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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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The article states that this crime was committed by a group of straight-edge guys. I know two straight edgers and they are both anti-mormon. If you think these two groups are related in any way, you have a serious misunderstanding of one or the other.

I don't care what the victims sexual orientation is: anyone who curb-checks another human being forfeits their right to be a part of society, in my opinion. They should be locked up until they're too old to walk.

Modesto, CA

This shouldn't be called a hate crime. Treat it as it is - Assault and Battery. It was done by a bunch of Rednecks or Street Crime Bullies and Thugs. With the vast amount of street video cameras, the perpetrators need to be caught and given swift justice. Hope the victim recovers quickly, Shame on the bullies. By the way the LDS church had nothing to do with this, it could have happened in any city in the USA.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


I wasn't aware that Prop 8 said it was OK to assault and curbstomp gay people.

Advocating against gay marriage is not the same as advocating violence against gay people. Gay rights advocates always want to make that connection, but it is simply not there. Open your mind, don't be bigoted against religious people.

Saratoga Springs, UT

We don't need a hate crime bill, what those folks did to this fellow is against the law, irregardless of their motives. Dane, I'll be making a donation. Hopefully you get enough help with your medical bills. I'm so sorry man.

And everyone who says this is a sign that America is intolerant, don't give the idiots who did this pleasure of being thought of as American. This is as un-American as it gets. This is the sort of stuff that we have no place for in our country.

Bountiful, UT

Reading some of these posts, you would think the man was beaten by a couple of Mormon missionaries. I must have missed the press release from the LDS Church condoning the attack.

Needless to say, these shameful attempts to spin an abhorrent and tragic criminal act into a diatribe against the LDS Church are laughable. The LDS Church condemns such cruelty and violence with MORE fervency than they discourage homosexual intimate behavior. If anyone tried to make a law condoning such violence against gays, rest assured, the LDS Church would be on the front lines fighting against it.

It is in fact, divisive for the Deseret News to even label this article Gay Community Angered by Attack as if the rest of us are somehow okay with it. There is not a decent human being on this planet who would not be angered by that attack.

The Prop 8 fight was a fight against government APPROVAL of (not just acceptance of) homosexual intimate behavior. Anyone attempting to make more of it that that, is a hypocrite. They are exposing their own pitiful bigotry against Mormons while at the same time condemning and accusing them of bigotry.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

Re: MsW. "Jesus Christ spoke volumes about homosexuality from the beginning when he created Adam and Eve , not Adam and Steve."

This is EXACTLY the kind of attitude that leads to violence like this... and EXACTLY why religion does deserve a significant part of the blame for this. People who think this way raise their kids with the same narrow-minded, naive beliefs. Why not teach both sides? Maybe we were created, maybe we evolved - either way it cannot be proven! Question MsW- So are hundreds of animal species that exhibit homosexual behavior also making a blatant choice to sin? Or are they born that way? It seems pretty good evidence to me of genetics at work. You cannot prove one bit that God created us, so once again, to come on here so blatantly pretending you know everything about how life began is downright arrogant and insulting.

I hope this guy recovers as soon as possible and these cowards who did this (6 against 1? Yeah, cowards) are quickly caught and put in jail.

Salt Lake City, UT

'We don't need a hate crime bill...' - timcharper | 10:26 a.m. Sept. 2, 2011

Maybe you don't.

But LGBT people do.

Report: Gay bias killings highest since 1999 MSN 06/16/09

A 30% increase in gay hate crimes...NATIONALLY. This is not local or state wide. This is across our country.

Evidence, again:

*Calif. Teen faces trail in gay classmate killing - By Greg Risling AP - Published by DSNews- 07/05/11

LOS ANGELES A Southern California teen driven by white supremacist beliefs executed a gay classmate at a junior high school with two gunshots to the back of his head

Two gunshots to the back of the head.

Result to date?

*Mistrail declared in CA gay student killing By Thomas Watkins AP Published By DSNews 09/01/11

LOS ANGELES A judge on Thursday declared a mistrial in the case of California teen who shot a gay classmate in the back of the head


w bountiful, ut

That's right Mr. Wilbur,

attack the Mormons for this incident. Your rhetoric against the "prdominant religion" is not different than the rhetoric you condemn. As a Mormon, I find it absolutely repulsive that anyone of any persuasion should be attacked as this man was, but the LDS church was not in any way connected with it.
Just because the LDS position on same gender attraction differs with yours, would you also be the first in line to "curb" one of them if given the chance? I wonder.


Brave Sir Robin:

When you lie with dogs (anti-gay groups) you get up with fleas.

Fair, maybe not but life isn't fair.

"I find it interesting some of the people in here are so tolerant of religion when it includes acceptance of gays but so critical and ready to shut down religion, Mormonism in particular, at all turns."

Criticism is not the same as 'shutting down' religion. You have freedom to spend your Sunday anyway you like however that doesn't you are free from criticism.

City, Ut

@ alt134 8:57 a.m. Sept. 2, 2011--

"So your answer is for gay people to live their lives in fear?"

