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Published: Monday, Sept. 12 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

SLCBYUfan: I want to reiterate others comments, where in the world do you come up with your comments that the brethren want to do away with BYU football? You have no facts to prove it. I have been a big fan of BYU football for over 50 yrs and have never heard anything that would support your bogus comments. If fact Vai Seikahema made reference a few months ago that would prove your statements false. Vai said he has friends among the hierarchy of the church that said BYU football (sports) in second only to the full time missionary program in affectiveness in getting the message of the restored gospel out to the people. The biggest and most important thing is giving as many people as possible a chance to hear the message of the restored gospel and whatever tools help make that happen is what will be used. From my perspective and all I can hear, BYU football/baskeball/sports is one of the best tools available and will be used the best it can be. Sports in and of itself is not all that important, it is good entertainment but as a tool for spreadingthegospel itsGreat.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

The football program will continue to support itself and many other sports programs at BYU, why would anyone care to get rid of it? It's not a liability.

Band of Sisters

You should stop being such a bully, Chris B. Besides, we need you cheering for our Utes, and not spending your energy on being so mean to BYU. Positive energy for the Utes is so important. Please contribute.

Salt Lake City, UT

ESPN (BYU's partner) Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 3
Plus future member BYU

1. Oklahoma
2. Oklahoma State
3. Texas A&M
4. Baylor
5. Texas

Salt Lake City, Utah

The comments about the LDS heirarchy wanting to drop sports at BYU is simply the pipe dream of a BYU hater, despite his equally deceptive moniker.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oddly cut off. The rest of the rankings are: 6. Missouri, probably BYU next, 7. Iowa State, 8. Texas Tech, 9. Kansas, 10. Kansas State.

Join the Big12, be on TV less, see recruiting drop, finish middle of the pack.

Stay independent!


Long live Chris B! Go Utes

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B | 11:43 a.m. Sept. 12, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

"4 superconferences without byu.
It's coming. And byu football will shortly be going away."

The day BYU abandons football is the day you have time to look for a job.


"If fact Vai Seikahema made reference a few months ago that would prove your statements false. Vai said he has friends among the hierarchy of the church that said BYU football (sports) in second only to the full time missionary program in affectiveness in getting the message of the restored gospel out to the people."

Right. As I watch people call each other names, make degrading and disparaging remarks about one another, attack one another after a game (byu 2009), and generally act like infantile imbeciles in the name of SPORTS...a good ol' fashioned gospel message is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Sports bringing people to Christ?? Sorry...I'm not buying it.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Even though the gospel is perfect, not everyone lives it perfectly.

The church and BYU didn't spend the last year hyping BYU sports on BYUtv with the intent of abandoning BYU sports.

btw - if you want to see people acting like infantile imbeciles in the name of sports, attend any Utah football game in RES. As a Utah alum and fan, it's becoming more and more embarrassing to attend Utah football games.

Saint George, UT

Okay I will try again..

When I was a kid I would go to Ute football games with my Dad. This was when there was wood bleachers in Rice Stadium. I would sit with my Dad during the game with many of the Ute fans Smoking around me, I could hardly breath(I have asma) or see anything because of my watering eyes. Then there was the new vocabulary I was learning, every time they were loosing. But of course there was the Beer showers, when ever the Utes made a 1st down, wich of course did't happen that often. looking back it is easy to see why I'm now a loyal and proud BYU fan, allways and forever..


PACute_ | 2:50 p.m. Sept. 12, 2011
I am not advocating that byu abandon sports. I am merely pointing out that sports should not be construed as the face of the church I belong to. Sports do not bring out the "best" in anyone including byu fans who should reflect the values byu sports ostensibly represent. For the record, I've sat through bowl games with byu fans and I've seen and heard despicable behavior toward fans of opposing team. I am truly embarrassed for all concerned.

Moreover, I did not assert people are perfect - just read these message boards (byu fan and non-byu fan alike). Based on my experience, spectators behave similarly at sporting events...good and bad behavior from Mormon and non-Mormon spectators.

Sports = missionary work?? Again, PACute...I'm just not buying it.

Further, I've never heard an Apostle make the claim that Seikahema is purported to have heard from his buddies (see the post above).

