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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 6 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Nice decision Chatman, look forward to you playing at BYU in a few years!

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Denver, Colorado

WCC Rules!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Me bitter? The young man did not have Utah on his radar. Neither did he have any of the other schools I mentioned. His dad played for the school he selected! I doubt anyone, but Stanford was seriously in the mix. And he should have gone there Stanford's academics are peerless.

As for those who think Utah's basketball program should somehow not be mentioned with the schools I listed, you obviously have no sense of history and have been blinded by Jimmer-mania and think that one year of success somehow eclipses all the NCAA banner hanging in the Huntsman Center. Now that is not hilarious, it's pathetic.

Santa Monica, CA

I love Jordan! I love his attitude and I love the fact that his dad, who I also loved once played for some of the most beloved cougar teams ever. I love that he has history and I love the fact that he loves Coach Rose, who is a guy who really seems to love his players who all seem to love playing for him. The love flows freely between BYU and it's recruits and I love the way the Deseret News covers that. I also love the fact that so many recruits are not shy about using the word love and I myself love what the word "love" represents.
Have a great day, everyone. I love you.

Iowa City, IA

Point guards are now lined up for several years. Big men are taking notice and excited to join the program. Jimmermania was just the beginning of a sweet basketball tradition contagious excitement.

Eagle Mountain, UT

In all fairness, your first post did smack rather loudly of jealousy. The article clearly states that Utah was one of his final 4 choices.
BYU continues to get outstanding guards and swingmen and have solid big men for the next few years. If they can get some quality big men over the next 6 years to go along with their guards and swingmen, they have a good chance to become a frequent sweet 16 team.

That is probably why justgordon is a little insecure.

Highland, UT


You're right. utah is to NC, Duke, OSU,and Kansas in basketball as BYU is to USC, Notre Dame and Texas in football.

In otherwords they both have nice traditions and good success, you could even consider both of them legacy programs, but neither of them really is in the same league as the very top programs.

So next time some BYU fan compares BYU football to those very top programs I fully expect you will agree with them just like you seem to think utah basketball is somehow comparable to the very most elite basketball programs.

Let us see if you actually have that consistency.

Salt Lake City, UT

But right now they have
2 more year of Davies
3 more year of Chris Collinsworth
4 years of both Ian Howard and Nate Austin (lone Peak Player)
6 years Issac Nielson (first 2 years on Mission)

Additional Big Players that BYU is recruiting

Rosco Allen - He was teammates with Jonathan Tavernari, Michael Loyd, J and Winder and his HS coach is brother with Dave Rice - That was the connection before. Doubtful

Jabari Parker who is LDS

Salt Lake City, UT

What is nice to see that Utah and BYU are both getting quality young men for their programs. Not sure how successful either will be in the future but it should be a fun ride.

A word of advice to the justgordon's out there. It is real hard to go backwards other than to enjoy the history. The current programs at Utah, BYU and any other school for that matter are usually as good or bad as their last season or is some cases game.

Ridgefield, WA

I've seen Jordan growing up--he's a fine young man! He comes from a good, devoted family who have taught him well, not just in the skills he has learned for playing basketball, but also for life. He is a good example to all around him and will add much more to the team than being just a good player. Go Jordan! Go BYU!


These kind of signings along with those of Troy Hinds and Tanner Mangum make it apparent that just maybe it isn't the end of the world if BYU doesn't join the Big 12 conference. Just saying.

And to Uteology, you represent your people well.

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