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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

Utah struggles against a FCS team, desperately looking for brightspots. Up next, USC, not too much excitement anymore for Utah, Pac 12 honeymoon is over.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I sure hope that second half was designed to lull the Trojans into a false sense of security for next week. If so it probably worked.

st george, utah

yeah since we're grading....since this article didn't tell me anything i couldn't see for myself...uhhh lets give it a D-

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Would have limes to have seen it. Consistent diet of wife's honey-do's instead.

Jefferson City, MO

No, JD Tractor, you have a few things wrong. "Desperately looking for bright spots" describes Iowa State watching video after getting mugged by Utah at Jack Trice Stadium last year.

After winning a game 27-10, you don't have to look too hard to find the bright spots. In fact, most of the game was pretty bright. The defense was fairly fierce--only giving up a few big plays. The run game was solid--White ran for 135 yards. The kicking game was good, although the punting could have been stronger. And special teams did well.

But if you are implying that Utah has some issues to take care of, you are definitely correct. The offensive line has to stiffen up significantly, Wynn needs to dig deeper, and the passing has to get better.

As for excitement, there is plenty. The tough competition ahead is a reason to be excited. Of course its possible that the Utes could lose--heck they could have lost to Montana State if they had failed to show up--but to quail now, when the stakes go up, would be silly.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

JD Tractor -

Regarding: "not too much excitement anymore for Utah, Pac 12 honeymoon is over."

Can you honestly say you believe your own comment following a game where Utah came out and showed the vanilla version of their offense? Don't you think Utah held back just a bit once up 24-0? Think they just might want to throw a few surprises at USC?

You sound like someone desperately hoping Ute fans would be disappointed. And whether there's the slightest disappointment or not, saying the Pac 12 Honeymoon is over before we've even played a Pac 12 game? Get real.

And even when a down year comes, Ute fans will get to watch great football games/teams almost every week of the season. Because of that, the honeymoon may never end!

I'd keep your focus on the Mississippi heat, humidity and football team versus wasting your time hoping Ute fans will get disinterested. It aint happenin'!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Wynn's throws had no zip. It could be a long year.

Orem, Utah

A little while back I predicted in a post on a Utes article the following for Utah's first two games:

> vs Montana St - laugher for Utah

> @ USC - blown out by USC

After watching tonight's game on KJazz, I'm definitely sticking by my USC prediction.

Utah's speed in defense and White's running ability were great, but that was about it. Not impressed. Not enough to compete against good BCS teams.

Please make some corrections for the USC game.

Syracuse, UT

Anyone who knows Coach Whittingham and understands football should realize that the playbook wasn't opened tonight for Montana State. Utah didn't want to help USC prepare for next Saturday's game in L.A.

Utah will be just fine. Go Utes!

Provo, UT

@MidMajor4ever "Anyone who knows Coach Whittingham and understands football should realize that the playbook wasn't opened tonight for Montana State."

I don't think it's going to matter too much if Coach Whitt does finally "open up the playbook" next week against USC if your QB can't execute the plays/throw the ball more than 10 yds down-field.

As of right now, that's your biggest concern.

Go Cougars!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Up 24-0 going for a punt fake and I suddenly MISSED Joe Glen and Wyoming. I am not sure that the Utes didn't pull out a lot of the playbook yesterday. They looked so dominate in the first half I didn't even bother watching till halfway through the fourth quarter when I saw an update suggesting the Utes either went conservative or Montana State figured out how to tackle and block.

That blocked kick was hilarious. I am just glad none of the upside down Utes got hurt.

Utah isn't supposed to win next week or the week after, but that is okay. They STILL should be able to make the P12 championship being in the weaker division.

Bluffdale, UT

@MidMajor4ever I hope your right, but how did Wynn get sacked then? why did Wynn run his own ball? Big risks to a recovering quarterback.

Bluffdale, UT

If Utah didn't want to give any film to USC and BYU then why didn't Utah play the second team in the second half?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Thank you to all the BYU-loving football experts out there who feel the need to analyze, break down, and give advice to a team you supposedly don't follow and supposedly don't care about. What would we do without you?

Salt Lake City, UT

Running back gains 150 yards, and they give the effort a "C"?

Either the writer set his expectation bar too high, or he earned his "journalism" degree at that school down south.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

I am more optimistic than down about the game. We never seem to have good openers. John White seems like a real player. The defense is fast and has a lot of playmakers. Having Cullen back next week will be very nice and should help an already strong run game.

Bad things are obvious; gotta get better in the passing game. Wynn needs more reps with the guys and they need to stretch the field vertically, otherwise, they are just going to stack the box.

If that one aspect can be improved, I think Utah can win their next two games, and be successful this season.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

No question about it, a lot of work to do next week.

Funny how many BYU fans we have gloating on these Ute articles when they haven't even taken the field for a game yet.

Evanston, WY

Show me a team (any team) that doesn't have questions and make mistake in its first game. The offense built a big lead and pretty much ran off tackle the rest of the noght. The D was stellar until late when they looked tired from being left on the field too long. The O-line was horrible. No way to even try to sugar coat that. Let's just hope another weeks practice lets them gel as a unit. The team speed was impressive. Utah will be fine.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

A "B-"?

Nope. I don't think so. Maybe if the MSU team we beat 27-10 was "Michigan" State or "Mississippi" State, then yeah, definitely in the "B" range. But we played "Montana" State. Inflating our grade only serves to provide false security. Give us a "D+". Or maybe a "C-"; thanks to Defense and Special Teams. We earned it.

Now let's get out there and work harder.

Go Utah! Beat USC!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The win wasn't anything more than what was expected. This was against Montana State afterall. I'm not impressed with the prospects we have for the season based on what I saw.

We certainly didn't make a statement in this game.

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