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Published: Saturday, Oct. 1 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

So we are drudging up platforms of 40 and 50 years ago to rationalize opposition to a party of today. Should we also then hold the Republicans responsible for their opposition to school integration in the south as well, along with an integrated military?

Common' folks.

No person fully embodies a parties platform, or at least they shouldn't because no party embodies all Americans and their individual concerns. I am for responsible capitalism, but also believe government plays a role in creating an infrastructure for business to thrive. I am anti abortion, but only support the death penalty in limited situations. I wish we would stop playing fancy with words and realize we are paying for everyones health care now, what is in debate is just how we do it.

No party represents my beliefs completely. Anyone who says they adhere to a "conservative" or a "liberal" agendas are not being honest with themselves, because people are multi-facited.

No party is all good, nor is any party all wrong.

holyhead, wales

Somebody made a comment, above, about B. Obama - regarding an alleged racist comment made during a church meeting...you know what, I would have got my phone out and phoned the Police. I'm beginning to wonder if, for the future, a direct question will need to be asked of all regarding church positions, worthiness, etc. (this is merely MY opinion) - 'Are you a racist?'.

Unions - a significant number of businesses, if they had their way, would have us working 12 hours a day - with no time off for church! In Europe, the UK, I have about 5 or 6 weeks holidays and lots of benefits - you don't think the average business owner woke up one day and thought, 'Hmmm, I'm going to change'...no. I don't understand some people's negativity about unions - it does not make you a Communist if you support unions...we have good lives because people before us fought for what would be our rights...

Democrats - a good comment from a Democrat who was here in the UK - he reckoned that we are all Democrats in Europe...even the most conservative of us are not as conservative as Republicans!

janean Huppi

I am LDS and appreciate the this organization. I'm glad I was able to hear Senator Reid address our regional conference. I think we should speak civilly to all and try to find more common ground so that we can preserve this nation which has been under the protection of God since the beginning. Read 1 Nephi 13. If we treated each other with a little more compassion all of us would be better off.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

in the October conference in 1951, the First Presidency said:

A threat to our unity derives from unseemly personal antagonisms developed in partisan political controversy. The Church, while reserving the right to advocate principles of good government underlying equity, justice, and liberty, the political integrity of officials, and the active participation of its members, and the fulfillment of their obligations in civic affairs, exercises no constraint on the freedom of individuals to make their own choices and affiliations any man who makes representation to the contrary does so without authority and justification in fact. (President Stephen L Richards, Conference Report, October 1951, pp. 11415.)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

President George Albert Smith observed, There is nothing in the world more deleterious or harmful to the human family than hatred, prejudice, suspicion, and the attitude that some people have toward their fellows, of unkindness. In matters of politics, he warned, whenever your politics cause you to speak unkindly of your brethren, know this, that you are upon dangerous ground. [13]
Robert S. Wood. Instruments of the Lords Peace, Ensign, May 2006, 9395

Cottonwood Heights, UT

President J. Reuben Clark

"In our course under the new gospel of interference with everything we do not like, we have gone forward ,,, as if we possessed all the good of human government, of human economic concept, of human comfort, and of human welfare, all of which we are to impose on the balance of the world, a concept born of the grossest national egotism

I believe American manhood is too valuable to be sacrificed on foreign soil for foreign issues and causes.

I believe that permanent peace will never come into the world from the muzzle of a gun. Guns and bayonets will, in the future as in the past, bring truces, long or short, but never peace that endures.

I believe that moral force is far more potent than physical force in international relations.

I believe that America should again turn to the promotion of the peaceful adjustment of international disputes, which will help us regain the measureless moral force we once possessed, to the regeneration and salvation of the world. We now speak with the strong arm of physical force only; we have no moral force left


To all those republicans who say they are so concerned about the unborn child, why do they not care about that child after he is born? Republicans continuously vote against feeding, sheltering and educating that child when the parents are too poor to do so. To those who look at a homeless person and say it is their fault, what about their children? Is it their fault, too? I believe in teaching self reliance, but in the meantime, let's take care of the children, the elderly, and the poor. I am a democrat because I am a Mormon.


