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Published: Saturday, Oct. 15 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Pullman, WA

This story of the many sacrifices necessary to break the stranglehold of the Dark Ages is powerful. I am indebted to and grateful for men like William Tyndale and John Wyclife who did what they felt needed to be done for all mankind. They gave their lives, and I for one am very grateful.

American Fork, UT

From the look of the photo, Luther was still using a dot matrix printer. Poor guy; he had to put up with the noise. As for the KJV, my feeling is that it's enabled more human misery than 'mein kampf'.

Tremonton, UT

Wow! I am so thrilled that this series has been produced. Too many have very little understanding of the great sacrifice made by inspired men, to bring holy writ to the masses. It will be my prayer that this film will be viewed by many.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT

@Hutterite, I wonder if you realize just how ridiculous that statement makes you sound. First, a book cannot cause misery. People can use a book as an excuse for doing horrible things, but the book itself is not capable of causing anything. Second, the bible in general has an overriding theme of goodness and love. How exactly can that cause human suffering? Third, the KJV was translated in the 1600s. Funny enough, when you look at the history of religious abuse (using religion as an excuse to do bad things), you could easily mark that time period as when things like that started dying off (no, they never stopped, but then, humans are and always will be humans).

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Hutterite, the depth of the inanity of your above statement is beyond measure.

Bakersfield, CA

Very excellent project!!

I continue to pray that my family and all LDS will trust the message of the Bible as God's infallible Word of Truth. Understanding the differences between the Biblical gospel and my Mormon faith brought me to a fantastic spiritual rebirth many years ago. My family was anguished, but we still love each other deeply.

Healing this doctrinal rift would unite us again in Peter's "one Lord, one faith, one baptism".

plano, tx

English bible is important in American history. Reason being it was a book that everyone could legally have and use this permitted a much wider range and percentage of people to learn to read and write. History is cool!

Bend, OR

I can't WAIT for the series to begin tonight! I must "Facebook" the rest of my friends & family to watch with me! Gentlemen; information is just that, "information". It's what we choose to DO with it that makes the difference in our lives and those around us.


KJV is a poor translation. I don't know how the mormon church stands by this version - this version is the cause of much strife amoung Christians.

Richmond, VA


That's a mighty strong accusation against the KJV version of the bible. Care to present your evidences of proof? Which one is the most correct version? Besides, if you care to go back and re-read Kirk R Graves's reply to Hutterhite, you will learn that books don't cause strife.

Montesano, WA

The Christian relgion has done more good in the world then any other force. Yes there are chruch's that claim to follow christ but hide behind the bible to do evil. How ever more people have died from the writings of Marx and Ingels and Modern Progressives then ever in the history of the world.

Aggie lover

I set my dvr to record the series and cannot wait to watch. It is events and things like this that make you excited to live another day with your family. Thanks BYUTV!

Bountiful, UT

I have been so excited to see this show. It is so sad they cut it up with all the previews of other programming. It would have been so much better without all of the interuptions.

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Wow, this looks to me like a terrific body of work.

Lehi, UT

Loved the show. Increased my understanding of people on both sides of the issue. That is always a good thing.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

Hopefully this will be broadcasted online for us to watch...?

Trent Toone

For those wondering, you can stream each episode as it airs live on BYUtv at BYUtv.org. Once each episode is broadcast you can view it online at BYUtv.org anytime. DVDs should be available early next year.

Roy, UT

If you can't sleep, this is a great thing to put you to sleep...I love the message, but it was just too monotone, I couldn't stay awake to see much of it, will try again.

Chino Valley, AZ

Just wonderful see to this kind of the spiritual history about the KJV Bible.
The writers, historians and producers have produced a great work for all to see.
Looking forward to part two and the future DVDs.

The only negative: the advertising during the showing was distracting.

layton, UT

@Resistance Increased my understanding of people on both sides of the issue. That is always a good thing,OK.

Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.(1John 3:16 KJV)God on the cross. I like this translation, Do you agree?

John 16:7 comforter(parakletos)Holy Spirit, corresponds to Menahem Hebrew name for the Messiah.

The "Right Hand" is only figurative/symbolic and not literal Right hand means power and authority." Your right hand, O LORD(YAHWEH), was majestic in power. Your right hand, O LORD(YAHWEH), shattered the enemy. (Exodus 15:6)". "I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 16:8)"

Moroni 7:47 . "But charity(love) is the pure love of Christ . Makes no sense in the original Greek. Charity, mid-12c.,benevolence for the poor," caritas from the Latin Vulgate often used as translation of Greek, agape "love". Charity is the Latin translation of agape(love).

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