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Published: Thursday, Sept. 8 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, Utah

They need to belong???

Sounds like the "little brother" mentality lives on!

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Swoop

"call us when the Utah men win their first championship without the help of the ladies"

Men's basketball won the 1944 National Championship (which is just as legit as your football title)

Don't be a hater!

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah has had two great seasons in their entire history, yet even in Utah's greatest period in history, the Utes couldn't keep pace with the Cougars. Even with their worst stretch of football in the last 50 years:

AP Top 25 Finishes the last 10 years

Utah 4

Top 15 Finishes the last 10 years

Utah 2

Your best bet is just to accept that Utah had a couple of great seasons, but is now headed to middle of the PAC mediocrity.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bleed Crimson

Utah won the 2nd best tournament in 1944, which happened to be the NCAA tournament. Army, which didn't play in either the NIT or the NCAA, won the national championship.

No team in the history of college basketball has played a more pathetic regular season schedule than Utah played in 1944.


And after of having just a couple of great seasons, we were invited to a BCS conference. And after BYU "dominated" college football since 1984 what do they have to show for it? Becoming independent with a WAC schedule and will always play second fiddle to Notre Dame when it comes to independents.

Park City, UT


Sorry to disappoint you, but if Utah's a doormat, that won't affect BYU one iota.

As an independent, BYU will be judged ENTIRELY on what BYU does from this point on.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Oh my, the baby Y fans are out in force pouting their all too familiar sad and pathetic way. Seriously are you men or whiney babies as you are acting the latter. I take satisfaction that Utah being in the PAC 12 gives you grief; sweet justice.

Gilbert, AZ


The slight amount of "whining" from BYU fans will be tiny compared to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth we're going to hear from the hill crowd after Wynn's implosion in the Colliseum.

west jordan, utah


You want to talk about pathetic regular season schedules. The 1984 national champ cougs opponents were a combined 61-85-3. Zero wins against any teams that finished in the final top 20.What a joke! No better example in history of a paper champion.Name any ncaa football champ who ever played a weaker schedule. People wonder why we have a faulty BCS system.


Bleed crimson, most of the country was overseas fighting for freedom in 1944 it's not hard to win a championship when only those left behind from the fight are around to play against. How many games did the U play that year? Um, yeah, that's what I thought.
Seriously though I am rooting for the Utes to beat everyone in the pac this year. Not sure Wynn can do it, but I'll be rooting just the same. I can't wait for the 17th. This year should be a good game, but I give the edge to BYU. Beat USC and AZ ST. at least, so BYU looks better when you lose to them okay?


CHicago, we've been dominating since the 70's get it right(please note sarcasm) As far as second fiddle to Notre Dame, have you been paying attention at all to college football the past two decades? ND is a has been, and has been for a while. They are resting on their ancient laurels. BYU will be just fine, and I feel that the utes will be just fine as well. I see them competing regularly for titles in a pac 12. Pac 16 with tex and OK in their half of the pac, um, less frequently.


Rock, justice for what? For dragging you along with us for so long while you languished in mediocrity? For throwing you bones, keeping you alive until you got smart, got some ex BYU players to help coach,(Kafusi, etc.) then landed a couple of great ones in Whit, and Sitake? And then, finally now that you've come full circle and the biggest games in your school history are against someone besides BYU, you are now so much greater than your past? Yep. Classy. For what it's worth, your welcome. Now don't blow it! BYU's worked too hard to bring you out of the gutter for you to mess this up.

Iowa City, IA

"Fortunately for Utah, men's volleyball isn't played in the PAC 12, UCLA, USC, and Stanford compete with BYU in the MPSF in volleyball, where BYU will also be competing against most of the PAC 12 teams in indoor track & field.

As far as skiing goes, NOBODY cares about skiing except for Utah, Colorado, Vermont and Denver."

But appearantly everybody should care about men's volleyball...

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


I'd calculate the overall records of Utah's 1944 opponents, but there aren't any records. Utah literally played an ENTIRE SEASON of pickup games, because Utah, Idaho State and Colorado College were the ONLY colleges in the entire region that were still playing basketball.

