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Published: Monday, Sept. 12 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

Whether Texas relinquishes its TLN in order to get into the Pac group really depends on how successful it's either being or promises to be. They've been eyeing independence for awhile, and Oklahoma's decision might be because they've also known that.

Might even be the genesis of Nebraska's and Texas A&M's jumping of the ship.

Independence for BYU just might have a silver lining, after all.

Frisco, TX

If there are four conferences with 16 teams each, some very good football teams will be left out. If there are only four super conferences, the next conference to fall will be the Big East. If the Big East goes, TCU will likely not find a home in a super conference.

Regardless of where your loyalties lie, super conferences would create a super injustice excluding teams like Boise State, TCU and BYU (perennial top 25 teams) and including teams that haven't snift the Top 25 for many years like Washington State, Indiana, Northwestern and Vanderbilt.

Cedar Hills, UT

I get the feeling that Utah is set for life and BYU's days are numbered. Remember it was BYU that dropped track and field, softball, swimming, and other sports just last year and I suspect that is only the beginning. The NCAA is all about $$$ these days and those schools fortunate enough to align themselves with the Pac 12 or the SEC etc... are set while those who are stumbling around trying to find their way ...like BYU .. are going find out that the money soon dries up and along with it recruiting. Independence is impossible - except for a select few schools (military schools and ND). I just don't think this independent thing is a long term solution and now that the BIG 12 is dissolving BYU has no place to go. The Pac 12 will NEVER take the Y due to political and religious issues so it will be interesting to see what the landscape looks like in 5 years.


Duckhunter | 4:14 p.m. Sept. 12, 2011

"Ah so we have another utah "fan" trying to convince us that BYU athletics is an embarrassment to the church."

Nope, I didn't say that. I said that sports is not a moniker for missionary work and bringing people to Christ. Your post is a great example of what sports does to people...Mormon and non-Mormon alike.

Sandy, UT

Not a BYU fan, but I think they jumped ship too early last time and are now realizing many consequences. They should just take a bit of ime and analyze it from every aspect. It could be a good move, or it could ruin their program. They better be careful.

But then again, has BYU ever released a statement showing interest in a move to the Big 12? Why are we speculating so much?

Highland, UT

So another day and another spin on this "issue". It seems as if every single day brings us another "this is how it is going" or else "this is what is really happening" story.

I realize it is news but the truth is it has become a real boor. Just like a cheating spouse none of these institutions can ever be trusted. Maybe we get 16 team super conferences but why would we believe that those would last? Why would anyone believe that all of these self important institutions will all of a sudden become satisfied, and loyal, simply by aligning with a bunch of other falsely self important institutions?

The fact is none of them can really get along. It won't matter what conference they are in and if they do go to 16 team conferences those will eventually fall apart as well because they will all grow tired of each other again.

Logan, UT

@Chris B

You need to stick to the political topics. You make no sense here. It must KILL you whenever BYU beats Utah. I must just eat you alive. That's the only reason I can think of as to why you would want BYU to go away.

Agua Dulce, TX

How about all of the BYU graduates who wish BYU would drop football? There are more than you think!

Some musings:

They are going to get caught in the shuffle and left without a superconference invite (Eastern conferences won't want to travel). The Pac-12 option was never there, due to the academic research issues and Sunday play for other sports. The B1G won't take them over the academic issues. Do they really want to play in an SEC with all that travel for the other programs? (And would the SEC want to take them?) Big East or ACC? Not happening.

BYU's only play is to stay independent as long as they can and hope for the best. I think that as college athletics becomes more and more monetized, BYU will drop out of it (especially if universities start paying players). Remember, BYU killed off a perfectly good program at Ricks.

BYU gets much more attention from its academic programs than they do from athletic programs. Years ago Elders Holland and Oaks pushed the idea of BYU being the Harvard of the West -- you don't need football to do that.

Agua Dulce, TX

(I mean, the Church killed off the Ricks program, not BYU.)

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

If the Big XII conference does fall apart Texas should go the indy route with BYU and Notre Dame rather than humble themselves before the PAC 12. Frankly, going independent seems to be the only option for the Longhorns if the other teams leave simply because they have to give up so much just to stay in a conference.

From the Pac12 perspective I wonder if adding teams means they have to redo last year's historic contract. From a competitive standpoint, this would be a win-win for the PAC12, but not so for money.

west jordan, ut

I just love to see all the geniuses who think they know exactly what is going to happen. Makes me laugh every time to see the stupdity that gets posted. Just gotta love that we can all hide behind some bogus name and spout off hate and discontent.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter | 5:16 p.m. Sept. 12, 2011
Highland, UT

Need a tissue?


Saint George, UT

Chris B.

Get one right regarding the y. Bring up your USC/u predictions, BYU/Texas. That is about as right as you get. Also, bcs gone in two, mark it down, law won't allow it.


I seriously doubt that super conferences will succeed. The 16 team WAC was a failure, and I don't think throwing BCS type money at the problems that huge conferences would create will solve anything. I think it's more likely that a conglomerate of independent schools, (ND TX BYU NAVY ARMY etc.) will emerge in a new era for college football. Either the NCAA or the BCS or both will not survive. The corruption, is already tarnishing any winning program. I only hope that football survives, and I'm not talking about crybaby millionaire football.

Orem, Utah

Baylor's gotta be bangin' their heads on the wall. They can't sue all of'em. They know if the Big XII disappears, they're stuck with aligning themselves with their old SWC foes in the WAC or MWC, of all places!


Bet Texas goes the indy route before kowtowing to the Pac bunch.

Highland, UT


To the contrary I am very much enjoying watching utah "fans" like yourself expose themselves daily on these boards as hypocrites and obsessed haters. I encourage you to continue.

Beverly Hills, CA

It is too funny watching BYU fan proudly tout their cute little deal with ESPN and chest pounding but it was really to compensate for your desperate need to be part of a big boy conference.

Wake up BYU fan, if the Big 10/9/12 stays together, they will bring on Texas schools, the politicians will make sure of that. You really think the Big 12 wanted Baylor last time they expanded? Hello Houston, Rice, TCU and SMU.

Sandy, Utah

If Oklahoma and Oklahoma State exit the Big 12 for the PAC 10 it will be a disaster for them and their fans. They will be playing all their games west of the Rockies (except Colorado) and their fans will be unhappy. Super conferences may well form, but they will eventually collapse just like the old 16 team WAC. The BIG 12 would do well to invite BYU and Boise State to replace the Oklahoma schools and Air Force to replace Texas A & M. The Big 12 should have been proactive by expanding last year instead of waiting. They need to expand NOW before it's too late.

North Ogden, UT

The PAC12 does not need OU or OK St. All that would do is take money away from the current schools, and could move Utah out of the S. Cal division. Texas needs to split Big 12 money evenly or go independent. TCU could take A&M's spot. Then the Big 12 should strongly recruit Louisville, and then take another big market school like Houston. BYU should probably stay independent, but they should try to secure long term agreements with the other indy's (ND, Navy, and Army), and then have at least half of their games against BCS teams.

Beverly Hills, CA

This Big 12 situation is a perfect example of how the greed of Texas is coming back to bite them. If they were like the PAC 12 or SEC, they would secure a deal for ALL the teams in their conference.

BTW BYU fan, the MWC sharing money from our 2 BCS wins with you is a form of socialism that paid for your coach, live it and love it because you are a recipient of it. You are welcome.

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