I think the scriptures say it all; in Alma 7:20 in the Book of Mormon it says very plainly that the Lord is a conservative.

Alma 7:20. I perceive that it has been made known unto you, by the testimony of his word, that he cannot awalk in crooked paths; neither doth he vary from that which he hath said; neither hath he a shadow of turning from the right to the left, or from that which is right to that which is wrong; therefore, his course is one eternal round.

Newport Beach, CA


"Should we also then hold the Republicans responsible for their opposition to school integration in the south as well?"

You've got your parties mixed up. Democrats opposed school integration. Republicans (as in Dwight Eisenhower) sent in federal troops to bring them in line.

Republicans were nearly unanimous in supporting the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in '64 and '65. Democrats, less so.

Newport Beach, CA

"When half the people who were going bankrupt every year were doing so after catastrophic illness that wiped out their life savings, conservatives changed the law to make it impossible for them to file for bankruptcy, so that credit card companies could expand their profits."

I give up. Liberal ignorance is just too thick.

Do you people ever bother in the slightest to get the actual facts?

Newport Beach, CA

"There is a big difference between supporting abortion and supporting choice and the law of the land."

Tell me -- are you in favor of people having the choice to discriminate? To fire someone for joining a union? To pollute?

No? Then you're not in favor of "choice," per se. You're in favor of having the choice to do something deeply wrong that you want to do anyway.

"There is a big difference in between supporting unions vs. supporting huge corporations."

Sure. One is an organization that can be prosecuted under antitrust laws if it operates as a cartel, colluding with others to jack up the price of what it supplies by artificially restricting the supply. The other one *is* a cartel, and will beat people up if they try to operate outside it.

Durham, NC

The ProudDuck - interesting info, so I looked into it a little deeper. The numbers are even more interesting when looked at by region, which really tells the story behind them.

The original House version:
Southern Democrats: 787 (7%93%)
Southern Republicans: 010 (0%100%)

Northern Democrats: 145-9 (94%6%)
Northern Republicans: 138-24 (85%15%)

The Senate version:
Southern Democrats: 120 (5%95%)
Southern Republicans: 01 (0%100%)

Northern Democrats: 45-1 (98%2%)
Northern Republicans: 27-5 (84%16%)

As it turns out, it was more a southern versus northern thing instead of a democrat versus republican issue. It also shows that back then, people voted by issue rather than by party.... in this case very wrongly so by a particular regional group. But it also shows just how far we have dropped into partisanship.

But thanks for bringing up the point... it was worth researching.... and points that often the raw numbers don't tell the full story. In this case, region trumped party.

Temple City, CA

I am personally familiar with many people who stopped coming to Church because someone insisted that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints insisted on affiliation with the Republican Party of the United States, or that Republican principles were entirely consistent with the teachings of the Church, while Democratic principles were anathema.

This is absolutely absurd. It's completely inconsistent with the Church's regular, official statements that members should be free to belong to any political party that upholds their personal political beliefs; not to mention the fact that the Church is an international organization, and the politics of the United States are generally unimportant outside the United States.

There is no reason for any Latter-day Saint to support any American political party unreservedly, especially when the tenets of the parties vary from region to region.

Additionally, I would like to point out that the concept of "conservative," in and of itself, is not necessarily consistent with the Gospel. "Conservative" is relative and variable (remember that Stalinists were conservatives in the USSR at one time, and radicals fought the American Revolution). Conservative in morality, and conservative in politics are not necessarily synonymous.

gambier, oh

Not going to happen. Thank you I don't think the Republican party has the right idea either. It is time we think for ourselves and leave the parties out in the cold.

Glendora, CA

There is no perfect fit for "good LDS members".
One party has many members who believe I'm heretical pariah, (the GOP). And the other? With the Dems, I am a right wing religious zealot, who has no business even voting and perhaps should be punished, by taxing my church, etc.
There is no fit.

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