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Published: Sunday, Oct. 2 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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az roadrunner
Apache Junction, AZ

In Arizona we have an independent redistricting commission, and it works fairly well. I hope Utah adopts a similar system before 2020 rolls around.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Furry...Feeling disenfranchised? Move to California and take Rocky with you!!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Elections have consequences. There is no controversy here. It is a state controlled media that listens to the liberals. This redistricting process is completely fair and proper. Case closed. The democrats are crying foul to attempt securing Matheson's seat and other democrats that may run in the future. The democrats have proven they are wrong and have led this country down the wrong path. They caused this recession with the Dodd and Franks run Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac debacles. And our current President, along with Pelosi and Reid have given us Obama care and the national chaos we are witnessing. Case closed.


Lets say for instance that we have no one who really cares about central Utah? Well that is who we are to the democrates. They do not care about the people here! They listen to the enviromentalists. It is like we do not exist, or they don't want us to exist! Well, we are here and we are not going anywhere. Every rule passed that leaves us with less ability to make a living only makes us hate the people in the cities more. It is class warfare, brought on by the democrates, and big government who are forcing us out of our way of life. Burning the mountains down, cutting off the water, cutting the cattle grazing, and mining rites, closing roads to private property and eliminating access to federal lands even for recreation.

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