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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 6 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes. Its happening. We welcome Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma state ans Texas tech to the PAC 16. As much as I like the additions I also like the names I don't see.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

I would be in favor of a pac-16 if the zipper division system is used. that way, you would be guaranteed a game in CA and a game in TX/OK every year. Not bad at all.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I don't like adding the OK and TX schools as the final four to the PAC 16. I think geography would force the league into an East/West divisional structure that cut Utah out of some of our SoCal exposure and that is one of our biggest recruiting grounds. Just my take on it.


If this happens and it probably will BYU is going to find itself outside of everything football. No chance ever to fight your way into a BCS game because the four 16 team supers will become the college football play-off that every one wants.

We will forever be banished to the "NIT of football" and like little orphans stare through the windows at the luscious treats served to the rest of the BCS world. Yes, we will survive for a time as an independent with good football played throughout September but in time we will no longer be able to attract even the best LDS young men to play as they seek fame on the national stage.

Suddenly our fate hangs in the hands of the Sooners and I fear the land they will grab lies west of Utah in California and the Pac 16. (We may have won the vast majority of the battles in every sport against the Utes but it seems we may have lost the war.)

I say get on a plane and fly to Big 12 land and make this happen before it is to late.

Mesa, AZ

Rise Up NCAA and take back your game! The BCS and conference re-alignment gurus have all but eliminated many FBS teams. A playoff is needed which includes all conferences in the FBS division. Independent teams will be required to align with a conference. Every league game will count toward the playoff seedings. BCS opinion polls will no longer matter, as the champion will finally be determined on the field.

Herriman, UT

The timing worked out perfectly for Utah if it does happen. If OU and Texas pull the trigger last year, Utah is left out. As it is, Utah is locked in and whether the big changes happen or not, they have a great future. Congrats to them.

I hope BYU finds a seat at the table somewhere. Independence is viable, but becomes less-so if super-conferences form. It would be a shame for a team that has finished regularly in the Top 25 to be left out, but it may well happen. If I were Holmoe, I'd push hard to keep the Big 12 together with BYU added...at worst, it implodes and they go back to independence. At best, they end up on the inside - a much safer place to be. Not sure BYU has the clout to get it done, but they ought to try...standing pat is a risky option.

Salt Lake City, UT

As sad as it is for BYU fans, one option that is on the table for the senior hierarchy that has been without question discussed from time to time is dropping football at BYU. If this "super-conference" trend reaches fruition quickly, and BYU is left out, there will be little incentive to continue the program, and many senior LDS Church leaders without question feel as though if athletics are continued at BYU it should only be along the lines of what the WCC offers. Just like at Rick's College 11 years ago as plans were unveiled to transform it to BYU-Idaho, the football program at BYU will likely be dropped VERY quickly and without further deliberations.

U 90
Corona, CA

BYU Joe, As a Utah fan I'm with you, I would like to see BYU land in one of the super conferences if things go that direction.

However, you might want to reexamine your statement "We may have won the vast majority of the battles in every sport against the Utes...". Really, every sport? The 2 sports that really matter in college athletics are football & basketball. Clearly Utah owns the all-time series in football. I believe the all-time series in hoops goes to BYU by a few games. And while the Utes are down in b-ball they have nine sweet 16's, four final 4's, 2 national championship appearances and one national championship. BYU doesn't come close.

The truth... BYU has not owned Utah in either sport, nor has Utah owned BYU.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


false. we have discussed this ad nauseum and the only ones who still cling to your belief are the ones who refuse to accept facts as they are presented. not much we can do to help you if you choose to ignore facts.

Syracuse, UT

No way Texas goes to the Pac, they will not share on equal terms with USC or anyone else.

Agua Dulce, TX

Does BYU get the ESPN money if they don't make a superconference?

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

If the 4 Big 12 teams go to the new Pac 16, BYU could be in trouble. It will depend on the other conferences jumping on their land grab, but I easily see that happening. The only mega conference in the west will be the Pac 16. There will not be a Big 12 as Mizzou and Kansas quickly jump ship. If BYU is left out of the "64", then it will be more difficult to recruit, more difficult to schedule, and with that, very possibly less fans. At that point, the money begins to dry up. I'd say that scenario is at least 50/50 right now, depending on what Texas wants to do. What we don't know is whether the Horns want to go west and whether the Pac12 will accept OU and OSU without Texas.

If I were BYU, I'd be talking (begging) to Texas as much as I could. This week is proabably as good of week as any to speak with them. I believe BYU has a number of things to sell to the Big12, including immediate access on BYUtv to 60MM homes. But better move fast.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

If expansion happens the Utes won't have a prayer...they'll be in a division vs Texas AND Oklahoma. This does not bode well for the Utes.

And I really doubt BYU cares much about all this discussion. They'll do just fine.

Danbury, CT

Has Holmoe ever said HE has reached out to the PAC? Did we even TRY to get into this party?

With Chris B. working for the PAC (talks like she does anyway), no wonder the Y doesn't stand a chance.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think it is going to happen, the divisions will get split into East West and what Utah loses in SoCal recruiting they will gain in Texas recruitment. Going to Texas every year and going to LA every other year is better than just going to LA every year.

I'm just glad Utah got in when they did, I would hate to be on the outside looking in right now.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

It was the same hysteria last year. OU and UT are not going anywhere, certainly not out West to the PAC whatever.

Salt Lake City, ut

Again the best decision byu could make is stay independent and see what happens. Creating this super conference seems like it may happen. Its already happening in the South with the SEC. I am not a fan of byu in anyway but they deserve the opportunity to join one of these conferences if it does occur. Lets say the Big Ten for example. They could add byu and notre dame and two more teams to make that another super conference. I dont know what will happpen but any exposure for the state with any of its school is a good thing.

Salt Lake City, UT

"as Mizzou and Kansas quickly jump ship. "

Probably would go join Nebraska in the Big 10+2. Kansas State has a good b-ball program so they might want to jump there too. Not sure who the fourth one to get them to 16 would be... maybe Iowa State. Notre Dame is fine with independence and they're with the Big East for basketball so I think they stay as they are.

South Jordan, UT

I like the PAC the way it is but as a newcomer, Utah has very little say in the matter. Happy to belong and will be very competetive. The future is very bright.

BYU will land on their feet just fine. The worst thing that could happen is that the church drops football. The best thing that could happen is the BIG 9, 10 whatever, remains in tact and BYU gets an invite and the revenue and exposure is what BYU wants. What will happen is an unknown to everyone.

If nothing happens, BYU stays where they are. Hard to schedule after the first three weeks but not impossible. I do know the lower revenue producing schools would love to continue scheduling BYU home games because it makes a payday for them.

Salt Lake City, UT

How would a schedule with 16 teams look anyway...
Let's see, I assume 2 divisions of 8.
Pacific division: (washingtons, oregons), (cal/stanfords, USC/UCLA)
TBD-name division: (Arizonas, utah/colorado), (oklahomas, texas's)

So you could play the 7 others in your division, one from each of the pairings in the other division and then one out of conference game. The parenthesis I use to indicate that one of those games out of division will be road while the other will be home. So Utah could have something like @washington vsoregon @cal vsUSC one year and then play those same teams the following year but reverse the home/away, then repeat for the other set of four schools. It would guarantee a trip to california every year (alternating between north and south), and the northwest, and it's not like texas isn't a big recruiting area. I could see this working... in theory. Not sure they'd like to have only one out of conference game, especially since they have rivalries like USC-Notre Dame or Utah-BYU which would eliminate the ability to schedule easier opponents and dramatically reduces odds of a Boise getting big opponents on the schedule.

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