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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 28 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

If the Big 12 adds Boise ST I think that we should join. I can't think of a better conference than one that includes BSU, BYU, West Virginia, and Louisville in its expansion.

Lincoln, NE

I wish something would hurry up and just happen so we can end the speculation.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't think any team can compete day in and day out with BSU. They would win the Big 12 every year. BYU would rarely do better than 4th.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

I like this. Put BYU, Boise St, and Texas and stick them in the same conference. You could call the conference "The Big Ego." Maybe you could figure out a way to get Ohio St, Notre Dame, and Miami in there as well - they would fit in.

Let all these schools play each other and leave the rest of us alone.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Andy | 10:53 a.m. Sept. 28, 2011
Cottonwood Heights, UT
I don't think any team can compete day in and day out with BSU. They would win the Big 12 every year. BYU would rarely do better than 4th.

BYU would do fine if they would create divisions, and put the two best teams in the other division.

Then put the best team in BYU's division on probation, and BYU would be 3 weeks into the season, off a bye week, without a W against a AQ school, and talking about which bowl they were going to. Because BYU always has had athletic prowess.

I just hope if BYU joins the Big 12, and they drop having their games nationally televised, BYU can get a sweet TV deal with K-Jazz...

Salem, Ut

Andy - - - and the U could not handle Boise State year in and year out either !

Rexburg, ID

Boise State has had a great football program for the last decade. However, it offers nothing else. It really brings little in the way of other sports, its fan base and stadium are small, its academics (I am not sure if academics really matter anymore in this age of follow the money)are not that good, the accompanying TV market is small and it is out of the Big 12 regional footprint.

Maybe the Big 12 will issue an invite, who knows, but just don't get hopes up.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Sir Robin in San Diego: happy to leave you alone, no problem there. I cannot speak for BSU, WVU, Louisville and Mizzou, but I'm reasonably confident the Y has invitation in hand.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Isn't this era of instant news just great? So much speculation out there and very little of it has any bearing on reality or what the real end result will be. It just drives ya crazy sometimes.

I'd like to see both BYU and Boise St. get a shot in a BCS conference so they can prove their mettle against the best every week. The possible scenarios are all over the place so it will interesting to see what actually happens.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Who are all these Boise State people who are elevating them to national status in a BCS conference? If they were serious about this BCS conference deck shuffling we are being treated to, why did they jump to the Mountain West Conference; a loser conference. Everyone that has a chance to do something else are jumping off the MWC ship, not joining it. Come on. Boise State in the Big 10/12/16/? What's that? All these prima dona conference commissioners are just totally into MONEY, signing up with the networks, and the ESPN's, their own networks and whatever. Let's just quit all this politicing and get to a national conference of legitimate Division I football schools, and forget about the other lesser sports, as in basketball, and the rest of it. No, no, we can't do anything rash like that. It would upset the status quo, and cut into the wallets of all the vested interests. What we will continue to do is what we see happening now; relative chaos, and reshuffling of conference members, seeking their own self-interests. Well, come to think of it, I guess that is the American way; everybody on their own, making MONEY.

Draper, UT

Perhaps Brave Sir Robin should be put in the "The Big Ego" Conference and Andy should get a clue. BSU has a great football team and has been good for the past decade; however, playing a stronger schedule in a stronger conference will create more loses. I think BSU and BYU will compete in the middle to upper and once in a while do very well. I see this same scenario for Utah. A rare window is opened this year for Utah with the scheduling and USC on probation.

Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

BSU has nothing comprehensive to offer the BIG 12. They are not a factor in expansion. I am not totally convinced BYU is even a factor. If the measure is football only then BYU and its history has more to offer than BSU. In the end both may be out in the cold, certainly BSU will be.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Brave Sir Robin | 11:01 a.m. Sept. 28, 2011
San Diego, CA
I like this. Put BYU, Boise St, and Texas and stick them in the same conference. You could call the conference "The Big Ego."


The winner of the "Big Ego Conference" could play in the "Big Ego Bowl" against the University of Utah Fanbase.

We could call the losers of the bowl... "The Losers".

I'd watch that game on Pay-Per View, unless BYU played, then it would be on ESPN. (Does the Ute Fanbase have part of that sweet deal with K-Jazz?)


But really, Sir Robin. How did those PAC Xii (Conference of Champions) Utes do against those "Big Ego" Boise State Girlsies from the WAC in last years Vegas Bowl?

Murray, UT

BSU will never join the Big 12. Their fan base, tv revenue, academics just are not there. You think that Texas will fly up Boise to the Idaho Center and want to play in front of 4,500 basketball fans? The teams the Big 12 will be looking for are insitutitions that have a fan base and support their teams. Read an article from a Boise newspaper that was excited that BSU raised their average basketball attendance from 3,200 to 4,500 you got to be kidding me an AVERAGE of 4,500 fans? Kinda like a Ute BB game. The Big 12 want teams 'like' (notice I didn't say the Big 12 wants) BYU 64,000 football and 20,000 basketball and West Virginia 50,000 football and 15,000 basketball. It's the same reason I don't think the Big 12 will end up taking a TCU, football their great, but all other sports they tank. Boise is in the exact same spot BYU was 25 years ago, play 1 good team outside your conference, play you conf patsie's and hope you don't get upset, (see Nevada last year).

Clinton, UT

I love reading comments from Ute fans talking about the "Big Ego" that BYU has but then to go to another comment section on another article and read comments from Ute fans saying "At least we are in an AQ conference" Hilarious.


@Brave Sir Robin:

Seriously "The Big Ego"? That's the best trash you can come up with? Ever since the Utes joined the PAC I have never seen such a big ego among players and fans, I see the PAC-12 logo in more places than the actual Ute logo...I guess the Utes belong in that conference to then.

Boise State has accomplished just as much if no more than Utah when it comes to football. They deserve their football program in a BCS conference.

Frisco, TX

Based on all the rumors, I have to believe that an invitation from the Big 12 has already been extended to BYU. I wonder if BYU is trying to negotiate an invitation for football only. It's got to be killing the church leaders to think about leaving the WCC (faith based universities) in the first year. Although it makes all the sense in the world for athletics, it gives the church a little bit of a black eye.

If the Big 12 is extending an invite to BSU, I have to think it's a football only invite. Boise to Missouri is a long way to travel for women's softball, and BSU has not been very impressive in any sport other than football.

Salt Lake City, UT

Really Andy?

Queen Creek, AZ

I think BYU negotiating a football-only invite could make sense if they are happy to be in the WCC with the other sports. That would then make sense to add a team like Boise St as a football-only member. Then the Big 12 members wouldn't need to travel as far for all their other sports, and both BYU and Boise St would be in a BCS conference for football.

Personally, I would like BYU to go in as a full member. But then the issue becomes who is their travel partner. Air Force is probably the best option, but if BYU goes football only, the Big 12 would rather have Boise St than Air Force. Who knows how this will play out...just tired of searching for "Big 12 Expansion News BYU" every few hours.


The "Big Ego" conference is pretty funny considering the players (Texas and possibly byu).

What's really funny to me is how excited byu fans are to jump off the 'independent' ship. Clearly, the byu collective is less than enamored with the independence idea they have been raving about for the last year. I don't know who this Wilner guy is in Central CA writing about the Big12 and byu, but if an invite doesn't pan out for cougs, your true feelings of independence have been totally exposed and will leave you terribly embarrassed.

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