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Published: Friday, Sept. 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


BCS vs. non-AQ

Athletes vs. kids who like to play sports

Team shown it can have quests vs. team that talks about quests

Team headed to Rose Bowl vs. team headed to byu bowl

Utah 31
byu 17

Thanks for playing

Roy, UT

Special teams play will be very important to this game. Who has the better punter, who will get, maintain better field position? Turnovers, the kicking game will be more important than the quaterbacks in deciding the game Saturday, and Utah always seems to do better with these things. Trick plays, deception, creativity are usually almost always in the Utes favor. Watch out Cougars. It will be a frustrating day if you don't take care of these things.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Non AQ teams beat BCS teams every week.
You have to prove that you belong before you get the respect you are so desperate for.
BYU is simply a better team on both sides of the ball this year

Headed to the Rose Bowl?? cough..choke...laugh laugh laugh.
I will be absolutely shocked if Utah wins more than 7 games this year. Sorry crisb, the Utes are Vegas bowl bound at best.

BYU 35
Utah 12

Thanks for trying...and for the laughs.


Maybe off topic, but I have to point out. Utah can officially say they have arrived. Last week, they got USC to storm the field after they secured a victory over Utah. I never dreamed this day would come.
BYU, offense needs to have a break out, release the beast, run-it-up, leave-no-doubt type of game. Doman, don't you dare take your foot off of the pedal until the clock reads 0.00 (in the fourth quarter!)
Go Cougs! I just got tickets and I'll be there screaming for you!

Somewhere, UT


You are funny. BYU has no athletes on their team. As I remember Heaps was wanted by most teams in the country including Utah, several linebackers were wanted by or played for BCS schools. Apo was committed to Texas and then changed his mind to BYU. I'm guessing that you don't think that Hinds is very good anymore either. Just to let you in on a secret both schools usually recruit the same kids so if BYU is not very athletic then the same could be said for Utah. What it comes down to is that BYU and Utah are very evenly matched and this game will most likely be a very close game like last year. Lets hope for a great game with no injuries.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Chris B - your hatred of all things BYU is not representative of other Utah fans, myself included. We all know you are bitter at not being accepted as a BYU student based on poor high school academics but it's time to stop carrying the grudge.

Farmington, UT

Chris B said,
"kids who like to play sports"

Haha, that one got me laughing! This coming from a guy that probably hasn't been off his mom's couch since the Clinton Administration!

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

Nice, a Chris B prediction. That pretty much guarantees the exact opposite will happen. Based on Chrissy's prediction look for BYU to pull away in the 4th in route to a comfortable 31-17 victory.
Look for the cougs to be energized following tomorrow's win and go on to a 1 maybe 2 loss season. Look for the exact opposite to occur for Utah. I predict they will spiral following tomorrow's loss and will finish near the bottom of the 12 pac.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

With the Cougar D coming up big, I see a goose egg being laid.

BYU 31
utah 0

Gilbert, AZ

I'm not sure that Utah will be considered a Rose Bowl contender after their 1-2 start this year...


"byu is simply better on both sides of the ball." how did you come to this conclusion??? where has byu show theyve been that much more dominant than utah?

Dr Rosenrosen
Gilbert, AZ

amusing as always Chris. Keep thinking your team has arrived pal. They're going to get jack stomped by a bunch of 'un-athletic non-AQ choir boys' on Saturday. You're opinion of your team reminds me of the 'uncool' kid at school who goes out and buys the cool new threads and thinks that they will instantly gain him popularity and make him cool. You think the simple act of getting into the Pac 12 somehow magically makes Utah a better, more athletic team. Nobody remind Chris that UCLA, WSU, and Colorado also play in the Pac 12 and yet somehow the magical Pac 10(12) Fairy hasn't magically made their programs good. Thanks for playing.

Officer Coolguy
Highland, UT

I have to give Chris B credit.

he always manages to comment first and no matter what, no one can leave him alone. Wherever he is, he has to be laughing at all the people who take his childishness seriously enough to respond.

Anyway, these teams are evenly matched (get real TJ, we have not proved to be better on both sdies of the ball; far from it. case in point, look what the might salookis of Southern Illinois did to Ole Miss after our game.......doesn't inspire much confidence).

Provo, UT

The DesNews has published that photo several times since last year. And why not? It was a key play in the game. Funny thing is, where do you think Burton's other hand is? Perhaps it's just the angle, but that sure looks like PA to me.

Simple truth is, this game almost always comes down to whomever gets the calls and the lucky bounces and incredibly lucky plays: 4th and 18, Harline, George's defenders running into each other, Hall's flurry of interceptions, Burton coming off the edge and blocking the kick, just to name the past 5 years.

The past 5 years, the game has come down to the last two minutes. Gives me an ulcer every time. And I love it, so bring it on!

Salt Lake City, UT

The biggest match-up will be between Doman and Chow. Definite advantage Chow. Both teams have the skill players but who will use them to their best advantage? I can see Diluigi tippy toeing in the backfield and heaps lazering in on a single receiver. If Heaps will spread it around and if Doman will go down field and mix up the backs, BYU will be fine. A big if.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's pretty weird having this game so early in the season...so far neither team has looked great. Utah played a talented, but physicially inferior Montana State team and it was a good win. BYU played a decent Ole Miss team and also won...week 1, BYU looked better. Last week BYU played a pretty poor Texas team - but, still Texas...however, they didn't show up in the 2nd half. Utah played a big and fast USC team - lost, but did so showing tremendous grit and determination. Utah looked better week 2.

None of that matters now - I am a huge Ute fan, but even so the edge goes to BYU as it is in LES and well, we won last year. Not a prediction (this game is too hard to predict) - but BYU has home field and a healthy QB...well, assuming he shows up.

I know the Utes could win, they have the heart, the atheletes and the coach; and I REALLY hope they do!

Go Utes!

Logan, ut

Hats off to Chris B. set the hook and reel 'em in. You like fishing for suckers?

Farmington, UT

Re: Nostradamus

You might be right, but how do you know Texas is a "pretty poor" team? They are ranked in the top-20 (depending on what poll you look at) and BYU may have really helped them out in determing who their future is with freshmen Case McCoy and Jaxon Shipley.

My point is, it's still too early in the season to claim Texas is a poor team since they're 2-0 and in the top-25, just like it's too soon to say they're a good team.

Salt Lake City, UT

12 of the last 14 matchups were within 7 points or less. I really don't know how anyone on either side can predict a blowout win...especially when both offenses are quite inept. My prediction is 20-17 BYU and that's just because they're at home (I'd reverse it if Utah was at home). Of course as a Ute I would rather Utah win, but predictions are best when based on sound reasoning and not just wishcasting.

Highland, UT

@officer coolguy aka "articuno BYU", "duckhunter hunter", "kosta fesenko", etc.

Of course you are giving christina b credit as you are a ute troll trying to pathtically pose as a BYU fan. Even the rest of your post shows is with your reference to Ole Miss and trying to call out a real BYU fan like TJ.

How pathetic but of course that is common for a utah "fan".

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