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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

D- for defense is way to low. They quit to send a message to the offense, the message is "we can't carry you all year, get your act together NOW!!!"

Utesville, CA

Coaching: C?

Are you serious?

Offense coaching: F. Total failure. I will admit that Utah D is the toughest D that BYU has faced so far. But BYU offense is horrible. Worse than Montana St.

Defense coaching: F. Terrible job by Bronco. Montana St defended Utah better than BYU today.

Corona, CA

Where are all the comments? Flatline!

Bountiful, UT

Love the Cougs, but F for this game. Pathetic.

Chubbuck, Idaho

Wow D-News. Isn't the D a tad bit gracious for the Offensive and Defensive units. And the coaching stafff deserving a C? They deserve an F for lack of preparedness, lack of focus on ball security, total predictable offense-one dimensional. Broncos defense was almost just as bad. Totally exposed d-line getting their clock creamed by the O-line of Utah. Secondary got gashed. Looks like they gave up! Never thought I'd see the day when I would see a beatdown of this magnitude. I'm still sitting in awe after watching this train wreck we call BYU football.

Idaho Falls, ID

Pretty generous grading. If that kind of performance isn't worthy of an F grade all around, then I don't know what is.

I wonder what Bronco is going to pull out of his sports psychology hat to help the team recover from this one.

What is it about BYU and 2nd halves? Is there a conditioning problem here, coach?

Las Vegas, NV

I just wonder if Bronco is now convinced that the better team won this year? That comment he made in regards to last years loss was perfect bulletin board material and motivation for the Utes.

Apo is a talented player.

One has to question the coaching. Hiring an offensive coordinator that has never been an offensive coordinator might not be the brightest idea. Bronco really just wants to be the defensive coordinator.

Thanks to those Provo fans who will have the decency to say congrats. I always try to do that, when it goes the other way, and then I return to back to form, ha!

Finally, there is always next year for the Provo fans, but Utah is really young, very few seniors and some really talented freshman.

Attention Troy Hinds.......its okay to change your mind buddy!

Enid, OK

Heaps over-throws far too often. Yes, I know he's only a sophomore but he overthrows his receiver too often. Receivers can't catch it if they can't touch it.

Why do we insist on setting up the pass with the run? I'd do the opposite. LaVell made BYU THE premier passing team in the nation for decades. EVERYBODY knew BYU threw the ball, and we won doing it. Why do we not do that now? I don't believe for a second our receivers don't have the talent required to do this. So what if Jake Heaps is still green at times. Throw the ball 40-45 times a game and let him find enough rythm and confidence it will carry over from week to week.

We lack the swagger on offense our greatest teams had. Didn't matter if we were down by 10 in the middle of the 4th quarter. Everyone in the stands KNEW that if we had the ball it was going to end up a TD. Period. We were going to beat you. It wasn't a matter of "if", it was only a question of "how".

We (largely) self-destructed and the Utes capitalized.

Keep swinging, Cougars!

Payson, UT

Just An. Obseravation - byu players were way too excited early on - it was obvious all their celebrating each tackle and completion would wear then down by the second half.

...and there were too many cheap shots by byu - chop blocks, the helmet to helmet hit, tackling the ute demfenders from behind multiple times. The byu rep hasn't changed.

Syracuse, UT

Tough loss for BYU. Observations from this Utah fan:

1. Bronco is a great coach, you shouldn't get down on him. Doman is a young talent that might be in a little over his head right now but will develop into a great OC.

2. You need a Harvey Unga type running back. This would help Doman and the offense keep defenses honest.

3. Jake Heaps is a good QB that will play in the NFL. A good running back would make a huge difference.

4. Get Doman up in the booth so he can make adjustments.

5. D-Line word down to early. Utah has 8 D-Linemen that get rotated so they stay fresh. Y needs to do the same.

Good luck Cougars!

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

To be kind, BYU was described as much better than they played tonight repeatedly by ESPN commentators who must shudder with dread about their contract with BYU -- and the huge egg laid by a BYU squad that desperately needed to establish itself.

I found it incredible that the Cougar's vaunted offensive line stunk up the stadium so badly. I have to think that coaching had something to do with the failure to prepare the team . . . but a HUGE dose of blame has to be placed on the shoulders of Bro. Heaps and his amateurish mishandling of the poor snap that was really the unraveling of the Cougars out of the box.

