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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 20 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

As I have stated many times, full body cavity searches DON't Stop people from bringing things onto a plane.

If someone wants to do it they will find a way.

Provo, MA

Another shining example of the glorious TSA protecting our skies and airports.

Altamont, UT

I can't bring mascara on a plane, but this dude can bring a KNIFE!

Wow...I think I'll drive.


If only we had an agency responsible for making sure knifes dont get on planes, I imagine for only a few billion per year this agency could claim to keep us safe...someone should get on that!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

1) How did he get a knife on the plane?
2) Why did they call the Salt Lake City Police Department?

Linda A
Orem, UT

I think the TSA agents are the ones who should be facing felony charges for MISSING A KNIFE! My daughter had to trow out a brand new tube of toothpaste (because it exceeded the 3 oz.)! The TSA is, and always will be, a complete joke that has done NOTHING to protect us, but everything to take away our rights. ABOLISH THEM NOW!

West Valley, UT

All these billions spent on "airline security" are doing a whole lot of good, aren't they?

Passenger screening as it is now is a complete joke and a waste of money. They're so busy looking for "terrorists" that stuff like this slips through the cracks. If they would focus less on cavity searching people for explosives and do a more thorough job of checking carry-on bags things like this wouldn't happen.

Paul Kersey

I have had similar run ins with those who would covet my armrest.


Are you kidding me? So the TSA missed the 3 1/2 inch knife in the guys bag....Hmm, its just like saying "Hey Terrorist, they doesn't check for knives in SLC!"


I flew out of Seattle last Sunday and was subjected to a pat-down when I declined the full body scanner. My feeling after the pat-down was, Youve GOT to be kidding me! Anyone could sneak a small weapon past TSA. TSA is security theater and nothing more. Our real defense in the skies are our fellow passengers.


daveh: "If only we had an agency responsible for making sure knifes dont get on planes, I imagine for only a few billion per year this agency could claim to keep us safe...someone should get on that!"

The T.S.A., that obviously is more about "slave training and forcing the public to submit to public humiliation" than about security. WAKE UP PEOPLE what you are being told about things is not the whole truth.


I call shenanigans.

My honest and firm belief is our government is fabricating incidents like these to accommodate their malevolent agendas for us.


The TSA is not about the protection of the people. It's about the training of the people, especially the children. They will grow up considering this normal routine.

Prospect, KY

Give more $ to the TSA - they'll make us safe. Maybe, the guy smuggled the knife in a body cavity. Opting out of a pornoscan shouldn't be an option - unless the TSA agent has permission to give you a body cavity search.

I mean, really, we can't be guaranteed safety until going through security becomes a complete and total submission to the will of the state.

Please TSA, do something, anything, to make us safe again. Pppplllleeeeaaassseee.

West Valley, UT

@Paulie4: It's all done to create an *illusion* of safety, to help the sheeple feel that their government is doing as much as it can to keep them protected. It is not stopping anyone who is truly determined.

Israel, a nation that has a real problem with terrorism, does not employ body scanners in their airports because there are well known and documented ways to get around them.

If intelligent Americans really want to be concerned about safety, start with worrying about the hundreds of miles where our southern border is nothing but a barbed-wire fence. That fence is the only thing preventing someone from building a bomb in one of the many lawless Mexican border towns and walking it across to the US in a backpack. Get in a car, make the short drive to any number of major cities (Dallas, Phoenix, LA, even Vegas), and set it off. I consider us very fortunate that it hasn't happened yet.


Abolish the TSA immediately, they're good at fondling little children or humiliating senior citizen cancer victims but pahleez you actually think they're going to find a knife in someones bags?


The TSA is about creating a government Gestapo service consisting of 40,000 Public UNION members and little else. I mean in 5 years they haven't caught a single potential terrorist.
After the shoe bomber they decided it was wise to make everyone take off their shoes. After the underwear bomber they decided for full body pat downs. In the mean time this passenger walks aboard with a knife.

This agency is a farcical violation of American citizens 4th Amendment Rights


This whole 'security' issue with the DHS/TSA doesn't make sense. Average Americans are being singled out, made an example of, so as to send a clear message from a behemoth authoritarian government, 'shut up and put up..you have no other choice'. We did not have the DHS or TSA before 9-11. And the job they are doing merits their demise. What a waste of taxpayer dollars (again). It is obvious that this government has compromised our way of life, our dignity and any security we thought we had in favor of subjugating us. And this man slipping under the radar with a 3-1/2" knife tucked neatly inside his carry-on is another aggregious example that when government is in charge, we are all at risk.


A GERBER knife? He must have smuggled it aboard in a jar of strained peas.


Just another example of the FINE JOB that the TSA is doing. What a joke...

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