest places to win a ballgame. Seriously, Damarcus, you have no idea what your about to experience. And thanks to the Aggies and their creativity, BYU students are and have copied USU students by incorporating same of the same creativity that USU students have been using for 20 years! BYU copied USU's colors, I guess they might as well copy USU's cheers!

Clearfield, UT

Chris B

4 losing seasons in 6 years.

8 transfers last year.

No athletes.

What a team.

What a program.

Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Rose has done an amazing job with this team. He has made it a consistent winner, and filled the arena again with fans. Hope Mr. Harrison and the program continued success.

Lynchburg, VA

Good luck to you, Damarcus, I hope your career goes well and is healthy! I do hope the Utes can steal one from you guys, but either way, there's no reason to spit hate.

Boise, ID

Great to have him on board.

Davies, Hartsock, Collinsworth, Abuo. That is all BYU needs to have a very good season. All the rest is frosting on top. If Zylstra can play like he did in Europe and one or two other guys step up, should be another great season.

Don't forget how Hartsock was shooting at the end of last year.

Roy, UT

There is so much pressure on the athletes to be great...I wonder if that delays or enhances their progress?

With so much parity in college sports, so many good athletes and coaches, it takes something special to set a team apart...determination, will to win, the intangibles...be fun to see how the many Utah college teams do this year.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I am really looking forward to seeing the Cougars play this year. It iwll be great to have Davies, big Collinsworth and some other tall timber banging the boards. They should be very tough underneath. They have several solid swingmen as well. If the guards play well they should be able to win a lot of games.

riverton, utah

Hey! Troutman how has it been to go back to the Spectrum after your first NCAA tournament game the last I can't how many years?

Morgan, UT

Chris B.

With all the raspberries youre getting, I don't think I would comment on a BYU story carrying an empty gun...ouch, it must really hurt sitting in the entire E section of the Huntsman Center alone watching your one ballplayerand the PAC 10 wants you???

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