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Published: Monday, Sept. 19 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

PAC 16 sounds exciting. I'm for a PAC 30; the top 30 universities west of the Mississippi. Then we could have another Big East 30 (east of the Mississippi) to include the other top 30 schools and then get on with playoffs and determine a true national champion. Let's get it done. Right now we have conferences and the NCAA with their personal agendas and elitism going on that hindering what needs to happen. Come on.

Syracuse, UT

Utes could also find themselves out of the Pac all together, when they do the realignments again they can drop teams by basically starting a new conference and not inviting them, not saying it will happen but it could.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT



Bring them on!

Word going around is that the WAC is very interested in byu. And apparently after coming to the realization that no real league will ever want them, the interest is now mutual.

Salem, UT

Would think this increses TV revenue nicely which is what these re-allingnments are all about and that benefits U so good for them- ups the competition level for being a PAC champion but also ups the chances that the champion plays for the national title so again a bonus for U

Gilbert, AZ

The Utes will end up in a 4-team pod with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, and Utah, effectively ending any chance the Utes ever had of winning a PAC X title or ever going to another BCS game.

Other Pods
Texas Tech
Arizona State



Gilbert, AZ

There's no guarantee that revenue per team will increase with the addition of the Texas and Oklahoma schools.

Durham, NC

Ex-Ute Steve Smith lost the game for Carolina with some bone headed ball handling. I love the man, but his head was not in this game.

PAC 16 is a probable.... though I am not sure the players are the ones cited.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Phoenix -

I'd rather be in the conversation than completely irrelevant and losing to my rival by 44! LOL!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Duckhunter Hunter

Don't kid yourself.

Utah will be nothing but cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference -- no more relevant than Vanderbilt.

Salt Lake City, UT


The only "conversation" you'll be in is the list of teams USC, Oklahoma, and Texas beat up on their way to another NC game.

Provo, UT

taking trash talk from BYU fans is like taking a punch in the arm from my 5 year old nephew. I am usually of the opinion that BYU fans are respectable and respectful, but many of the BYU fans on these boards just don't seem to know how to lose gracefully... When your team loses by 44 just take it please. I can at least take comfort in knowing that the majority of BYU are very respectful. Thank you to all you Y fans that helped make the game an enjoyable experience for my family and I!

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Snack PAC | 1:13 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Olympus Cove, Utah

...and where does that put the team that just endured a 54-10 pasting, this week plays a team(UCF)that lost to an airport (Florida International) and then plays the WAC?


Layton, UT

The addition of the best four teams, of the Big-12, would make the PAC-12 the toughest conference in the nation. The SEC would fall to second place, and the Big-10 would be a distant third. The ACC and Big East would stick around just because of their basketball teams.

This will ensure that the midmajor conferences stay locked out, and no real championship game will ever happen.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Swoop -

If Utah is fodder where does that put BYU? Your jealousy is evident.

You're not even in the conversation, AT ALL, and getting crushed by your rival by 44! LOL!

By the way, Vanderbilt beat Ole Miss by 23. LOL!


The Utes have proven that they can handle teams like Oklahoma and Texas.

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

Swoop -

Where is BYU if they're getting crushed by 44 points by the same team you say is "fodder?" Show some tact and grace and accept defeat. You're not in the conversation, yet you're injecting yourself in like a little, jealous 5 year old. Don't come on here and try to talk smack behind your computer.

To use an astronomy analogy, you're not even in the galaxy. Quite possibly, you're not even in the same universe.

I say this
Emery, UT

I'm not certain that this is in the best interest of Utah... They will likely be in the same "pod" as Texas, Oklahoma,(Big 12 schools) and Colorado. Colorado just broke away from these same schools and I don't think they are excited to be included with them again. It will take away a yearly visit to the West Coast as well. I may be wrong but it doesn't seem like that is what Utah was bargaining for....I think they wanted that Southern California recruitment trip each year...They are likely not going to recruit anybody from Texas.....well maybe?

Anaheim, CA


Utah fans have short memories.

Wasn't Utah humiliated at home by 40 points less than a year ago in a game that was over in the first quarter?

Salt Lake City, ut

@ reasonableUTE
I agree with your comments, I find many y fans are respectable and insightful with their comments. A lot of the trash talk is friendly banter but there are some on both sides that turn it into hate and disrespect. Mostly comes from are resident trolls. I wish the y well but thats only when the arent playing the U.
If they add Oklahoma and Texas the U will have a even harder time getting any attention, from the conference and the rest of the nation. Sure they would be in powerhouse conference but all the attention will be on Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Oregon, Stanford, Arizona St. etc. Even though Utah has done well in football last decade they will still have to sit at the little kids table. Not saying they're cellar dwellars just saying those schools will always get most of the attention and most of the revenue. If it happens or not it will be a lot to consider. Also glad to see all the U bandwagon fans back on the boards after the win. Where were you guys when Jimmer was around?

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

My 1:51 comment should have gone to Snack, but it applies to Swap, as well.

54 to 10!

Wynn 2 Hypes 0

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