18th Replacement Wing 48-24 SLC
A.S.T.P. Company D 51-21 SLC
A.S.T.P. Company B 76-24 SLC
A.S.T.P. ERC 71-17 SLC
Hill Field Fliers 61-26 Ogden
Weber 63-25 Ogden
Weber Navy 60-25 Ogden
Kearns 2nd Air Force 45-35 Kearns
Fort Douglas 41-26 SLC
Wendover Bomber Quintet 64-28 Wendover
Idaho State 54-43 SLC
Ecker Studio 46-44 SLC
Colorado College 48-34 Colorado Springs
Fort Logan 55-38 Denver
Fort Warren 59-61 Cheyenne
Kearns 57-37 SLC
Salt Lake Air Base 39-54 SLC
Bushnel Hospital 78-31 SLC
Idaho State 52-40 Pocatello
Dow Chemical 36-46 SLC
Salt Lake Air Base 62-38 SLC

btw, Utah LOST to Fort Warren and Dow Chemical!

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


"But appearantly everybody should care about men's volleyball..."

There are certainly alot more fans who care about men's volleyball than collegiate skiing.

BYU has thousands of fans who attend BYU volleyball games on a regular basis and BYU's home games are regularly broadcast on BYUtv.

Except for family and friends, I doubt you'd find even a handful of Utah fans who have ever attended a collegiate skiing competition or watched a moment of collegiate skiing on television.

It's really not that hard to win a championship in a sport in which only a handful of schools compete -- Denver(21), Colorado(17), Utah(10), Vermont(5), Dartmouth(3), Wyoming(2), and New Mexico(1) are the ONLY schools that have ever won an NCAA skiing championship since skiing became an NCAA sanctioned sport in 1954.

Sandy, UT

As the player said, it's a chance in a lifetime. Not one Trojan can say that about this game. Proof that the Utes will play with more heart than they will.

They belong. GO UTES!

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


***Chicago, we've been dominating since the 70's get it right(please note sarcasm) As far as second fiddle to Notre Dame, have you been paying attention at all to college football the past two decades? ND is a has been, and has been for a while.***

And yet, BYU has, does, and will always play second fiddle to that "has been team". Which team has been to multiple BCS games? Which team has won 11 NC's including more recently? Which team has a higher winning percentage? Which team has more current NFL players? Which team is on a free major national channel every game? Which team demands and gets 2 for 1's? Which team could get an invite to ANY BCS conference if they wanted? Which team consistently has top recruiting classes? The list goes on and on... Seriously, if Notre Dame is a has been, then BYU was just a blip on the screen in the 80's. Seriously, don't ever try to compare BYU and Notre Dame in football. You lose ALL credibility.

Fort Worth, Texas

USAlover | 2:42 p.m. Sept. 8, 2011
MWC Championships the last 10 years:



Yet only two titles got the "national exposure" that BYU is looking for...

2008 13-0 Utah 31 Alabama 17
2004 12-0 Utah 35 Pitt 7

Gilbert, AZ

Classless Ute Fan

Great, you've established why Notre Dame > BYU and with that, you should now understand why, since 1965, Utah has, does, and always will play 2nd fiddle to BYU.

ND > BYU > Utah

Just remember that simply being in a BCS conference doesn't make you a great program. There are lots of mediocre teams in BCS conferences -- see Duke, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, Indiana, etc.

NC Championships
Utah 0

Heisman Trophy Winners
Utah 0

National Individual Awards Winners
BYU 15
Utah 0

National College Hall of Fame Inductees
BYU 7 (6 players)
Utah 1 (0 players)

Conference Championships

BYU 23
Utah 6

Last 5 Years
Utah 1

AP Top 25 Finishes

BYU 17
Utah 5

Last 5 Years
Utah 2

btw, didn't Utah schedule Michigan 0 for 2 and Notre Dame 0 for 1?

BYU at Texas - ESPN
Utah at USC - Versus

At least BYU has beaten Notre Dame in Provo and in South Bend, something the Utes proved last year that they're not compable of even during a down period for Notre Dame.

Huntsville, UT

Interesting article and I wish these people well in their choice of religion.

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