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Published: Saturday, Oct. 1 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Here is one. Sign me up.


As long as the Democrats support abortion and unions, and as long as they support people like President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and their ilk, they will never get my vote!

4th Generation

Aaron M says: "As long as the Democrats support abortion and unions, and as long as they support people like President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and their ilk, they will never get my vote!"

Hey Aaron, Unions gave you the 8 hour work day and the weekend you're now enjoying. Also, not all Democrats support abortions. I am well acquainted with the Harry Reid extended families. They are wonderful, active LDS families. I'm proud to know them. Maybe if you ventured out of rarified atmosphere of Utah County you'd find an interesting world out there with great people, some of whom think a little differently than you.

one old man
Ogden, UT

I guess it depends on where you are. Since moving to Utah from another state, and as a convert to the LDS faith, I found myself further and further at odds with my neighbors and fellow members.

When our high priest group became a fan club meeting for Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh I was disgusted. But on the day the conversation turned to how much ammunition we need in our storage because the Mark of Cain is bringing socialism into the White House, I got up and walked out.

I used to vote Republican occasionally, but those days are gone, too.

Now I guess I'm just a generic Christian -- and a lot happier on Sunday afternoons.

Salt Lake City, Utah

As long as the Democrats want to prevent South Carolina from building Boeing aircraft because it is a right to work state, and as long as abortion is a plank in their platform the majority of Utahns will vote against them.

If the Democrats are so proud of Obama why didn't they invite him to visit Utah and campaign for Peter Corroon when he ran against Gov. Herbert?

Iowa City, IA

@ 4th Generation,

The Fair Labor Standards Act is what effectively established the 8 hour workday by requiring overtime pay for any time above and beyond 8 hours in a 24 hour period. It was passed by the U.S. Congress.

In fact, many unions opposed various provisions of the FLSA. For example, several of the most powerful unions opposed minimum wage provisions because they were concerned that it would also become a maximum wage.

Unions are also not the guarantor of employee safety rights at this point, as the federal government has assumed those responsibilities. See OSHA and MSHA for evidence.

Ray in St.Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, FL

Would love to see "LDS Democrats" become nationwide in scope.


Theres that pesky little abortion thing. I also agree that as long as the Democrats support the unions and the deaths of the unborn I could never be a Democrat. Other than that I am closely aligned in my philosophy with the Democrats. I could probably plug my nose and look the other way with the union junk but the abortion issue and Democrats hiding behind the lie of (we are supporting choice)is too much for me to handle.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Naw, the Republicans have not been that good a messaging. The Republicans are far from perfect and there are many factions within the Republicans.

The LDS church teaches us to:

Avoid debt
Be self reliant
Be Honest
Obey the law
Not exercise unrighteous dominion

Democrats will not stop borrowing money.
They enable people to not be self reliant.
Claim they created or saved jobs that cannot be verified (will not even be honest with themselves).
They refuse to enforce laws they don't like (like immigration). They committed multiple violations of the constitution to force Obama Care down our throats.
They use the force of government to finance their favorite charities (like welfare). There is no freedom with them.

Most LDS are Republican because it is blatantly obvious that the Democrat party promotes the exact opposite of what the church teaches. Those that can't see it have blinded themselves to the truth.

Provo, UT

Dabakis, a proud homosexual and founder of Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center, is a good example of why church members and many other Christians are increasingly wary of the Democratic Party and how it has changed in the last two decades. (By the by, "Gay Pride" is a rather direct fulfillment of Romans 1:32, see also v. 27.)

I don't like the antics the state Republican party is up to and I felt that a lot of the Utah County Democratic** candidates in this last election were much better than the Republican alternatives. But I couldn't feel comfortable voting for people who take Pride in their homosexual acts, whose idea of Equality is forcing everyone to think sodomy is an acceptable lifestyle, and who do all they can to steer the community into being a mecca for homosexuals.

** Then again, if you compare the Utah County Democratic Party platform with the platforms of Salt Lake County or mainstream national Democrats you can see the Utah County folks are a very different party; perhaps they should consider splitting from the Democratic party and losing their SLC and national baggage.


