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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 11 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

And here I thought the Utes would be an average Pac12 team. Silly me.

Of course I joke, take it easy. The schedule is going to lighten up considerably and the Utes will win 4-5 in conference this year. The toughest part is over and once Jon Hays focuses more on hitting his target than flashing the U sign, he will be just fine. And so will U.

A win this weekend will do wonders for your team and there will be a whole new positive outlook on the season.

Providence, UT

Yet another article for the haters to jump in with their meaningless smack.

Heber, Utah

The tale of two teams. A very good first half team, and a high school team in the second half. It's very hard to watch. Way too many mistakes! Penalties at the worst moment, fumbles, new QB thinking he is Aaron Rodgers. It will take some time to right this ship. However, we will play in the Rose Bowl, before the Cougs play in a BCS game.

Highland, UT


"meaningless"? It obviously means a great deal to you. The truth is utah is overmatched and outclassed and it isn't because the pac10 is all that great either. utah would be struggling if they were still in the mwc this year. Their recruiting has been terrible at qb and oline and mearly average at the other positions. Most of us saw this coming last year but the fact utah was able to beat a bunch of patsies early on last season gave both utah "fans" and the coaches a false sense of well being. Once they played some decent teams it all came crashing down yet utah "fans" still spent the off season claiming they would "win the pac10 south title" and perhaps go to the rose bowl.

Now that it is obvious the "haters" were correct utah "fans" whine that they have to put up with the "I told you's". Well whittingham is correct about one thing, no one cares. No one feels sorry for you. Actually most of us take a bit of a sadistic pleasure in watching the arrogant, delusional, and undeserving "fan"base that front runs utah athletics get their just due.


Salt Lake City, UT

Yikes! So that means the Cougars would be 10th (or worse) in the Pac 13?

Iowa City, IA


I for one hope that the Utes can turn their season around, but I can't help but chuckle that you label the "smack" as "meaningless." The fact that you address it (preemptively, at that) demonstrates that it clearly has meaning to you.

It all starts this weekend at Pitt. I think the Utes can pull it off, but I don't think it'll be a blowout.

Midvale, UT

Seriously Moderate? You can't compare. Each game is different and no two teams match up the same as they do against others. Why do Utes always have to compare themselves to the Cougars to make themselves feel better?

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

I thought the utes were going to the rose bowl this year according to their fans. i must have missed something. can someone tell me what happened?

Highland, UT


Irrelevent. BYU is not in the pac10, utah is. utah "fans" are the ones dealing with a losing record and the very real possibility of not even making the New Mexico Bowl. The fact you have to bring BYU up just shows what all of us knew to be true anyway and that is that everything utah does is measured by their "fans" against BYU. You simply will always hold yourselves up to BYU. It is actually quite amusing for the rest of us to witness.


ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

it is called an inferiority complex. sorry, but it is my alma mater and this complex goes back 40 plus years. i do have hope that they will grow out of it.

Syracuse, UT

Duckhunter, you got it right and I find it really funny that the u fans just don't "get it".

I really believe that Pitt will really come after Hays and if he is hurt or just gets what ever confidence he has shaken, he will be worthless the rest of the year. Look for the u to win one, maybe two game the rest of the way. It will be funny to "mark down" all the excues this year and then for the following years to come on why the mighty bcs bust'n, real National Champion, better than anyone else, uties are at the bottom of the conference of chumps.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Utah has some good chances to move up with games against the 6th, 7th, and 8th teams coming up.
I wonder if there is any circumstance where some of the above posters wouldn't bring BYU into a Ute article comments. Insecure?

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

The Utes will be fine long term! They have a great program run by great coaches. I think during most years they would be near the top of the Pac-12. It's just a rough year with injuries and bad luck.

My Cougars on the other hand... I wish I could feel so optimistic about them. Seems like they've been getting steadily more mediocre the past few seasons. Hopefully it's just that they're a young inexperienced team. But it seems like where Utah, BSU, & TCU have been able to break through, BYU doesn't look like it's close. Every year expectations are high but they always come crashing down in a most painful way sooner or later. (See BYU vs. FSU 2009 or BYU vs. Utah 2011 for examples)

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

looks like BYU will get a win against a Pac 12 team before Utah this season.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Until Utah proves otherwise, they deserve to be where they are in these "rankings." It's obvious that they haven't played well, but they have played some of the stronger teams in the conference, with a back up QB commanding the offense.

I look for Utah to have a better back half of the season. I will stick with my original forecast for the year of 7-5 or 6-6, which would be a successful inauguration to the PAC-12. Sure, it's not what Utah has been used to in the MWC, but this is a tougher week in and week out schedule.

As the Utes get more depth, I can see them competing in this league.

Now, to address the trolls who have selective memory:

"I wonder if there is any circumstance where some of the above posters wouldn't bring BYU into a Ute article comments. Insecure?"

We have to continually silence trolls like you. 54-10 should do the trick.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter | 11:33 a.m. Oct. 11, 2011
Highland, UT

"Once they played some decent teams it all came crashing down."

I agree. BYU doesn't qualify as a decent team.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ute alumni

"I thought the utes were going to the rose bowl this year according to their fans. i must have missed something. can someone tell me what happened? "

Nobody who wasn't being a homer seriously believed that. The Pac-12 south position was plausible until Wynn got injured.

"Why do Utes always have to compare themselves to the Cougars to make themselves feel better? "

Cougar fans keep taunting us so do you expect us to just sit there and take it or should we get a chance to taunt back?

Highland, UT

@duckhunter hunter aka "54-10", "articuno BYU", "hondo", "duckhunterr", "office coolguy", "kosta fesenko", etc.

Do you really think anyone at all believes all of your screen names are different people?


Dave S
Holladay, UT

Re: Duckhunter

Actually it's your obsession of commenting on every UTE article that is quite amusing. If it makes you feel better to actually think that UTE fans care at all about byu then you go ahead and think that. We have moved on to bigger and better things. Sure we have had our ups and downs this year but who can predict at the beginning of the year what injuries can do to a team.

By the way, sorry about the BIG 12 passing you up once again. Ouch that must sting a little!!!

Spanish Fork, UT

What power ranking are the Cougars in for their conference? Oh that's right, they don't have one!

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