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Published: Monday, Sept. 12 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

"CU would be opposed to any expansion that might bring about east and west divisions in the Pac-12."

Hahaha of course they would


Is Big 12 option for BYU something that ever existed?

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU just needs to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

Farmington, UT

I think BYU should join the Big 12, but only if they are able to get the conference to increase their departure fees and get all of the schools to agree with it. Verbal agreement will be fine. :)

Salt Lake City, ut

Again not a fan of byu but keep options open, there is nothing wrong with independence right now. Dont jump into a sinking ship. Something will open up and they will get there chance.

Danbury, CT

Did BYU ever "apply" for the PAC 12? I get the feeling BYU just sat around and waited for someone to invite them. I've never heard of any ambition on the part of Holmoe or any previous AD to get us into a better conference. Once again, our people are just content to rest on their laurels (read: backsides) and hope someone invites us to the big dance. Our AD has as much killer instinct as our offense...

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'm sure BYU and Tom Holmoe are just sitting back laughing about all this attention about such a non-topic. BYU has 8 years to play around with independence, or more if they can extend a good contract with ESPN or other TV partner. They'd be silly to dump the upside and join any conference. BYU's mind regarding BCS inclusion is a lot more broad than just the BCS game. They've gotten what they've needed and wanted with a move to independence in football and they'd be dumb to quit on it now. No conference, in its right mind, would allow BYU or any other player complete independence with their TV network, Texas is such a major player nationally and yet the Big12 is still meddling with the LHN, so why in the world would anyone assume BYU would get better treatment?

BYU will stay like they are for at least a few years, hopefully that will give super conferences the chance to form and fail, then BYU will be well poised to even examine joining a conference again. But by then BYU might be even more in the driver's seat as an independent football school!

Salt Lake City, UT

"CU would be opposed to any expansion that might bring about east and west divisions in the Pac-12."

Utah should start showing some spunk and join Colorado in opposing a PAC 12 expansion that would put Utah in a PAC 16 Eastern division, severely restricting regular games against USC and UCLA, one of Utah's primary recruiting areas.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oklahoma largely wants out of the Big 12 charter because they dont want to deal with Texas having the Longhorn Network all to Texas. They know whatever league they are in they can never compete with that, and by applying to the Pac 12 they can force Texas to come along and give up that level of control. Oklahoma knows if they can make the move Texas will do whatever it takes to come along, and the Pac 12 presidents will do what they can to get Texas.

As for BYU if the Big 12 implodes, any deals are off and they will remain an independent. As additional super-conferences further evolve over the next 2-3 years BYU will try and hook up with one (NEVER the Pac 16 who will NEVER accept a faith based school). But if that doesnt work for them, and the NCAA follows through with creating a third sub-classification of division 1 football, BYU could decide to drop their program and just fall back on the WCC sponsored teams. When Bronco Mendenhall men tions the next 2-3 years being critical for BYU, THIS is what e means!

Cedar Hills, UT

Oklahoma is bluffing! They want the other members of the BIG 12 to pony up more money for them or they want ESPN to offer a contract for the sooner network. The PAC 12 will never take Oklahoma St with their academics, not going to happen.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

4 superconferences without byu.

It's coming.

And byu football will shortly be going away.


Salt Lake City, UT

@eastcoastcoug: It actually has been the ambition of Tom Holmoes two immediate predecessors to try and get into a more powerful league, however this has run into political issues with a few of the hierarchy of the LDS Church who have been concerned about the possible impacts on programs at Utah and Utah State as well as at least 2 of the Pac 12 presidents (Stanford & Cal-Berkley) not wanting a faith based institution that has only has 25 PhD level programs in its academic line-up.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Are byu fans prepared for life with byu football being the equivalent of San Jose State?

I am!

Recruting? Gone
Chance for BCS game? gone
Chance for BCS title? gone
Coaches? Gone
Chance to ever join big leagues? Gone

Loving it!

Danbury, CT

Dear Mrs. B in SLC, what will you do with your time when there is no BYU football to talk about? Congrats on getting first on so many blogs this past week. How did you do it??

Salt Lake City, UT

SLC BYU hating Fan

Don't you ever get tired of posting the same "BYU should just drop football" drivel?

Chris B

Your sports fan life would lose all meaning without having BYU around to hate.

Big Red '93
The High Plains of, Texas

and.. Chris B? Gone. What else does he live for that BYU football?

Salt Lake City, UT

The same greed for power and $$$ that is driving conference expansion will eventually rip the so-called "super-conferences" apart.



Seriously, Dude, where do you get this garbage?

You go around on this site (and other sites) claiming that certain powerful members of the Mormon hierarchy want to kill BYU football and BYU sports in general. Who are your sources for this besides yourself? I'm confident the Mormon leadership wants BYU football to survive and they hope it thrives. They use sports as a tool to spread their faith. They aren't dumb enough to ax a program that provides a window to promote their church. Don't kid yourself into believing otherwise.

I don't root for BYU by any means. I'm a Utah fan and I hope Utes beat the Cougars by a touchdown or two on Saturday. But I don't believe that anyone in the Mormon hierarchy is going to pull the plug on sports down there.

Stop making these bogus claims until you can actually back them up with hard evidence.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I doubt Texas and Oklahoma are coming to the PAC-12. Texas would have to give up too much. It would be great for Utah to be able to recruit in both the Southern California area as well as Texas/Oklahoma. There definitely would be more revenue. But do we really want this? I think most people in the PAC-12 feel like we've got a good thing going. Why bring in a drama queen like Texas to mess things up? I suspect if anything happens it will just be Oklahoma. Maybe Texas will hold together the remaining BIG-12 schools. I've heard that referred to as the "Texas and the Seven Dwarfs" Conference.

Seattle, WA

BYU, it would be dumb for you to join the Big 12. As an independent, you have the cards in your hands. Why join a conference that will be gone in just a few years. I have been watching the football seen change accross America, and I am predicting that the powerhouse football programs will all go independent while smaller teams will have to stay in conferences due to low incomes.

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