Give Utah all the credit in the world for forcing fumbles, but BYU ball handlers have got to be incredibly embarrassed for their butter fingers. The muffed kick-off return was the knife to the heart . . .and then the nightmare kept getting worse . . . and worse . . . and worse. . . and worse. . . etc.

Orem, Utah

Bronco just found out what happens to people who diss the Pharisees & Saducees. Bad karma.

Sure, the bigger picture is what it's all about, BUT to lose a laugher to your in-state rival? Because of a vanilla defense against a weak QB, and a rookie play-caller going up against a life-long experienced play-caller?

What a joke!

I'm no longer predicting 50-50 for the next two games. More like BYU will be LUCKY to win those home games.

Can't wait for Idaho State and Idaho to come to town. Two best win options left on the schedule. Maybe.

They say when you're down as far as you can go, there's only one way left to go, and that's up.

HOWEVER, the sad thing is going up from THIS loss requires going WAY up to be able to beat UCF at home, which I'm not confident BYU can do.

BYU very likely won't qualify for its scheduled bowl game. If it does, it'll be barely.

Sour grapes? No, just VERY disappointed in the COACHES. The players weren't prepared, and the coaching was atrocious.

Talk about laying an egg!

Fairfield, CA

A "C" for the coaches? Again, Doman's failure to be able to recognize a situation was glaring. (With 22 seconds and the ball at BYU's own 15 yard line, you take a knee and go in at halftime. Doman didn't realize that Utah had only 2 TO's so couldn't stop the clock). It didn't end up costing any points, but it just emphasized--again--that Doman doesn't assess/think quickly enough at this point. Still, his play calling was better than against Texas. Unfortunately, it appears that Heaps is all talk, no walk. He looks scared when there is a pass rush. His arm could save him on many occasions, but he simply isn't very accurate. When you combine that with poor decision-making, you don't have a good QB. Why Lark didn't play late instead of Nelson is another mystery.
When, according to ESPN's sideline reporter, the only sound on the BYU bench was that of helmets being slammed, where was Bronco to ream out/encourage the players? He sat there looking pensive/bored. He completely lost control of his team when the chips were down. Sad.

Salt Lake City, UT

If Heaps hasn't lost this team, I'd be shocked.

- Quit on the INT at Mississippi State
- Didn't fall on the bad snap in the end zone to start the game.
- Plays scared.
- 3 TD's in 3 games.
- Worst of all, talks big. People have patience with humble people. Keep your mouth shut and humble up, Heaps, from now until you graduate. "Show me, don't tell me."

Mission Viejo, CA

This one hurts. I can't think of a worse performance by a BYU team, since maybe the whacking Texas A&M put on them in the Holiday Bowl. But Detmer had two separated shoulders.

Can't blame 7 turnovers on the coaching. One of those days.

This win will launch the Utes. BYU is not as bad as this, and Utah probably is not a good as this, but Norm is a real OC and Doman is ... not. Yet. Probably need to sit Heaps down and try to win a game with someone else. The kid could get ruined by more of this.

I wonder how many games ESPN will cancel. BYUtv here we come. We need to find someplace to hide.

We'll find out how good Utah is next week against Washington, who got smoked by Nebraska, but at least scored.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Has anyone seen Jimmer?

East Coast Coug

The D cannot be on the field so long in every game and remain effective. The issue on O is Doman. You could argue that Heaps has been rushed to the starter role unlike the QB greats of the past but the talent on the BYU team is good enough to score more than one TD per game.

Agree with comments about execution--how can coaches not drill their runners on holding onto the ball? By my observations, Utah is the strongest of the team BYU has faced this year and earned this victory--Cougars were out-coached and out-played. Utah will win alot of games in the PAC; it is going to be a long season for the Blue.

Syracuse, UT

Congrats to the U for the win! My cougs did not play at all. I do like to see the U win, just not when they play us. The reason I am not a U fan all the way is their fans. Having lived in Oklahoma and loving OU and going to games and seeing how OU fans treat OSU fans and Texas fans was very civil. Having been to BYU games with the U, I have to say, that the U has some of the worst fans I have ever seen. I miss Big 12 football and the way the fans treat each other.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

So sorry to see spectators leaving early from the Y. It almost broke my heart. I knew during the week when the article about "higher mission" came out that we were in trouble. Not that I don't agree but maybe we should have been focusing on the mission at hand. 54-10, I am embarrassed.

Washington, Utah

@ midmajor.. jake heaps is a good qb that will play in the nfl, good one haha. love it

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