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Published: Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Don't defend Gee just because he is a Mormon. He not only said an arrogant, offensive comment about two good programs, but he is one of the leaders in trying to keep schools from crashing the BCS party. Instead of settling the issue on the field, he is engaged in antitrust actions. He is a cheerleader for making a mockery of the concept of student-athletes. In my book, he is a despicable person and does not need to patted on the back because he made a small contribution to a religious order. It only a small token in comparison with the other harm he is doing to college athletics. What's with the attitude that if a person is Mormon, he is a great guy. It isn't always so.

Richmond, VA

Oh Wow, Ohio State's president is a Mormon? I was shocked when I heard the "Little Sisters of the Poor" comment but now I'm even more shocked that he's a fellow Mormon. I'm glad he realized how dumb his comment was and is making an effort to turn it into a positive. Great turn around.

But I still wonder how much he knew about what went on in his athletic program though?

che loco
Springville, UT

Gee is a disgrace to college athletics, mormon or not. He's a hypocrite in the truest form. I'm always appalled by those who stick their foot in their mouth, make a 180, then receive praise for it. How is this praiseworthy? A millionaire university president donating $1000? It's a drop in the bucket! If you want to make real amends for your foolish comments, Gee, donate $100,000 and don't let the media know about it!

Salt Lake City, UT

His ignorant comment is funny in light of the fact that Ohio State played powerhouse Akron last weak and plays the mighty Toledo today.

RB Scott
Boston, MA

More from RB Scott of Boston:

After West Virginia's law school, Gee served his first stint as president at Ohio State, followed by term as president at Brown University in the Ivy League, then Vanderbilt, then OSU again. At Vanderbilt he was an outstanding national leader in the effort to create better balance between athletics and academics. As president of OSU, it is job to defend the BCS system as it pays financial benefits to schools like OSU. This is exactly what was behind Utah President Michael Youngs determination to get Utah into the PAC-10 (now 12). It is a shame the PAC-10 did not take BYU as well. Get over it.

Ronald B Scott
Boston, MA.
Former sports editor of Life, People, and The Deseret News

Fairfax Station, VA

Previous comments in favor of Gee provide a laundry list of credentials and 'good works' by him. Unfortunately those have nothing to do with his integrity and honesty at the deepest personal level. i will leave to God to judge that aspect of Gee, but current evidence indicates he would not be a good fit to be president (or even athletic director ) at BYU, even though the current major scandal in athletics at ohio state university may result in Gee being unemployed soon.

just saying!

RB Scott
Boston, MA

Redhat implies there is evidence, but then suggests leaving judgments to God. You can't have it both ways, friend. If you have evidence, post it. If you don't, please close your mouth and leave it to God. Neither you nor BYU are appropriate judges.

Fairfax Station, VA

rb scott seems incensed that Gee is being criticized- surely mr scott knows that where there is smoke there is fire. what gee knew and when he knew it concerning the athletic scandal at osu is surely to come out. as scott knows, truth prevails though often it takes awhile.

the osu scandal story is not over- in the mean time we have pretty solid evidence of gee's character flaw in his comment about the little sisters of the poor-truth in lending requires me to indicate i am rc and know how rc's are often the butt of many "loose remarks".

bottom line for mr scott- hold your fire, the kitchen is full of smoke at osu- we just don't know who started the fire-but we will!

just saying!

Vernal grandma
Vernal, UT

Gordon Gee grew up here in Vernal, Utah. And graduated from Uintah High School in 1962.

RB Scott
Boston, MA

While BYU has unique standards that would disqualify most current college presidents, it should be noted that Gee was rated by TIME magazine as one of the best college presidents in America. If Red Hat used his real name, perhaps we'd understand better why he has such antipathy for Mr. Gee. Perhaps it's something personal. Incidentally, I haven't seen or spoken to Gee since he was a student leader at the U. Wait, I may have seen him once in Manhattan when he was a law student at Columbia and I was writing for TIME.

Arlington, VA

Some of you commenters need to take a chill pill and calm down. Remember "let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas

Isaiah condemns those who make a man an offender for a word, and Nephi reiterates that condenation.

See Isaiah 29:21 and 2 Nephi 27:32.

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas

I typed "condemnation," but the M got left out.

Pocatello, ID

Who cares?

Overton, NV

Gee is LDS? You mean Harry Reid isn't the only LDS person in the spot light that I need to be ashamed to share a religion with?

Houston, TX

From OSU website "Born in Vernal, Utah, Gee graduated from the University of Utah with an honors degree in history and earned his J.D. and Ed.D degrees from Columbia University." That explains everything....


He should not have opened his mouth and said something very critical in the first place. Funny, funny mormon culture that praises him for being just a mormon who..... Enough with the "celeb" worship in mormon culture--- just because your name is known and you happen to be mormon does not make you a role model or righteous---enough already!


I'm a member and an Ohio State grad, so take all of this with a grain of salt, but Dr.Gee has been excellent for our university, football indiscretions not withstanding. His two tOSU administrations have been instrumental in guiding new research grants, our rise in the US News Reports rankings (it's a higher ranked school than BYU), tightening of student academic standards, and ambitious construction projects. He's helped transform Ohio State from the biggest community college into a leading research powerhouse.

AD Smith will likely be fired, but there is no evidence that Gee covered anything up. Gee's a funny, extroverted guy, and sometimes he says stupid things, but kudos to him for trying to make things right. What, were you expecting sackcloth and ashes?

Gee was also generous with his time with our singles ward at Ohio State, which I appreciated. He's a good dude.

Roberts, ID

Dittos to Red Hat. Who cares what rb scott thinks and who cares what time magazine has to say about anything, especially who is or is not the best college president. I would take sports illustrated with as much creditability on that subject as time. I wasn't even aware that time was still being published.
And as for rb scott and his credentials, I didn't think life was still in business, and wouldn't tell anyone that I had worked for the deseret news.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: GoodGuyGary
You forgot to mention that Gee was a professor and associate dean at BYU.

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