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Published: Monday, Oct. 17 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Centralia, WA

There are more degrees of autism than there are merit badges. If chess was available while he was working this near miracle then I will stop and see him for a game.

Some years ago I showed up to substitute teach at a middle school and as I was walking toward the door a teacher I knew stepped out and 'warned' me about an autistic child without describing the student. While exiting that afternoon I told the gentleman that I could not tell which kid it was. Then with the benefit of a description I concluded he was the hardest working and friendliest kid that day. Bully for these kids. What swell spirits so many of them are.

South Jordan, Utah

Way to go, Nate! This was an inspiring story to read about. I hope others can catch the vision of Scouting or see that they can embrace their limitations and move forward the way you have after reading this.

Julie R.
Kearns, UT

What an amazing young man! Congrautlations! How many teenagers who don't have such a daily difficulty set and accomlish such a impressive goal! You are a hero, Nate! Awesome job! I want to be like you!

Truth or Consequences, NM

A wonderful story! :)

Farmington, UT

Nathan, you are awesome. Way to stick with it. I earned 45 merit badges by age 14 and wanted to earn them all, but I quit. I had always wished that I had finished, but I got scared after finishing the easy ones. I will apply your example of finishing and not quitting to my life and finish up some projects that have taken way too many years of procrastinating. Keep up the good work and good luck with your book writing, school, and everything else. You will make a fantastic merit badge counselor or scout leader one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later!


Nathan, you are a wonderful role model for my son! My 8 year old is a Bear Cub Scout and he has Aspergers! He is learning so much from scouting and looks forward to every event and activity! The social skills alone that he is gaining from his experiences is heartwarming! Keep up the good work Nathan, and I see only wonderful things in your future!!!

Murray, UT

My son just turned 11 years old and started the "big" scouts. We are beginning to work on his merit badges knowing that it might take a little longer because he is on the Autism Spectrum. I will show him the article. Thank you for being such a great example to everyone. Scouting is a great program. Because you have done so well in scouting, you will go far in life. I know employees look at your accomplishments in scouting as a great asset.

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