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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 28 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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San Diego, CA

I really hope BYU players read this article. Nothing against the Aggie Players, but the article sure got me fired up with desire to see the Cougs humble the Cache Valley Cry Baby fans. This game is a MUST win for BYU. I see Heaps finally breaking out. BYU 34 - USU 20.

Centerville, UT


Wow.... the hate?? Speaking in public on behalf of your fan base like that makes you look extremely bitter, jealous, and insecure. Looks like you got a little a head of yourself.

Sandy, UT

Love the USU guys comment about BYU fans being fair weather fans... just because USU suffers as a bottom of the Barrel team does not mean that BYU fans are fair weather when we have a tough season.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

BYU fans like to remember a positive time for them in their history--their national championship. USU fans like to blame Utah and BYU and in particular BYU for keeping USU out of the WAC. At the time, USU had the better football team. USU fans think that being kept out of the WAC made them fall behind. I think BYU gets the brunt of this hate because USU fans see BYU as having stolen what could have been USU's destiny. True or not, USU looks back on bad days and complains and BYU looks back on very good days and believe they are destined to see that every year. I guess I would prefer to look back on the good days rather than the bad. Add to that that BYU stole USU's blue and imitated Aggie Ice Cream, I think USU feels BYU has been in the business of stealing from USU; thus the hate.

Keizer, OR

Wow, lots of hate up in Cache Valley! (One of the reasons I moved from there 20 plus years ago). When I was at BYU, I dated a guy who went to USU and had deemed himself the president of the "Hate BYU" fan club. I asked him what USU's big deal with hating BYU was all about. I told him that I didn't think BYU fans felt the same way about USU. His reply? "That's just it - you don't know we exist." I thought it was pretty telling, and still is, with last year's result being an aberration.

Orem, Utah

Wow! This Stucki guy is a piece of work. USU fans are generally a very classy group. Yes, they beat us up pretty good last year and have a right to gloat, but all this hate talk? Time to get a new sports editor USU and maybe have the rest of the staff chip in and get him a little therapy as a going away gift.

Cedar Hills, UT

Stucki needs a hug.

Rexburg, ID

Stuki said,

"Aggie fans hate BYU. Zoobs are fairweather fans and have an innate ability to take pro-BYU propaganda and bathe themselves in it."

You know, we don't USU at all. There hasn't been much to hate. Can't we all just get along?

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

I love how surprised Cougar fans are that USU fans hate them as well. Of course, they then want to attribute it to jealousy, or that their football team has struggled. Then the lecture on how bitter it makes people sound to hate (didn't hear the same reaction after Hall's comments though).
Utah and USU fans don't like BYU fans because they are annoying and as the editor beautifully pointed out, love to shower themselves with praise. It has nothing to do with sports.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Both BYU and USU are great schools with loyal fans. I happen to be a fan of both. BYU has many more fans and seems to be a target of hate by some at both USU and U of U. It is really pathetic when anyone hates a rival more than they love the team they claim to be a fan of. It is taken way to seriously by some.
If USU wants respect, they need to earn it on the football field like their basketball team did and just like any other team. BYU has to do the same thing again if it wants to be counted with the nations top programs again.
I pull for all the in-state schools because it is good for the state.
People get so carried away with hating the other team when the hate is inspired completely by the fans of the other team. Players and coaches are mostly civil and professional to each other. Most of the moronic fans grow up and will be embarrassed by their behavior when younger.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

What is with all the "Hate" stuff. Grow up.

Logan, UT

As a die hard fourth generation Aggie fan, I don't cheer for BYU and get annoyed by some of their fans just like I do with any other team's fans. Tavin Stucki is a joke of a reporter and everyone up here knows it, now all of you cougar fans know it too.

Cedar Hills, UT

Ragnar Danneskjold | 4:18 p.m. Sept. 28, 2011
Bountiful, UT
"I love how surprised Cougar fans are that USU fans hate them as well...."

I'm not surprised at all. I've known of USU's hatred for BYU my whole life. My parents moved to Logan many years ago. (About the time the WAC was created and USU was left out.) My dad applied for a job at USU. When they saw his resume and that he had graduated from BYU his resume was handed back to him and he was told: "BYU takes care of their own...and so do we."

However, as a "professional" sports writer Stucki does get a bit unprofessional. (Max's comments were out of line...but he also wasn't a paid professional. Ha! I guess he still isn't.) It will be interesting to see how much mail Stucki gets if BYU wins...because as one person said on these comments: "Stucki's words are great fodder for the bulletin board in the Cougar locker room."

Ferron, UT

Here's my perspective as one who graduated from both BYU and USU.
For whatever reason, USU chooses to measure itself in terms of BYU. When I was a USU grad student, I read this headline in the Statesman: "Aggies Whip Cougars in Cross Country". Upon reading the article, I learned that USU placed third and BYU fourth. Apparently the important thing wasn't that the Aggies placed third, but that they beat BYU. In this same spirit, USU used to declare "National Tequila Day" every time BYU played in Logan.
USU's BYU fixation is self-imposed. It far predates Riley Nelson and the recent WAC shakeup. And it's at the root of USU's hatred towards BYU.
It's silly. It's unnecessary. It's time to give it up.
BYU holds a narrow lead in the all-time BYU/USU football series, so USU was ahead in wins until relatively recently. I remember when the annual USU-BYU football game was always competitive (and usually, high scoring). Maybe those days have returned.
In the meantime, Aggie fans should quit making ridiculous characterizations of BYU fans. Are you listening, Mr. Stucki?
Most Aggies would fit in just fine at BYU, and vice-versa.

Highland, UT

I pretty much nothing usu. Other than the game week I never even think of them. Not surprised they are haters however. Come sfrom being beaten down year ofter year after year.....

Las Vegas, NV

Stucki summed up the reason why Aggie fans hate BYU more than Utah. It's because there are more BYU fans in Cache Valley. I think the main reason one fan starts to hate another team is because of banter with that team's fans. Also another reason is one team's dominance over another. A perfect example of this is Jazz fans that hate the lakers. There are a lot of lakers fans in Utah and the Lakers have lately dominated head-to-head match-ups. I could be way off, but it makes sense.

Buena Park, CA

"But he knows how good this BYU program is."
Which would be why he's to play BYU. ;->

Salem, UT

I am a die-hard BYU fan who also likes USU and I cheer for them every game except for the BYU game, but this Stucki guy is a jerk and for his sake I want USU to lose every game. However, one-fan does not speak for the entire USU fan base. Go Aggies except this week.

aggie bob
Logan, UT

Here's why I dislike BYU. Many of the people I've met that go to BYU are self-righteous and stuck up because of the fact that they attend BYU. The "Lords University"? Gimme a break. And, yes, I have heard this used in a serious context. Some act as if they're being more righteous by attending BYU than another school. Their head is in the clouds. I understand that this is not everyone but as a member of the church, I am embarrassed by this attitude that I have noticed multiple times.

Go Aggies. Time to humble some zoobs.

Sandy, UT

The Aggies have a great shot as long as BYU keeps Hypes in. He is their 12th man.

This will be a great game! (Wow, never thought I'd say that with Utah or BYU playing Utah St.)

Go Aggies!!

Heaps vs. Utah, 0-2
Heaps vs. Utah St. 0-2?

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