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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Man really, who cares about the big 12 {actually 10, weird math} this story keeps coming up. There is no story because nothing has been offered to reject so this is an article about nothing.

Why am I blogging about nothing ?

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Thats cool BYU will be playing Wisonsin and Wazzou.

Syracuse, UT

Seriously, lets stop talking about the possibilities, because if there hasn't been an invite then why does any care anymore, I use to be a sucker for rumors, but they are all rediculous, such as WV and Louisville going to the big 12 after agreeing yesterday that the penalty for leaving the Big East would be at least a 10 million buy out. Why would they sign that and then want to leave the next day.

Cedar Hills, UT

I just as soon not hear any more speculation about the BIG 12. Just the facts mam! It seems to me that the BIG 12 would certainly make public any talks with BYU and so far I have heard on none. BYU is NOT a candidate as far as I know.

Sandy, UT

Actually Washington State will be playing Wisconsin.
You got your Cougars mixed up.

South Jordan, UT

BYU's fans want to see BYU in the Big 12. BYU should do what it takes to get an invite.


I'd much rather be reading articles on Independent scheduling.

That being said, BYU says little and prefers to keep everything confidential.

So, any continued discussion is likely as a result of something from the other side. Just something to keep in mind.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Tom Holmoe did nothing to stop any rumors this past weekend. I'd say it's still a long shot but it's certainly still an option. I just don't think BYU would find it in their best interests...why tie yourself down to a conference? Just for a few more million $ for an athletic dept that is mostly self-sufficient already?

Orem, UT

Don't be too surprised to see BYU accepting a invitation to join the Big 12 as soon as Missouri officially accepts an invitation to join the SEC.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

When BYU and Washington State play, I will definitely root for the Cougars :).

Danbury, CT

I don't trust Holmoe or BYU to be ambitious enough. Therefore, keep the rumor mill going and fans agitated enough to demand change. We didn't just go independent to get out of a 2nd tier conference with a bad TV contract. We stepped out to show that we wanted a better conference alignment - one with BCS possibilities, regular scheduling vs. better competition, and a bowl arrangement. It will always be dicey as an independent.

Let me ask you all how many of you want to be playing teams like Idaho State and Hawaii in the last weeks of the season for the rest of your lives???

Ogden, UT

The picture will get clearer once Missouri future is solidified. Until then, we will continue hearing from bloggers touting their various "well placed" and "impeccable" sources and the members of the local media who know any story mentioning BYU-Big XII draws readers like moths to flame.

Clearfield, UT

Hey Dnews:

Here's a tip: instead of titling an article in the form of a question about BYU's Big 12 candidacy every 8 hours, why don't you go find out whether or not it's going to happen. If it's not definitive, then it hasn't happened yet. You've been relying on columns addressing the BYU Big 12 rumor for months. Enough already.

Payson, UTAH

Where can one see the schedule for next year?

Kaysville, UT


I'm with you. I want to hear about next year's schedule more than joining the B 12 right now. Do we have a full schedule or are we still trying to fill some spots?

S.Andrew Zaelit
Deseret, UT

Yawn!! Wake me when it happens. All this Big 12 talk is just plain boring.

Minneapolis, MN

I can live with playing Washington State...

I can also live with playing Hawai'i every year, too. Good rivalry game.

Salt Lake City, UT

There was no question that once TCU became a "viable" candidate, they moved to the top of the list. BYU still have a huge "barrier" called Sunday to overcome. I believe that the so-called TV problems are not. With BYUTV in the 3rd tier behind the the ABC, ESPN, Fox, etc., that in the end should prove to be helpful.

Having said all that, the key to the BCS with or without a conference is winning games. If BYU had not squandered the Texas game and given the 20 something free points to Utah, they would be very much in the BCS picture this year not unlike Boise State. Even in a conference you still need to win to get a BCS game. Utah Boise State, Hawaii and TCU showed how to do it. Play 4 or 5 name games and win them. Then win the easy ones and a BCS game is yours.
Utah and TCU will have their hands full the next few years. Boise State not so much if they can keep status quo.

Las Vegas, NV

If the Cougars get into the Big 12, I will love the Football. But I will LOVE the basketball too!

Go Cougars!!!!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


BYU's schedule for 2012:

home: Washington State, Oregon State, Weber State, Utah State, Hawaii, Idaho
road: Georgia Tech, Utah, Boise State, Notre Dame, New Mexico State, San Jose State

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