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Published: Friday, Oct. 7 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

ASU 38
Utah 9

Nuff said!

springville, UT

Cougar fans, I challenge all of you to step up and lets start supporting the utes. Lets be bigger than Chrissy and Hedgy and a few of the others that are in Love with hating the Y. forget that these few clowns make the real ute fans look bad. Sure of few of them are just plain drunks, but just like some holier-than-thou BYU fans, they are few and far between. Until we are in the same conference again, we should support each other. I dare all cougars fans to "rise up" and be better than some utes.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You do realize that after we beat ASU 30-14 we'll be headed to the inaugural Pac 12 championship game right?

ASU has to play Oregon. Tough luck. That means both us and ASU will have 2 conference losses.

Guess who gets the tiebreaker after we beat ASU? That's right. We do.

What conference championship are you playing for?

Which BCS game are you playing for?

Which BCS conference just invited you?

Your football program is teetering on oblivion.

The power of the BCS is only growing.

You're in. Or you're out.

And byu is OUT!

Mesa, AZ

Most of the Sun Devils snickered on their walk-through last hour at the quaint smallness of RES. It won't be long before the PAC12 requires a real stadium be built, and that it be filled every game.

Maricopa, AZ

Igualment, actually RES is head and shoulders compared to the high school stadium at UofA in Tucson. And all they are planning there is a shiney new scoreboard.
I really do look forward to Utah having another powerhouse team soon though. And knowing Kyle, it won't be too far off. The PAC 12 will be better with Utah in the mix.

Sandy, UT

Hays will do his job fine. The game plan will adjust, but Chow is a jedi master.

GO UTES! Stick it to them! They always do great in big games. They surprise everybody.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Igualmente | 2:42 p.m. Oct. 7, 2011
Mesa, AZ

.....not as hard as we all snickered when your team got pounded and then quit.

st george, utah

hey ...Chris B..how bout we win 1 game in conference play before all chest thumping...!....Go UTES!


1. Starting this week, looks like a tough rest of season. Time to give the backup QB his reps, and call it a rebuilding year.

2. Coug friends, have another HEAPing helping of 54-10.

Wiley Old School

Max-was-Right: Interesting challenge... if you're even half way serious, you might want to rethink that nickname.

west jordan, ut

@utefan56....Thank you. nothing like a fellow fan calling out Chrissy.

@Max-was-right | 2:11 p.m. Oct. 7, 2011
Cougar fans, I challenge all of you to step up and lets start supporting the utes.....I dare all cougars fans to "rise up" and be better than some utes.

Uhmmm, I already do but with a blog name like that, are you serious? If you want to support the Utes, change the name because it makes you look hypocritical. We all know what it means.


Easy to say since you got the win. What will be your words of wisdom when you lose? Uhhhhhhhh at least we beat the cougars 54-10. We can just call you mgr63 junior because you just can't look past that game or the hate. One game does not a season make, I am sure the Ute players quit caring the monday after the game and just don't care anymore.

Go BYU and go Utes.

Pleasant Grove, UT

ASU 44
Ute 10

Lets go Sun Devils! Anything to make Chris B and the rest of the utes to cry foul.lol

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

ASU 55
Utah 10
Welcome to the Pac 12 again

Miami, Florida

@ Duh | 7:03 p.m. Oct. 7, 2011
West Jordan, Ut

I've read many of your posts. Very appropriate sreen name you have.

Clearfield, UT


How about you take the beam out of your moniker before you ask us to take the mote out of our posts on ute articles.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Who's the backup to Hays? You better have someone that can step in when he goes down.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Hey Chris B, when exactly are the Utes going to win their first Pac 12 game?

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