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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 20 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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New York, NY

I enjoyed their participation. I wonder how it will when their missing member rejoins the group. Still a great group.

West Jordan, UT

When the announcement was made for what song they'd be singing my wife and I looked at each other and both of us said "I really hate this song". Vocal Point actually made it fun and with all the different sounds it was really, really good. In my opinion, maybe even the best group of the night.

If they can turn a song that I dont really like into that type of performance, I cant wait to see what they will do next time. Congrats, guys!

Provo, UT

Congratulations Vocal Point! I agree they delivered a great performance, especially one man down. Here's wishing them the best of luck in the ongoing competition.

South Jordan, UT

There was lots of drama having them perform last on the program! They saved the best for the last. We love Vocal Point! Lots of energy, happiness, and great vocal. Good luck for next Monday night!

And, Go Cougars for Friday night!


What a GREAT performance! The response from the audience and judges after the performance was just as exciting. I plan to encourage my friends and family to watch the remainder of the season when we get to vote! We are all cheering for you Vocal Point!

Herriman, UT

These guys are talented and are used to performing in front of decent sized audiences, they should make a good showing here. I've really liked them for years. At BYU I happened to take a first date to one of their performances - that girl is now my wife...so we'll always have a soft spot for them.

West Jordan, UT

Madden- I think someone owes Vocal Point a 'Thank You' card.

South Jordan, Utah

Never even heard of this show. Can someone tell me the day/time it airs? They sound great!

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