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Published: Monday, Sept. 5 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I agree with what he said about the Jake Heaps hype. I love Jake Heaps and I'm glad he's our QB but he's got a lot to prove, especially this Saturday against Texas. If he prepares really hard and plays smart, he has a chance to get a special win on Saturday.

Houston, TX

After the first week action of the 3 Utah college teams, I conclude:
1) Good team will find a way to win, e.g. BYU.
2) Bad team will find a way to lose, e.g. USU.
3) Worst team will find a high school team to play, e.g. utah.

Basement Dweller
Prather, CA

I'm thinking of sending my copy of "Air Bud, The Golden Receiver" to Wynn. If the two of them could team up then I may get to have a coming out of the basement party!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utah State showed the most heart and played wonderful on Saturday. Hopefully they can continue to play better week to week.

BYU was very fortunate to win...and it wasn't the offense that showed well - the Defense was really good.

Utah had some bright spots - the defense was tremendous - but as I have said before, the offense cannot be built around "protecting Wynn at all costs" - and right now that is what it looked like. Jordan has the potential...I hope we get to see it. White was awesome!

Logan, UT

Wow, this article is totally biased. It's clear The Deseret News is owned by Bonneville International. It's just one of the many reasons I get my news from The Salt Lake Tribune.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ole Miss is a door mat and they were slowed down by their RB's injury not the Cougar D. This win is similar to the UW win a couple years ago, narrow victory on the road against a team that might not win a game.
As ar as Jake Heaps goes he is the greatest qb and leader of all time, just ask him.

Alexandria, VA

Completely agree about Heaps. Let him show us why he should be the next great BYU QB. Right now there has been way too much hype and no actions to back it up. Sure, he might have been the best QB coming out of camp, but camp/practice is much different than a real game. If Doman/Heaps can't figure out a way to get it done against Texas, BYU may just have another good QB for non-BCS defenses (every BCS team on their schedule except Oregon State, who is just plain bad this year).

At least this year. I do believe Heaps will improve each year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jake Heaps is the best qb in BYU history, The Y has never had a qb of his inteligence, integrity and focus, he will certainly lead BYU to a National Championship and if you don't believe me on these points just ask him.

Provo, UT

gonefishn, you made your point the first time. Feel free to maintain your opinion - it's a free country, after all.

Bear in mind, the past does not necessarily equal the present. The UW win was not the same thing as the Ole Miss win at all. In Oxford the Cougars beat in yardage, time of possession, even points produced by the offense as opposed to the defense. Their inability to finish was puzzling, but there was no doubt in the second half that the offense could produce. The defense was good enough to win the game and shut down the Rebel running game.

Jake played his first game as a sophomore. He was absolutely rusty and rough. But we certain ought not to judge the rest of the year by one performance. Let's see how he does against Texas - no predictions here, but I will defer making up my mind about him for a while.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@gonefishin...dahhhhhhhh right... the Ole Miss running backs injured themselves...BYU's defense had nothing to do with it...Actually it was the weather... it was too cool and not humid enough for Ole Miss.

Typical fisherman...always some excuse when he gets skunked...and the usual big one got away.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT


Byu a good team? Did you actually watch even one minute of the game? Ole Miss is horrible and the y beat them by 1 point. Yes, USU lost but they are going in the right direction and Andersen has things cooking in Logan. The best part is we will find out who is the better team in just a few weeks. GO AGGIES, GO UTES, GO WILDCATS (except this week)

Orem, Utah

USU has road games against BYU, Fresno State, and Hawaii, all teams they could lose to. Their near-win at Auburn either showed they are for real, or that Auburn took them lightly and took awhile to wake up. Hard to say, although USU showed they have playmakers. Not sure about their defense, though.

Guess we'll find out in time, but I'd be happy if USU ended up with a 10-2 record (losing only to Auburn and BYU). The schedule's easy enough, other than the teams I've mentioned.

