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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

I am deeply saddened about what happened to this young man. Everybody should feel safe in SLC, and such violent acts should not be tolerated. We need to come together as a community and put a stop to such hate. That being said, I have had both positive and negative experiences as a gay man growing up in an LDS community here in the Salt Lake County.

As a young boy--knowing full well he was different than the rest of the boys his age--I heard my primary teacher tell her son that God did, in fact, not love gays. How do you think that made an insecure 11-year-old boy feel about belonging in church? Do you think maybe that boy was treated differently by the other boys in that class after the primary teacher made those comments?

Just a few years ago at a stake conference (I still attended church meetings), I overheard a woman laugh about how happy she was that the rain must be ruining the "big gay party" being held downtown. Although not directed to me specifically, I could feel the hate in the tone of her voice. It hurt.

David in New Mexico
Rio Rancho, NM

It's not just that gay community that's upset.

I'm a straight Mormon and this angers me too. This a despicable hate crime; It's sick and frankly disturbing. I just hope the cowards that did this will be brought to justice before they hurt someone else.



You just don't get it, do you. Comparing marriage of same-sex couples to "mobs attacking people they hate" is ridiculous. Same-sex couples marrying hurts no one. It is people who preach against gays that cause things like this. Plenty of churches preach against gays, you just aren't listening.

Actually, it is heterosexuals who are changing laws. There was NEVER a law that stated two people of the same sex could not marry in any of the 50 states until someone actually tried it - and bam! Religions blew a gasket.

The Constitution of the USA Guarantees equal protection to ALL CITIZENS, regardless of what the "majority" may want. Minority, majority, it doesn't matter - we are ALL CITIZENS. And if you think it is easy for us to get the protections of marriage without one, you are sadly mistaken - and obviously have never tried.

Heterosexual marriage is "officially condoned" by the government - so should same-sex marriage ---- because anything else is discrimination - and the government should not discriminate against citizens.

You will ALWAYS have the right to find us icky. You do NOT have the right to vote on our Constitutional rights.

Southern Utah, UT


"There was NEVER a law that stated two people of the same sex could not marry in any of the 50 states until someone actually tried it - and bam! Religions blew a gasket"

You are being disengenious here and not telling the whole truth. Starting before the Stone wall riots, one of the three main objectives of the gay agenda was to repeal all laws prohibiging homosexual sexual relations. In 1962, sodomy was a felony in every state in the US. Using the false and fraudulent work of Kensey, the mechanism to achieve this objective was put in place. Subsequently SCOTUS ruled in 2003 Lawrence vs Texas that all sodomy laws were unconstituonal.

If gay sexual relations were illegal up until 1962 in every state in the US, how then could SSM be considered legal and lawfull.

SSM is just the trojan horse the gay community is using to futher their agenda which is to silence all who dare speak out against them whether by lawfull means or otherwise,

Beaverton, OR

This is absolutely horrendous. How could human beings be so unconscionable as to gruesomely attack a stranger who did them no harm? I hope the animals who did this are caught and sent to the Point for a long, long time.

Leesburg, VA


It is sad when religion that is supposed to teach us how to live together fails in its purpose, and instead, the messages we get is that a whole class of human beings are sinners and not deserving of the same rights the majority enjoys in a SECULAR society.

RAB, I suggest to you and others, try to practice "Cultural relativism" for a couple of weeks. This means to try to look at the world as other look at it. In this case how the GLBT community does.

You may like to start by asking yourself, what involves to be gay?, why somebody would choose to be gay?, do they do any harm to society? How?
Do they live any differently than you? Those gays who have children, do they raise them any differently? etc.

You may go the extra mile and try to get to know a few gay people.

After this process your opinion will have more validity and would be supported by reason and experience not only emotions or empty theories.

Try it, you may not change your opinion but you may grow.

Idaho Falls, ID

What a stupid thing to do to someone. There is NO justification for this. And there is No justification for anyone to point fingers at religion for this. Whoever did it couldn't possibly be religious.

Salt Lake City, utah

I see Vanka is still penning absurdities
you know what the predominant religion in Utah teaches regarding matters like this

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