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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 13 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

Yup, the dominoes are falling.

And BYU won't be in that domino line-up, so won't be falling, too.

In time, BYU's independence will either be just plain fantastic, or the death of major sports at BYU. I doubt the latter, because that's not the vision of the school or its church. BYUtv wasn't created to fail, so it won't.

One way or another, BYU will remain a national figure in college football. Bronco is dedicated to doing that. BYU's already proven they have BCS friends, so I'm not concerned.

Sorry, Ute trolls, all your wishes otherwise won't be granted. Ask the tooth fairy. She knows.

Roy, UT

Teams like BYU, TCU, Boise State, Arkansas potentially, could help save the Big 12! Bring in Utah State to salvage and improve the basketball side, and you have a good viable conference again that WILL SURVIVE, and Thrive!!!

Frisco, TX

The fans are the losers in this deal. Would OU fans prefer to make the 4 - 5 hour drive to Texas, Kansas and Missouri? Or do they want to spend additional time and money flying to Utah, Arizona and California?

If the Big 12, as we know it, crumbles - look for the conference to cherry pick teams from Conference USA and MWC. Even if the current Big 12 media package is off the table, their media options are much more favorable than the media options in the MWC.

I can see Houston, So Mississippi, Air Force, Colorado St back filing for the TX and OK schools. If Kansas and Missouri also leave; the Big 12 will pick up SMU, Tulsa, UTEP.

Sandy, UT

@WhatsInItForMe: Becoming independent was definitely BYUs best option. But joining a BCS conference would have been better had that been an option. And if BYU has proven they have BCS friends, why didn't they get the same BCS treatment as Notre Dame?

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

I guess one good thing for Big 12 schools- they'll rack up the frequent flyer miles in whatever conference they land in.

The real shame in all this is that this new conference realignment illustrates something we all hoped wasn't true about CFB (it wasn't 20-30 years ago), but is now apparent. It's all about $$$. Forget about equal opportunity. Forget about competition. Forget about tradition and rivalries. Forget about the needs of these student-athletes (the ones that need time to study). We're all being exploited by TV execs, commissioners, AD's and University presidents who want to line their pockets.

Mesa, AZ

Big money is destroying traditional rivalries, and the loser is the fan of college football...

Mesa, AZ

I do not believe this is the last of the conference alignment issues. I think that there are more moves and issues we haven't begun to see. Maybe even some we haven't even thought of.

I also think that this will cause issues with the BCS, and may eventually bring it down.

I am willing to wait a while longer, and let these schools and conferences do what they are going to do. When the dust settles, or at least it is played out a more, BYU will make the right decision for them.

Mesa, AZ

Anyone who is honest with themselves would put BYU in the top 50 football programs in the country. Use whatever method you want and they outpace at leas 1/3 of schools that are in AQ BCS conferences. There is no way to say that BYU would not be in the top 50.

So we learn something about the BCS if BYU is never invited into an AQ conference.

It isn't about competition.
It isn't about college football.
It isn't about the athletes.
And it definitely isn't about fairness or even a perceived fairness.

Anyone who defends the BCS is a fool, a tool, and disingenuous.

After what happened to utah, TCU, and Boise, anyone from those schools who now say that it is legitimate, or even good for college football is lying. How soon they forget, when they get paid, and invited, as if that solves the original problem.

College football will be a joke, without an earned NC, until they have a playoff system. Until then, I don't care where we play, as long as we get to watch the games.

Orem, Utah

I agree with Starfarer and all the others who say BYU should wait it out. BYU will be just fine. They will have options, and I am confident that Tom Holmoe and the others involved will make the right decision. BYU will not go into oblivion like some people want, instead they will be around for a long time and I will continue to watch my team have success on the field.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Oklahoma would be a great addition to the PAC-12. I'm not so sure Texas would be. They seem to the ones causing all the headaches. I'm guessing they are going to the ACC. It really is sad. On paper, the BIG-12 should be one of the surviving super-conferences. Its amazing how much damage Texas has done.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"BYUtv wasn't created to fail, so it won't."

Neither was it created for cougar sports. It was created for General Conferences, Firesides, and other religious programming. They cougars are just using a media outlet that was already created to promote their product.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Big money is destroying traditional rivalries, and the loser is the fan of college football..."

Correction: The loser is the fan of COUGAR football. Because they'll be left out again. Unwanted. Mid-majored. WAC-ish.

