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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Corona, CA

When will BYU guys realize like the rest of the college football world that your just an average team. You beat Ole Miss in the first and all you guys were writing about how you beat an SE team and then how you were gonna win the next 3. UMMM Ole Miss was rolled by Vanderbilt . . Vandy! Credibility is lost.

Cedar Hills, UT

I doubt BYU will ever overcome this loss. This team is gutless and is out manned. Bronco isn't head coaching material and his assistants are worse. Bronco's low key seminary teacher style of coaching isn't effective and he has proven time and time again he is unable to hire competent assistants. Doman is way over his head and its embarrassing. Heaps is actually a really good QB but in this system with this pathetic running game - or lack thereof - I seriously doubt Steve Young in his prime could move the football. The O-line is just plain awful and it is a stark reminder of the recruiting woes the Y continues to have. BYU has nothing to offer recruits other than they get to play at a school with a nice honor code but there is no bowl game hopes ..other than the armed forces bowl (HA, what a joke). Going independent was a big risk - last chance - hail marry for BYU football and so far its been a disaster. Right now I see BYU losing BIG to Utah State and TCU as well as falling to an awful Oregon State team too. No bowls this year!!

Sandy, UT

Because I'm a Ute fan, you Y-fans can take this with a grain of salt. I agree with CCPedersen that Heaps looks scared when pass rushed. It seemed to me that on his second fumble, he dropped the ball intentionally to avoid the hit. He started walking off the field before the referee had even signaled Utah ball. Heaps may have some talent, but he's totally lacking in heart. Wynn may not be a great, or at times a good quaterback, but he has more courage. Utah delivered a major drubbing, but the sun will continue to rise and fall and with the Y's weak schedule, will still win a few games.

Santa Monica, CA

This is also what's wrong with public and most private education. Inflated grades. What would the Cougars had to have done to earn an F? Simply not show up for the game at all?


Pulverized is an understatement

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Utah has some very civil fans Big 12 Eddie. I sat with several Utah fans last night in fact my son brought his girlfriend who comes from a long line of Ute lovers.

So, I guess you need to hang with better friends. Sorry you had such a bad experience with Utah fans.

Cougars you live by the hype and you die by the Heaps, nuff said.

At least Bronco said it was his fault for putting this lame team on the field last night.

That is stepping up and taking one for the team and he should this Independent swagger talk and preseason " perfect execution " lingo is a faint memory and

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Chris, you were too generous.


I hope the BYU Head Coach fierd the D coordinator.... nevermind its the same guy.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just moments after Utahs last score the Ys phones were ringing.

ESPN calling: What a game. Great shots of Jimmer (as the Utes got Jimmered!) and how quaint the Y defense lining up on the sideline and being sent in by Bronco. Couldnt tell at the end of the game if eleven went in. And we tried to filter the deer in the headlights look. Anyway, we made a win/win decision. The remaining ESPN games will be Tuesdays in the 3AM to 6AM slot. Great for ESPN scheduling and the hundred of million Chinese Y fans can see it live.

Big 12 conference calling: First keep telling the one about no recruit has ever said the PAC-12 thing was important. Only try to not look down and away. Keep the pulse rate constant. And dont show sweaty palms. But that one really cracks me up every time I hear it. Also weve heard you have been telling football/basketball recruits in a year or two the Y will be in the Big 12. Heres your invitation.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Phone calls continued:

The member schools have changed slightly but with the Y and Eastern Vermont State as cornerstones the New Big 12 will be right up there with the Big Sky in a few short years.

Four and five star recruits calling: Offensive players wanting to play for Norm Chow - when told he did coach there a while back -hung up. Defensive players wanting to play for Coach Whit and Coach Sitake did the same when told they did play there a few years ago. No return numbers were provided.

A. Rich Sadusee: Offering $10 to anyone who will buy (or keep) their Idaho, Idaho State, San Jose State, or New Mexico tickers. But wait if you commit within the next 2 weeks hell include Utah State, and UCF.

D. Rose: Is independence worth it?

Provo, UT

Give special teams a C, but the defense a D-? Were we even watching the same game? The BYU defense is what kept the game within reach for so long--despite our kick return team's (the blocking, not Hoffman) best efforts to give our offense the ball on our own 12-yard-line every single time.

The defense did cave in for the 4th quarter, but with the way our offense and special teams were playing, you can't really blame them for losing hope like that.

Layton, UT

Right now UTAH is tougher, faster, and better coached. It isn't close. I was in the vistors section last night and the y fans were obviously beaten down but I didn't see a single negative incident, at least from my perspective. That's a credit to both sides.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

As per Eddie The reason I am not a U fan all the way is their fans. Having lived in Oklahoma and loving OU and going to games and seeing how OU fans treat OSU fans and Texas fans was very civil. Having been to BYU games with the U, I have to say, that the U has some of the worst fans I have ever seen.
Um Eddie, last night during the first half I saw some of the most unsportsmanlike conduct on part of the Y players and fans that I had ever witnessed in a game. There were countless cheap shots by Y player including helmet to helmet hits, tackles from behind etc.. It seemed as if they Y players wanted to injure the Utah players and when they got a big hit they would talk trash to no end. Then, lets talk about the Y fans. The moment I thought was pathetic beyond belief was when Wynn was lying injured on the field and Y fans were screaming for joy; low class at its finest.
Oh I enjoy Y fan self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

Mountain Cat
Oceanside, CA

It looked like Jake had no protection. Wyn, by contrast had scads of time to survey the field.

Utesville, CA

@Dave S

...Has anyone seen Jimmer? ...

He was last seen leaving LES at beginning of Q4.

Gilmer, TX

The grades were much too generous. Coaches get a C??? Nonsense, coaching was terrible. BYU's offense (?) stinks. Let's paraphrase a song from The Sound of Music. "How do you handle (instead of "Maria," start substituting words like Doman, Heaps, special teams, offensive line, running backs, Bronco, etc.) If last night was not the time to bring in Larks I don't guess the time will ever come. Heaps just can't hit receivers to keep drives going. They don't even try the big, strong running backs. This was the worst performance by at least a fairly good team I have seen. It was a total embarrassment. It is time to go back to the drawing board. Especially Bronco and Doman need some major soul searching.


The only thin BYU's offense seems capable of executing is themselves. Heaps needs to realize that there is no NFL if you can't hack it at the collegiate level. John Walsh thought he could do it, and nobody even knows who I'm talking about right now. Enough said.


Rock of the marne, you are sadly mistaken. No one cheered when wynn went down. COugars have bad history against second-string QB's you should know that. And the Cheap shots were coming from Utah players more than BYU. (Hence the Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the U) BYU played lousy, but not dirty. You are grasping at straws looking for a way to kick the cougars while they're down. Why can't you just enjoy the victory? How can you have anything to complain about? Because, my friend you have built a fire so hot for BYU that it burns yourself. Let go of the hate, man. Bask in the win, because you won't get gifts like this again this year.

Kaysville, UT

Chris, are you afraid to give out F's? The game was total failure. Total. That's an F in my book. I sure hope this is the low point of the season. If not it's going to be a long, long road to Hawaii.

Orem, Utah

The fish are bitting at Strawberry. A little time spent at the fishn whole will make thing a lot better.
BYU will be back the only question is when.
Go Cougars!

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