The idea that GOP leaders are the source of the message that good members of the church can't be democrats is a non sequitur. The comment comes from regular church members who compare the positions and draw their own conclusions. The LDS Church is non-partisan and doesn't counsel members how to vote except on moral questions. Leaders should scrupulously avoid partisan discussions at church meetings. However,in blaming the Republican Party for the "good church members can't be democrats" tag, LDS democrats like Dabakis are just looking for someone to blame for their poor share of the LDS vote. As an LDS local GOP chairman in Virginia, my advice, brethren, is to look to your own organizations and the messages coming from your own leadership and don't point the finger at me!


re:grandpaJ, AaronM

I suppose you won't be voting for Romney then since Romneycare permits state funding of abortions.

As a former Indpendent, now Democrat I agree with the Church stand on abortion, that it should be reserved to rape, incest and life/death issues. Has the Church called for the repeal of Roe v Wade?

Beaverton, OR

Nobody is pro-abortion. 'Supporting choice' is exactly, precisely what this Democrat, and many others I know, are for. Abortion has been legal for almost 40 years. Four Republican presidents have presided over the nation during that time. Not one of them made it their mission to undo Roe V. Wade.

So many people in the Church forgot about that pesky little free agency thing.

And I'll never understand the vilification of unions.

It's sad that regular, hard-working, middle class Republicans vote against their own economic interests because Democrats are pro-choice. And then all too often turn around and denigrate the single mom on welfare.


Christy you stated "So many people in the Church forgot about that pesky little free agency thing." Nice joke you made there. Does health care ring a bell. Now I could go on, but what's the point.

Syracuse, UT

The Dems believe that if you throw enough money at a problem it will somehow just go away. That is the exact opposite of what the Church teaches. If they would just stop throwing good money after bad, they would have a lot more "converts".

Logan, UT

"As long as the Democrats want to prevent South Carolina from building Boeing aircraft because it is a right to work state"

Utah's Democrat in Congress voted against the legislation that would have closed that plant. So your point is...well, you don't have a point.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

President James E Faust was a prominent mormon democrat. Was he a bad person? If people would vote for the best character and moral candidate rather than a political party our nation would be better off.

Utah county is one of the most fraudulent counties in the nation, and most are mormon republicans. Politics are philosophies of men mingled with scripture.

Vote for the person with the most character. They are the ones who don't promote themselves, make personal attacks on their opponent, have morals, and are religious, They can be from any religion, any race, or gender. These types of people need to be elected NOT the career politicians.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Apparently no one here has noticed that the LDS position on abortion is almost identical to that of the Democratic Party. The Party supports abortion only in cases of incest, rape, or to save the mother's life. So does the church.

There seems to be a kind of myopia or tunnel vision that affects conservatives in Utah -- and elsewhere.

It's only the extreme evangelicals who oppose abortion for those reasons. Utahns claim to support individual and family rights. What can be more individual or family than making the terrible decision to sacrifice an unborn child for one of those reasons?

Either you believe and support your church -- or you don't. Which is it? Church or political party?

Woods Cross, UT

Has anyone actually noticed that the LDS Church is considered "pro-choice" by many anti-abortion groups? If one wants abortion legal for instances of rape, incest, or the health of the mother, the only person who truly knows if it is an instance of rape or incest is the girl of woman involved. And the only person who can determine if a mother's health should be considered in the decision is again, the mother. The courts take too much time and cannot make the decision for her. I don't want big government making the decision. I want women to be able to make that difficult decision for themselves.

Yes, I believe that the large number of abortions today is morally reprehensible. But so is forcing a twelve-year old victim of incest or rape to carry a child full term. And that is what many on the "pro-life" side want.

Bend, OR

The difference between Democrat and a Republican can be likened to those who believe in self-reliance (Republicans)as compared to those who believe in entitlements (Democrats). Mormons tend to value self-reliance and that draws more to Republican party. You can tell a good political movement by what is values and the fruits brought forth. While both parties have bad apples, the values endorsed by the Republican party are more pure and fruitful to society. Democrats might try to draw LDS members, but I find it a difficult sell to those members who understand LDS doctrine, actively try to live by its principles, and can discern between what is bad, neutral, good, or better for society.

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