But look on the bright side. At least their big brother up on the hill will be doing alright. With annual Accounts Receivables of $25-37 million, opportunities for Utah sports will continue to prove year after year after year.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Henry Drummond:

I agree with you that Texas may not be a good fit for the Pac-12, since they have shown to be boorish and uncooperative. But the ACC might be a good fit for them.


If...,er, I mean WHEN...Texas A&M joins the SEC, the SEC will look to add a 14th member. Most reputable sources indicate Missouri and Va. Tech would be their top targets. If Va. Tech heads South, the ACC will need to backfill their vacancy. As it is now, the top choices for the ACC would be Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia, but with Texas out there on an island, how could they not move to the head of the line with those choices?

The ACC would be seriously weakened, and although they currently practice equal revenue sharing, perhaps they'd be desperate enough to humor Texas with their arrogant attitude of entitlement. Furthermore, as the Pac-12 and the SEC would have grown to at least 14 teams, the ACC would likely respond by adding 2 more....most likely from the 3 aforementioned Big East schools, and/or Kansas/Missouri.

Salt Lake City, UT

Funny how they clip Larry Scott's comment to paint a certain picture:
Larry Scott said he prefers that the conference not expand...

Sounds like no expansion, right?

But he would reconsider if other leagues go past 12.
The SEC is accepting Texas A&M, thus... the SEC is beyond 12 members.

Omaha, NE

The one poison dart facing BYU is if the conferences go to four 16 team super conferences. If they do then BYU will not be able to schedule any major power and will be left with lots of Weber States etc.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Starfarer | 12:10 p.m. Sept. 13, 2011
Mesa, AZ

"College football will be a joke, without an earned NC, until they have a playoff system." So you are saying that BYU's 1984 NC was not earned and that College football is a joke until there is a playoff?

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Naval Vet

Utah entered the PAC 12 with an athletic budget that was close to dead last in the conference, and the Utes will continue to have one of the smallest budgets in the PAC 12 until the Utes start generating funds of their own. Your "annual Accounts Receivables of $25-37 million" is nothing but a pipe dream -- it'll be 10 years before Utah gets anywhere close to that much.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hill should be joining Colorado in doing everything he can to keep Oklahoma and Texas from joining the PAC 12; having two perennial Top 10 teams in the PAC 12 East will kill Utah's already slim hopes of ever winning a PAC X title.

Mesa, AZ

NV, I was speaking about UT-OU and alot of other rivalries that are in jeopardy as schools chase money instead of deciding a national champion through a playoff of current conference champions. Sorry to say, that in that scenario, Brigham Young would most often never be eligible as an independent. If opinion polls are totally removed from a playoff scenario, how would an independent gain access to a playoff unless a wildcard position were alloted to them.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

MUSSing with U:

"...it'll be 10 years before Utah gets anywhere close to that much."

Not so. It'll be 3. With Pac-12 Bowl revenues, plus their CCG, Utah will gross over $4.6 million annually. And that's starting right now. Television revenues will grow from 0% in 2011, to 50% in 2012, to 75% in 2013, to a FULL share of $20.9 million in 2014. So in 3 yrs, Utah grosses over $25 million GUARANTEED!

The Pac-12 Network will add additional revenues to Utah's coffers, and at present, conservative estimates place that additional revenue at $8.3-11.9 million.

So, as you can plainly see, the $25-37 million in Accounts Receivables is NO pipe dream. It's very real, and verifiable. The pipe dream would be if the Y ever grosses up to even HALF that value.

And Texas & Oklahoma will not kill Utah's chances of "ever winning" a Pac-16 Championship. All it will do is kill is cougars' chances of joining a relevant federation of AQ schools. You'll be mid-majors forever. Haha!

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Naval Vet

"a FULL share of $20.9 million"

This is the problem with your projection; the PAC 12 television contract is back-end loaded; it pays much less than $20.9 million in the early years of the contract. "Estimates" of PAC 12 Network revenue are meaningless.

And even if your pipe dream was true, the Utes would still be receiving incrementally much less than almost every other school in the PAC 12 -- Utah can only raise ticket prices so far for that tiny little stadium of theirs until Utah fans start bailing on them, especially when Utah starts posting 6- and 7-win seasons -- see Huntsman Center.

And yes, having Oklahoma and Texas in the same division as Utah, would kill Utah's chances of winning their division, let alone, the conference championship.

PAC 16 East
Texas Tech
Oklahoma State
Arizona State

Even in a good year, Utah would be lucky to finish higher than 3rd in their division, and there would be MANY years when the Utes would finish in the bottom half of their division, making it unlikely that the Utes would even qualify for a bowl.

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