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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 21 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Let's hope so. I can't take another season of playing BCS opponents the first 3 or 4 weeks and then a list of Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State, etc etc etc.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It wouldn't bother me either way. I just wish it was over with and stable in whatever form it is going to end up in. There is speculation on literally every possibility. I don't think superconferences are the way to go. Fans would be the losers and greed and egos would win.
By the time the final dust settles, BYU will end up in a good place regardless.
If Texas wants the BIG 12 to survive,they will have to get some humility. I am not sure even a sledge hammer to the head would be able to accomplish that.

Saint George, UT

I agree that I would rather watch a BYU vs. Big 12 conference games (win or lose) then this year's second half schedule.
I think BYU should take the invite if it comes. Independence has it benefits but it will never get BYU in the National Championship game even if they go undefeated. Maybe a BCS but not the NC game (just ask Utah, TCU, Boise St). If the Big 12 becomes unstable and not a good fit, then BYU jumps back into Independence.
Could BYU bring the ESPN contract to the Big 12 schedule? That would be a good thing for the Big 12 too.

Boise, ID

If the conference is stable and if BYUTV gets to broadcast games not broadcast by other outlets then I think BYU should go for it. If not, see how independence plays out.

A Big 12 with Airforce and TCU would be great. BYU would not win many championships either way but when they did, it would be sweet. No more winning 1/2 of the conference titles in the Big 12.


It is interesting to see what happens to many BYU fans if we don't win 1/2 the championships. I would be happy to be in the Big 12 (if it lasts) and would enjoy the competiton. I think we need to get in to BCS league to help us avoid purgatory if super conferences do happen.

Outsider Looking In

BYU would be crazy not to accept an invite to a Big 12, even if there weren't any promises beyond a five-year period. BYU playing in the middle of the Big 12 and finishing 8-4 or 7-5 every year (losing 3 conference games a year), would be more exciting and rewarding than Independence and finishing 10-2 or 9-3 every year. The season would be more interesting, the competition would be better, and the potential for having a truly big season (with a couple of upsets) would be something to always look forward to.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


byu has one of the worst offenses in the nation

UCF has one of the best defenses in the nation

BYU can't run

BYU can't score more than 1 offensive touchdown per game(self imposed limit)

UCF if FULL of athletes

byu has maybe 5 athletes on the entire team

Speed kills

byu never does well against speed and athletes

It's a no brainer

UCF 31
byu 10



Soon to be 1-4.



Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

ESPN has one report saying Missouri and the SEC have reached an informal agreement, and another reporting the SEC denying it.

Of course there had also been a few reports on ESPN wherein the SEC claimed they were set at 12, and not looking to expand. And that was AFTER reports surfaced chronicling Texas A&M's flirtation with the SEC.

Jeff Call is reporting that "[Missouri] would prefer remaining in a stable Big 12," but I'm not confident the Big TeX can be described as "stable". This is a conference that already lost 2 [Colorado and Nebraska], is clinging tenuously to a 3rd [Texas A&M, who having already received an invitation to the SEC is angling to get out and join them], and a 4th [Oklahoma] who is demanding their commissioner be ousted as a condition to remain.

And Mizzou stands to earn more money in the SEC than in the Big TeX.

So how would remaining in their current conference suggest greater stability?

And what would happen to the Big XII should it be further weakened by the Tigers potential departure?


Oh good....Chris "B" (indeed) has reared his level, unbiased head. Once again, I have to ask Chris why he is such an avid follow of everything BYU, if he hates us so much?

Regarding an invite to the Big XII; I would be really exited were it to go through, it would mean a lot of great things for us. BUT...if we are invited and don't accept, then I would expect that we have very, very good reason for doing so.


BYU missed it's invitation to the Prom when Miss Utah got the call. Fine it was due to religion and politics. So we went alone to the dance and stood proudly in the center of the room. Turns out we look super fine - perhaps not the best looking option in the room but certainly an option. We are talked about, discussed in secret circles, in the open forums while waiting for the call.

Meanwhile Miss Utah continues to enjoy her moment in the sunshine. (Yes you own this year but it will not last - parity is funny that way)

But lets be honest - we want the invite, badly. We need it to have any chance of ever making the Prom Court and standing on that stage again.

So to our good friends in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri - let us join you and become your new darling - we will continue to shine and make ya'all look fine.

By the way we come fully equipped with a High Def TV Station, fans that travel, and great skiing.

PS - If its okay with you will continue to go out with our new friends in the WCC for Basketball.

Stockton, CA

Chris B, I think that is proof that you don't even read the articles since your post is totally irrelevant.

I think BYU should join as a football only member, at least for the first couple of years, so if the conference does fold it would be easy for them to go back to being independent

Big Blue
Payson, UT

If BYU doesn't join the Big 12, Tom Holmoe and Cecil Samuelson should be fired. It is better to be part of something than nothing these days. And if worse came to worse, what would that be? They could always go back to the MWC or independence. Hey, they are independent now.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope that BYU does get an invite and accepts to join the Big 12. The program has proven over a long period of time that they belong. However, Bronco needs to get a handle on why the team "gave up" once they were down on Saturday because in the Big 12, there will be many opportunities to "give up."

Santaquin, UT

Tom Holmoe can be fired. For Cecil Samuelson, I think the proper term is "released".

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hope the invite comes. Not a Y fan, but I would hate to see it languish in no-mans-land if a super conference forms.

Very glad PAC 12 declined to add the new schools. They seem to create problems wherever they go. That and it would cut into Utah's So Cal exposure.

Heber City, UT

ChrisB why do you have to be so negative? Life is sure a lot more than making negative comments about BYU. You do need to get a life. The bible says that contention is of the Devil. Let's address the issues, not our prejudices.


As a Ute fan I have actually changed my mind on this. Before last week I was hoping BYU would die a slow and painfull death by not getting into a BCS confernce. But after the beat down we put on you last Saturday, if you do go off into football irrelevancy, such future beatdowns on you just wouldn't be that much fun. So all I can say is if an invite is extended to you by the Big 12, jump on it. Go Utes!!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

They'll invite BYU but I'm not sure BYU would accept...they have everything they need right now.

Bob H
Las Vegas, NV

Let's face it; it's all about football and the heck with the other sports. IF super conferences are coming, BYU will have to affiliate with someone or risk being one of the "have nots" i.e. MWC, C-USA, WAC. But let's not jump in just for the sake of jumping it so as not to be left out. Let's make sure whatever conference BYU goes for will be solvent and competitive. Think long term not just this year; maybe BYU should have stayed in the MWC - along with TCU. And while we're at it, let's not forget there are other sports at BYU, albeit mostly non-revenue producing. Right now, some are in the WCC, one in the WAC - for this year - and some without a conference affiliation. Would be nice to give all sports the same conference home. But it is about football and money, isn't it?

Salt Lake City, UT


"If the conference is stable and if BYUTV gets to broadcast games not broadcast by other outlets"

Oh, that would be a problem. Oklahoma is already upset that Texas has its own network and that was what kept the four of them from joining the PAC-12 which wants revenue equality. I don't think they'd be thrilled to see BYU bring in another network.

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