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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 5 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

Adding BYU is what's next for the Big-12. I'm surprised BYU hasn't been added already. Such a move would have brought stability instantly.

I bet that BYU is hesitant about joining the conference more than the Big-12 is hesitant about bringing on BYU.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

BYU isn't going to join the Big 12 until the Big 12 is stabilized, which means, all remaining members binding their 1st and 2nd tier broadcast rights to the Big 12 for the next 6 years. As soon as that happens, BYU will accept a Big 12 invitation.

BYU would be foolish to join a conference that isn't stable.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

I thought BYU wanted to remain Independent. At least that's what TJ, VA, CougFaninTX, Y Dad/Y Grad, Ducky, Soccer Mom, etc. having been saying.....

Salt Lake City, Utah

Duckhunter Hunter

You misread the tea leaves. BYU wanted increased exposure. There's no question that leaving the MWC/MTN and going independent and partnering with ESPN increased BYU's exposure SIGNIFICANTLY! NOBODY can legitimately dispute that. If joining the Big 12 increases BYU's exposure even more, so be it. The Duckhunter Hunter just shot himself in the foot with his inane supposition.

Somewhere in, Utah

Missouri tried this last year and the Big 10 said no thank you. What makes them think the SEC will be any more accepting? Maybe the Big East will want them but their really less stable than the Big 12.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

So what you're saying is that Independence is inferior to joining a BCS conference?


Farmington, UT

Missouri has been interested in the Big Ten for a decade. But the Big Ten just isn't interested in Missouri.

Missouri only has one rival in the Big XII--Kansas. If it weren't for basketball, this wouldn't even be a rivalry.

The SEC is one of the most stable leagues in the country. Missouri has given more to the Big XII than the Big XII has given back to Missouri. I think Missouri would be foolish to not go to the SEC if they were given an opportunity.

If the Big XII is concerned about losing some of their TV money, they should pursue Boise State and BYU, both are darlings of ESPN.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Big XII needs to get back to twelve. To do so, assuming Mizzou leaves, they should invite TCU, Louisville, BYU and either Air Force or Cincy...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Duckhunter Hunter

"So what you're saying is that Independence is inferior to joining a BCS conference?"

Not necessarily.

ESPN Broadcast Games 2011
BYU 10
Utah 1 (courtesy of BYU)

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

So, if BYU joins the BIG-12, would we still get to watch EVERY football game and basketball game (with the ones not picked up by the powers-that-be being shown on byutv)?

If we're back to watching only a handful of basketball games on TV like on the Mountain, I say we forget the whole thing.

Orem, Utah

Events for BYU get curiouser and curiouser:

1. Rumors abound that BYU is atop the B12's expansion list.

Awaiting Missouri's SEC decision and the B12 expansion committee's decision to know how many and who to add.

2. WCC spokesman recently said that they have no problem with BYU's sports all going to the B12 next year.

So, NO issue there. Free to move'em ALL over for 2012.

Interesting timing of that WCC statement!

3. Rose gets talked into staying at BYU, in spite of supposed future in WCC.

Why? Were B12 opponents promised in his future?

4. BYU extends its 4-year deal with Boise State to 12 years.

Why? Will they be in the same conference? Is it a Tier-2 or Tier-3 thing to preserve TV monies?

There's a likely reason for THAT extension at THIS time.

5. BYU's future football scheduling doesn't get filled out much, even for 2012.

Did the brass expect BYU was going to be in the B12 soon enough? Or, is scheduling just on hold because of conference uncertainties?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Spanish Fork, UT


And we Ute fans thank BYU for the "1 (courtesy of BYU)" exposure to totally beat down and expose BYU. Thanks again. TV contract smack talk is pretty weak.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

If Missouri goes to the SEC and the Big 12 wants to get back to 12, then I see the Big 12 looking either east or west, but probably not both directions.

I see TCU going into the Big 12 South and either the western option of Air Force, BYU, and Boise State, or the eastern option of Louisville, Cincinnati, and West Virginia.

Now, if the Big 12 takes the western option, what does the MWC do if Boise State and Air Force leave? That would drop the MWC to 8 football and 7 for most sports. There would be an urgent need to get back to 8 for basketball so as not to loose the autobid to the NCAA tournament. What would the MWC do? Only options seem to be raid the WAC and C-USA. Would USU make the cut? Maybe UTEP or Houston? Since basketball would be at risk, maybe Denver?

If Missouri doesn't go to the SEC, I predict Virginia Tech does.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

So a national audience gets to watch you get trounced by 44 and watch your "fans" sprint for their cars in the 3rd quarter? LOL!

OUCH again!

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Whats -

Just a few months ago you loved the idea of staying Independent and even said so over and over and over again.

You talked about how hypocritical it was of Utah fans to be excited about a BCS conference. Then, along come the rumors about being invited to a BCS conference and your tune has suddenly changed. LOL!

BYU fans = John Kerry

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sorry Wallbanger, but Utah didn't expose anything except that you can't beat anybody when you give the game away with 7 turnovers. Utah proved that against Washington.

The only reason Utah fans consider television scheduling talk weak, is because Utah's television schedule is so weak. Utah fans were beating their chests for almost a year about their marvelous television coverage right up until ABC/ESPN completely ignored the Utes when they were selecting games to televise in 2011 and Utah's PAC 12 debut wound up on VERSUS.

Salt Lake City, Utah

A national audience also got to watch BYU make two dramatic 4th quarter comebacks and nearly knock off Texas at Texas.

Utah, on the other hand, can be thankful so few were watching the Ute's meltdown versus Washington.


Utah rules the Pac 12, the conference of campions.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Only a BYU fan would be content with 4th quarter comebacks that resulted in LOSSES.

44 point drubbing! The crow, I'm sure, tasted mighty fine.

Salt Lake City, UT

Some of y'all have it backwards. The Big 12 isn't going to stablize, and then offer a cushy invitation to BYU to come share the money. The Big 12 is looking to BYU to help stabilize the league by commiting TV revenue to the league. If BYU wants in, they will have to take a chance.

On the plus side, as more of the good teams leave (TAMU, Mizzou) it will be easier for the Cougars not to dwell on the bottom.

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