Cedar Hills, UT

Chris B

BYU will never feel as unwanted as you do at home! LOL

Goshen, UT

Why would a team like Texas really want to belong to a conference? $300 million from ESPN. It would appear that the jealousy of small market schools like Oklahoma are afraid. They will have to band together, eventually joining with Wyoming and Colorado St. A few months ago, I sat next to an ND assistant coach and he told me that two driving forces in BYU going independent we both ND & Texas. They both helped work out the agreement with ESPN for BYU. Apparently Texas has been planning independence for a while, just wanting to get all of its ducks in a row. Also note they both quickly committed to BYU after BYU declared independence. Texas has been planning its own Independence for a while. Why shouldn't they, they can command a lot higher profits by themselves and have the flexibility to do as they choose. Don't you think USC would like to have this? What about Florida? Sure the Big 12 and Oklahoma make good stories, but Texas doesn't need them anymore.

Highland, UT


Ah so we have another utah "fan" trying to convince us that BYU athletics is an embarrassment to the church. The truth is you are one of those conflicted utah "fans", the Mormon ones, that cannot reconcile your hate for the flag ship university of your faith with the fact that it does represent your faith. So instead of just calling it what it is, hate for an institution of your faith, you pretend that it is really all about the fans of the school.

Of course BYU fans are among the most polite and well bahved fans of any school in the country, any honest person will admit that, but it is easier for utah "fans" like yourself to try and pretend you hate the fans because they are "arrogant", or "self righteous" or some other false and derogatory description than it is to simply hate an actual church institution.

How pitiful.

Seattle, WA


That is exactly what I have been saying.

Texas will start the domino effect for schools such as; Ohio State, Michigan, Oklahoma, etc.

St. George, Utah

Remember when BYU had an aggressive AD in Felberg.I think we would be right where we want to be if he would have remained. Now they have Holmoe. Wait till the Marriot center is half full this year because of the pathetic home basketball schedule. Wait till LES gets less than 50000 fans because poor home schedule. Holmoe should be living in the big 12 headquarters trying to sell BYU and telling Oklahoma to stay put. If Utah wins Saturday, mark the season over for BYU. Nothing more to play for the entire year. They should be doing everything they can to hold the big 12 together and sell BYU. It is just like the overhyped offense, you just know it isn't happening.

Orem, Utah

Wow! Oklahoma apparently decided that their own TV network wasn't going to fly very high, so they opted to join the Pac pack. Ack, ack, ack!

Dominoes are falling!

Now, the only chance the Big XII has in remaining a conference is to boldly go into superconference size: 14 at minimum. Losing Oklahoma, though, might leave the conference too weak to float, even at that number.

For example, who could they cull to get there? It'd have to be BCS teams, not mid-major promotions (other than maybe BYU). Losing 3 they'd need 7.

Possible BCS teams:

- Cincinnati (Big East)
- Louisville (Big East)
- Maryland (ACC)
- Notre Dame (unlikely, but a saviour!)
- Pittsburgh (Big East)
- Syracuse (Big East)
- Virginia (ACC)
- Virginia Tech (ACC)
- Wake Forest (ACC)
- West Virginia (Big East)

Doesn't look promising. Pretty stetched-out, but so's Oklahoma's distance from the Pac-12 teams. Maybe distance is no longer an issue because of greater riches?

Looks like BYU's independence run could last awhile, unless the Big XII expands fast and includes BYU. There isn't any other BCS conference that'd take the Y.

Texas' mentioned "options" might very well include independence, which would be good for BYU.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU may be looking at the beginning of the end of NCAA competition. If Texas and OU bolt to the Pac 12 then the rest of the Big12 would be absorbed into the Big East and SEC. BYU is really hanging out there on a limb as an independent and almost has to have a perfect season to survive since they get no money from a conference as Utah does. My guess is BYU is going to find it harder and harder to compete each year since they probably aren't going to go to any major bowl this year and most likely the same next year. Recruiting will dry up along with the money and in 5 years my prediction football will be over at the Y. If I am a high school senior I am NOT looking at BYU next year ... not until the dust settles.


Why do BYU haters hope BYU athletics dissolve? Seriously? You are willing to give up DECADES of rivalry just because you hate them THAT much!? Who you gonna hate on then? Utah State? And then eventually you'll wish for there demise too? Maybe if you're lucky all your future rivals will disappear and then you'll eventually be alone. Then that way you're annual Red and White game can be counted as the National championship game. Then its just a matter of who's better, Red or White.

@Chris B. Please elaborate why you hate BYU so much as to want their athletics to discontinue? It doesn't make sense at all. What will you do in you life if you don't have BYU to bash on? I just created an account and this is the first comment ever I've made just so I can ask that question.

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