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Published: Thursday, Sept. 29 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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New Haven, CT

Well, guys, it looks like BYU to the Big 12 is a done deal. The announcement is coming Saturday.

Beverly Hills, CA

Beware the ghost of Crowton

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

I see a repeat.

USU 31
byu 16

0-4 against Utah teams the past two years.

Soon to be fourth in recruiting behind Utah, Utah State, and Southern Utah

no BCS invite, no chance at ever going to BCS game, no chance at ever going undefeated....


no chance at being relevant any time in the future.

The future of football in Utah, is Utah

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

teepee moderate,

I'm happy that all things BYU bother you. I love that even after a huge beatdown that admittedly was tough you still obsess about BYU.

I absolutely love that byu upsets you so.


Farmington, UT

Does anybody at the Deseret News watch BYU play? You guys all predicted BYU to win easy at Old Miss, they scraped out a win. You predicted wins at Texas and against Utah, wrongo. Big win against CFU, CFU handed away the game with mistakes.
Auburn couldn't stop USU's run game, neither could CSU. BYU allowed Jon White to run all over them, and White is no Turbin. While I expect BYU to look better this game they have not shown any special ability that Auburn or CSU didn't have. Expect USU to go for at least 250 on the ground, and Utah State to win by 7-10.

Farmington, UT

Turbin is going to rush for 150+ yards and 2 TD's. Chuckie will throw for 200+ yards and Wagner will get to Heaps at least 2-3 times.

If Aggies defense doesn't have too many meltdowns, they'll win.

Aggies 30
Cougars 17

Salt Lake City, UT

maybe the Cougs won't quit this time.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

A USU win is in the cards for the 2nd straight year. USU is better than they were last year and BYU is about the same or worse. It won't be a 44 point beatdown that has fans running for the parking lot in the 3rd quarter, but I think USU will control the clock and the score will be:

USU 27 (absolute control)
BYU 17 (two TDs on offense will be considered a MAJOR step forward)

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Unless Coach Andersen has been talking to Coach Whittingham about how to defend us, we should win this one.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

The Big 12 (10 or whatever) is irrelevant. All the big boys are waving bye bye to the conference. It will end up being Iowa State, and possibly the Kansas schools, when the dust settles. Why join a a near cadaver? BYU better wait, or it will end up joining a poorer conference that the one they left. The so-called Big 12 will be decertified at a BCS school if they implode as they apparently are poised to do. Be careful BYU.

disrupt the status
Salt Lake City, Utah

Wow, they act as though USU won't make any improvements on their last week of play, but BYU will fix all of their errors that we have seen over and over again through the season. BYU's offense is terrible (agains utah -12 rushing yards was laughable), does anyone really think Jake Heaps is a good QB? I've watched all of the games from both teams and I haven't seen much to wow over on the BYU side, but USU has some real raw talent. It's ok, USU did fine as the underdog last year. My prediction?

USU 31
BYU 12

Alpine, UT

"To all you Aggie afficionados: What's a Turbin? He hasn't seen a defense yet."

You're going to see Turbin's footprints on your LBs chests after the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Aggies will have this one. BYU didn't change its stripes overnight, and Andersen's team will not be intimidated by a team they dominated last year.

Deseret News prediction = way off base.

Hyde Park, UT

I agree - it shouldn't be close. Like 31 - 16 ish?

disrupt the status, I'm with you on that one. The article was laughable. Where does DNews get these people?

Bristow, United States

The side that makes the fewest mistakes should win. If both sides don't really have turnovers, I think USU should be able to control the clock a bit more.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Robert Turbin only rushed for 74 yards against BYU's bad defense back in 2008, I don't see him making that huge of an impact against a BYU defense that is actually good.

BYU by 10.

South Jordan, UT

My prediction?

The team that scores the most wins.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

One commenter said that the only stat USU had in its favor over BYU was in recruiting thugs.

To set the record straight:

Points per game, USU 42.0, BYU 16.0
Rush yards per game, USU 316.0, BYU 42.0
Pass yards per game, USU 234.8, BYU 176.0
3rd down conversions, USU 18 of 42 (42,9%), BYU 23 of 60 (38.3%)
4th down conversions, USU 2 of 4 (50%), BYU 1 of 5 (20$%)
Sacks per game USU 3.3, BYU 1.0
Interceptions per game, BYU 1.0, USU 0.0
Punt yard average, USU 48.6, BYU 42.0
FGs, BYU 5 of 6, USU 3 of 3; XP BYU 7 of 7, USU 15 of 16.

There are a few in BYU's favor, but the vast majority are in USU's favor. In fairness, BYU has played two teams that could be in or are close to the top 25 and USU only one (that is in the FBS).

Centerville, UT

I wonder...is BYU better in Provo that Auburn at Auburn? I don't know. Going into a packed SEC stadium somehow seems a whole lot more daunting that going into Provo. I know Auburn isn't what they were last year, but then, neither is BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID

I'm a die hard BYU fan and always will be. I'm going to have to go with the majority of the posts on here and predict a USU win. In 3 games the BYU offense showed ZERO IMPROVEMENT. Why would I expect anything different from the Cougar offense this week. it's just not there. And the Cougar defense has not faced a dual threat QB like this one. Expect a lot of zone option (like what Texas did against BYU the 2nd half) from the Aggies. BYU can't defend it.

USU has a better QB (by far), a better offense, and better coaches. BYU has a better defense, and probably better athletes,
and maybe better special teams. Overall edge goes to USU.

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