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Published: Sunday, Oct. 16 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

My heart goes out to the families. Sadly, fall is the time for family pictures and often you see entire families posing on the tracks.
Does people know that not only they are putting lives in danger but they are actually violating the law? The tracks are private property owned by the Railroad Company and people are trespassing everytime they decide to play on them.
Regardless, this is still a very sad and painful situation. Many prayers to the girl that survived and wish for a speedy recovery.

Mesa, AZ

It must have been an extremely rare event for two trains to cross that intersection at the same time... What an unimaginable tragedy.

West Valley, UT

@igualmente: Trains are timed quite precisely. Those two trains probably cross at that same spot every day. Typically areas with parallel tracks are designed *specifically* so trains going in opposite directions can cross at a point then move back to a single track later.

Mchenry, IL

Uh, no. Trains try to stick to a schedule. But you can never know for certain when they will pass any spot. Mechanical issues, loading and unloading delays... Each track laying next to another is designed to carry a train even if the other tracks are in use. So not all that remarkable trains passing one another.


The pictures really bring home how terrible this is. Unbelievable this happened.

Provo, UT

Igualmente: not a rare event at all. It happens all the time. Are you people even aware of where this took place? I think not.

Mesa, AZ

I was thinking it may be a rare event for trains to pass each other at Covered Bridge Drive. Google Maps shows the tracks split about two miles down at the canyon mouth, with one heading into Spanish along the 6, and the other staying along 89 for a little ways toward Mapleton. They appear to be separate tracks all the way into the Thistle tunnels and up toward Soldier Summit.

Nevertheless, a sad combination of events leading to the tragedy.

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