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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 19 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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"I would rather be a rockstar, actor, or a truck driver than a mormon, but everybody has different views of life."

And you're free to do that. I would rather do just about anything than be a Mormon too, but as said, everybody has different views of life. Some live THEIR life, some life OTHER'S life.


I love this. I love how much publicity the LDS faith is getting. I absolutely love it. Do you think it a coincedence?

Could you imagine the prophets of old seeing what is going on right now? Their religion being broadcasted around the entire world at the click of a mouse? Their religion being cited and mentioned and discussed on television every night? It would absolutely blow their minds.

More people are becoming more and more aquainted with "Mormonism" each and everyday. I love it! Haters hate but actually help.

I love seeing it all play out. LOVE IT.

Henderson, NV

PA Rock Man Some also questioned whether Barack Obama was black enough, if you recall. Clearly, people in ALL groups do this mismeasure another against a false standard theyve mistakenly set. However, for you to generalize that it is only intermountain west Mormons that think like this is symptomatic of YOU making this same error.

Salt Lake, UT

I just want to clarify my remark. I would think no less of Brandon Flowers if he is not an active Mormon. Quite honestly if he sees Mormonism as simpiy a lifestyle or culture I'd like him as much or more since I personally don't believe Mormonism. If he is a loving father/husband that only superficially believes/follows Mormonism (and yes, I can only speculate) then I think that is wonderful.

My concern is that this video, and the "I'm a Mormon" campaign in general, suggest the Church is quote open-with relatively broad lifestyle and belief parameters. Yet if one goes to Church the message is that people who don't embrace ALL the beliefs and commandments are in spiritual peril and are even a potential spiritual danger to those around them. Those with even minor 'obedience' issues-like drinking coffee or alchohol-are denied full participation in wedding ceremonies and other ordinances. Likewise people like myself, who are willing to comply with Church's standards but who do not believe the Church's teachings-are not allowed at temple weddings or to participate in other ordinances. To me this campaign suggests an openness that misrepresents the Church experience.

small town, Nebraska

I had no idea who Brandon Flowers was till I read this article. (Im into country music). I am glad that he did it and that he felt good doing it.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I am a Mormon, and I would rather be that than.....and that's good for me.

You know it is a good thing that so many people can say what they want against those of the Mormon faith or the faith itself. And it ok, but anyone who stands up or speaks out against a lot of the bigotry is seen as a (fill in the blank there is a bunch of things you can add).

Name something else you can be a bigot about and get away with it?



Is it being a bigot when you are sharing the 'truth' you know? Your men come to our doors and tell us our faith is "an abomination" (indirectly, you won't learn that till later) and that they have the only truth. Is it bigotry for a religion to tell you your beliefs are an abomination? That's what the LDS church has told everyone from it's conception ...

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

To the critics: For some of you I agree to some of your comments. However, unless Ryan has requested his name to be removed from the records of the Church he is still a member of the Church and will remain so. Whether he is practicing or not is what he will be judged on. It is not up to us to decide or judge him. However, a Bishop or Stake President may do so and inform him if they really wanted to. It is up to them not the normal every day member.

Secondly, being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is more than just going to Church on Sunday. It is a lifestyle like no other. You either live it or you don't. Everyone does so in their own ways. The missionaries go door-to-door proclaiming the RESTORATION of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You may either let them in or not. You may take offense or not at their teachings. In the end it will be your judgement that decides that for you. However, to say they are bigots for doing so is totally wrong.


I am proud of Brandon Flowers and proud he is a member of the church. Reading interviews years ago, I felt bad for him because he gets it from both sides - media expecting him to be what a rock star supposedly should be and church members expecting him to live the Gospel. It bothered him that people assumed he was ex-Mormon. I love that he came right out and said that he wasn't ex-Mormon - he just struggled at living it.

A lot of people struggle to live it and he has had to deal with that in the spotlight. I don't care that he's not a perfect Mormon. I love that he had the courage to state so emphatically that he is a Mormon.


I think its fantastic that the I'm a Mormon segments are filled with everyday Joe's and a few celebs who are less than perfect. It shows what the gospel is all about. Those who think they are part of an elite group of perfect people by being Mormon are fools.

West Jordan, UT

Right on @volcal local. While I have no problem with B-Flowers being any kind of Mormon, it disappear that he is a cultural Mormon, rather than someone who is converted because of the doctrine. Most of my family are active and they are almost all cultural Mormons. Most don't know more than what they have been taught, never read any scriptures or studied any church history. This is fine, the one thing I like with the I'm an ex-Mormon videos better than the I'm a Mormon videos are the ex videos say why they no longer believe whereas the pro videos give the image that I'm a normal person who does normal things, and hey, I'm a Mormon too. They're great videos. The church always produces quality work, I just wish they had more substance, like I'm a Mormon because of of what D&C 132 teaches about families, that we follow the New Testament teachings of being joint-heirs of Christ. I've been a killers fan since I first heard them in 2004 and am thankful to them for bringing Joy Division back to the populace,

Boston, MA

I took some CDs out of the library and gave them an honest listen. Below are some lyrics that stuck out for me and caused me to think that at some point, Brandon is going to need to decide whether he wants to be the pied piper of the ambivalent, oversexualized, "me first" generation or serve the Lord with his tremendous talent and gifts. Maybe he's already making that decision (some of these lyrics are older) but as we all know, you can't serve God and Mammon, and you can't keep a summer home in Babylon. Brandon Flowers lyrics: "Leave the bourbon on the shelf And I'll drink it by myself" "And my stomach is sick  And it's all in my head But she's touching his chest Now, he takes off her dress Now, letting me go""You got a real short skirt I want to look up, look up, look up, yeah yeah" And these are the lyrics the song that was featured in the Mormon spot... (look up the lyrics to Crossfire by Brandon Flowers)

Las Vegas, NV

I attended a fireside in Oct. of 2012 in Henderson, NV. The main speakers were Brandon and his wife. He bore his testimony, it was beautiful and simple. He now has an eternal family. I admire the guy for his faith.

Provo, UT

This is just silly. Don't the "sins" he confessed to in this video make him prime "court of love" material? If he'd just been an average guy who the church hadn't been able to use as a "celebrity" poster boy, they probably would have excommunicated him instead.

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