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Published: Friday, Sept. 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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staypuffinpc, the play in that picture would never be viewed as a possible pass interference in college football. The reason being that Burton was playing on the ball, not the receiver. It's impossible to play defense without any contact, so defenders are allowed to place their hands on the guy they're covering, sometimes even have a slight hold on the jersey, just not tug him anywhere. He clearly was not arm-barring, displacing his hands or pushing or pulling the receiver out of his intended path to the ball, so it's clearly a clean, textbook pass defense by a now NFL player.


I Still Can't Say It

You do know that Chow coached at the Y for years and there is this guy named Lance Renolds still on the coaching staff that knows Chow and what he does probably better than anyone in the nation. I am sure some supprises will happen on both sides but don't let yourself think that BYU is not going to be very prepared for The U's O

Omaha, NE

BYUs defense has been stellar, and it won't let us vs. Utah. BYU will stop Utah's running game, then it's on Wynn to get it done. With a sore shoulder and not 100%, I can't see him doing that. He can't run, so that's a huge BYU advantage. BYU is finally at home, and already showed they can play with the mighty Texas and an SEC team, all on the road. Utah will be a breath of fresh air, especially at home. This BYU team will be much improved away from the heat and on their own field with their own fans cheering. I can't possibly see BYU losing this game. They have more depth than ever.


Is there any way Chris B and Duckhunter can have their own little forum so they can troll away in anonymity and not bother everybody else?


Chris B. bothers anyone? I thought everyone knew better, and either just passed over, or had a good laugh at the waste of time and space....

Well, at least some of you will notice his absence this next month. Maybe he will spend more time delivering the pizzas....

Idaho Falls, ID

@daddman54 8:59

Very well said!! Amen.

Utah has been very good at causing turnovers and capitalizing on them. If they do that to BYU, we're in trouble. On the other hand, BYU is going to feel good, playing at home away from the 100 degree heat. If they are going to approach their potential offensively, this will be the game.

Mcallen, TX

Chris B,

How about the cougars winning by twenty one or more and you never post again? Now how confident are you?

Mcallen, TX

After Ole Miss & Texas, Chris B and his utes are a real downgrade.

BYU 42
Utes 3

bountiful, ut

Prediction - A player for BYU's defensive thunder will lay a hit on Wynn that permanently ends his season and career. Just as was done on the field in Texas vs Oklahoma to Mr. Bradford.... I understand the Ute fan hatred for the Cougs.... Nobody in a red and white girlyform can lay the type of hits that BYU has been known to lay for years. Dirty? Perhaps, but that is just football.

Wasilla, AK

Choke! BYU can only play for half a game. No defense in the 2nd half for 2 games now. Next week Apo catches one in the end zone. BYU 7, opponent 45.

Cedar Hills, UT

Wow, chris B was actually not even close. He needed another 20 points added to the Utes total. lol

I didn't give the Utes D enough credit.

Looking for point 60 for the Utes!

Not even a game. sad

Holladay, UT

54-10. Love the confidence of the BYU fans, they exude it all day long; they just can't seem to back it up.

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