I don't see USU beating BYU in Provo, not after last season's embarassing loss and not after seeing how easily Auburn scored against USU. BYU's defense is enormously better than the last time these two met. That'll be the equalizer.

Orem, Utah

The BYU-Utah game has the following possibilities:

1. BYU beats Texas and Utah beats USC. That makes the game REALLY interesting. Nationally, even. Especially with it being on ESPN.

2. BYU beats Texas and Utah loses to USC. That means BYU will clobber the Utes.

3. BYU loses to Texas and Utah beats USC. That means it'll be a close game: 50-50 who wins in Provo.

4. BYU loses to Texas and Utah loses to USC. That would make the matchup a bit of a dud. Only in-state rivaly chest-pounding could ensue by the trolls of the winning team.

We all know which scenario will be the most fun for September 17th!

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

I agree that Auburn scored pretty easily, but so did USU. Also, byu didn't score easily on the team that was dead last in the FBS in scoring defense between the 20's last year. So USU might not be able to slow down byu, but I think byu will have all kinds of trouble trying to stop the Aggies. Plus I think byu will be coming off of losses to Texas and the Utes. Either way it should be an entertaining game.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

I love Y fan illogic. As per "WhatsInItForME" BYU beats Texas and Utah loses to USC. That means BYU will clobber the Utes. BYU loses to Texas and Utah beats USC. That means it'll be a close game: 50-50 who wins in Provo" That makes no sense what so ever but I am not surprised as logic and Y fans go together like oil and water. News flash, if the Y loses to Texas they'll at best be at the level of Rice who gave Texas a game. After that inept offensive showing by Hypes ("I compare myself with Drew Breeze") I don't think Utah is worried at all as bad as Utah played last year they were still better than Sir Hypes playing at his self proclaimed best. Yeah, BYU is a real offensive powerhouse, too funny.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Where's Stockton ??? | 6:30 p.m. Sept. 5, 2011
Bowling Green, OH

BYU's defense looked good last Saturday against a one dimensional offense(can run but can not pass). However, the boasting about Mississippi players being injured by that defense is classless. You may want to re think that one.

Farmington, UT

@ Nostra...

USU showed the most "choke." During the on-side kick the USU players looked at the ball like it was a U.F.O. and witnessed it being grabbed out of the sky by an Auburn player. Oops!

BYU, on the other hand, while playing poorly on offense, played the entire 60 minutes. I agree they were fortunate to win but they did make the breaks they needed when they were needed. Why the Ol Miss quarterback just didn't run into the end zone for a safety is a mystery. These players have been playing the game for years and they make some interesting blunders.

Contrasting BYU-USU: Which team won (which is the object of the contest, in case you forgot) and which team lost (and thus settled for a "moral victory")?

Utah's defense was as "lucky" as they were good. You'll never convince anyone that a blocked punt that was achieved by an up-side-down rusher being blocked into the air and making contact with the ball with his foot involved anything but luck. It helped the Utes and they took advantage, which is another object of the game (take advantage of your opportunities).

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH


Wasn't the intent to be classless...my apologies...if anyone observing the game had any class to be posting on here they wouldn't have taken the assinine route that your fishing buddy did. Those injuries came accidently from good clean solid hits from a well tuned defense...and just like winning or losing...they're every bit part of the game. You may have not seen it that way when you read my post...admittedly...because i was purposefully vague since I directed them specifically to him... but that was my underlying intent. Reread the fisherman's two postings and Osgrath's rebuttal to him before mine and then try to tell me that those are two real classy postings.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

You are right toosmart, the Aggies lost on the road to the defending National Champs and byu beat the door mat of the SEC. The Aggies will walk into provo and thump byu just like last year in Logan. Heaps is the next Ben Olson and will not even be the best QB on the field when they play the Aggies.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

For once I have to agree with you...but just don't lump us all in the same boat with each other... there's a lot of stupid that can't be fixed on your side of the fence as well.

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