NOPE. My answer was simple. There CAN BE no fear if no one knows of your alternate lifestyle

Mission Viejo, CA

When you relegate a class of people as second class citizens, you devalue them and people think less of them as humans. Glenn Beck even came out and said it on air once regarding DADT. He said if we allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly it would "humanize them".. his words. When people think of others as less than human, it allows them to justify this violence. Instead of jumping so quick to a defensive position, step back and see how your actions might help promote this. I grow tired of people who don't know me telling me a trait that is part of me is merely a behavior and a sinful one. You don't know me, you haven't walked in my shoes, how do you know? Because someone told you tho think that way. I grew up in a very LDS ward in West Valley that happened to have a mixed-race couple living in it. No one except those of us in the immediate vicinity (maybe four homes) would even associate with them. Please, it's time to make a change.

Clearfield, Utah

I am a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as such I get tired of being put in the same catagory as those individuals who take it upon themselves to perform these terrible acts of vilonce towards another human being. I don't know of or heard of any doctrine or teaching by the LDS church or its leaders that would condone or approve of this type of behavior. Yes there might be individuals in this church that feel haterid towards another group, race, gender, or sexual oreintation, and some of them might even act upon those feelings, but that does not mean that members of the LDS religion Or any other religion should be put in the same catigory as those few individuals who act upon their hatred. We are all Gods children and he expect all of us to treat eachother with respect, diginty, and kindness. I think one of the best ways to stop all this hatered is to stop labeling ourselves. It does not matter if we are black, white, purple, heterolsexal, gay, chinnese, american, mexican, or anything eles. We are all human and should treat eachother that way.

w bountiful, ut

@ ignoranceisbliss:

You give no specifics for your hateful rhetoric toward the LDS church. I do not doubt that you had experiences you found painful. People are capable of some pretty ugly behavior, but there are two sides to every story and suspect that is the same with yours.

It is easy to blame a whole segment of society for the actions of individuals, but your blanket accusations of the Mormons doesn't ring true.

As for you Mormons who blindly ignore and glibly rebuff your mon-mormon neighbors, take these comments as a wakeup call. If by their fruits they shall be known, some of us need pruning and purging.

Magna, UT

Basic Criminology/Crime Triangle theory:
Crime occurs where the perpetrators perceive a weak victim/easy target; at a location where there are no natural guardians or bystanders to interrupt the crime; and where the criminals perceive the opportunity risks are low (i.e. nobody cares about gays anyway, so why not...).

If there were two separate incidents of violence, then this wasn't basic criminal opportunity. It was planned.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I did not say self-professed Christians", I said practicing Christians. There is a difference.


I don't care who ya are or what ya say. The history and future of the human race has wholey and entirely depended upon heterosexual relationships. Any thing else widely practiced would have been and will be a detriment to society. Can you argue?

Thank a MAN and a WOMAN for your life and existence.

Salt Lake City, UT


"I find it interesting some of the people in here are so tolerant of religion when it includes acceptance of gays but so critical and ready to shut down religion, Mormonism in particular, at all turns. "

I find it interesting that you immediately follow this up with an attack on atheists (I'll avoid arguing that since this might be my last comment, so I'll just note that death tolls are higher now because the world population is higher, so eliminating 10% of a population of a nation has a much higher body count now than it would if done in the 1500s while being equivalent in terms of proportion of population lost).

"This shouldn't be called a hate crime."

A hate crime not merely seeks to harm an individual but also seeks to strike fear into a particular community. Similarly, if some thugs beat up mormon missionaries and made threatening remarks about "their kind being here"... that would be a hate crime.

"There CAN BE no fear if no one knows of your alternate lifestyle"

There is fear with that approach, fear of being open about who you are is what you are prescribing.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

"NOPE. My answer was simple. There CAN BE no fear if no one knows of your alternate lifestyle"

WOW! What a happy way to go thru life! It's not enough that gays cannot have equal marriage rights, but according to your plan they shouldn't even show themselves together in public? Yeah, that'll do wonders for depression and suicide rates! How would you like it if you had to live hiding your love for your spouse for fear of being beaten, ridiculed or even killed? Doesn't seem a verry happy life does it?

I'll say it again... since NEITHER side, science or religion, can prove their beliefs, why judge people based on what you cannot prove?

Logan, UT

"There CAN BE no fear if no one knows of your alternate lifestyle"

I have no "alternate lifestyle". I have one lifestyle. My lifestyle. And I would venture it is pretty similar to the "lifestyle" of 99% of the rest of my peers. Go to school, go to work, do homework, enjoy some sort of relaxation and recreation, try to stretch a food budget in a down economy, etc. The only difference is that I aspire to sharing and spending my life with someone that some in society don't approve of. Being gay and being straight are not "lifestyles" they are part of a person's divine nature.

Leesburg, VA

@ RAB 10:31
You wrote: "The Prop 8 fight was a fight against government APPROVAL of (not just acceptance of) homosexual intimate behavior. Anyone attempting to make more of it that that, is a hypocrite"

Isn't that bad enough for you?

What business have the LDS, Catholic,Evangelical churches and Muslims to influence legislation because of their religious values? Isn't that a conflict with their political neutrality?

All LDS, Catholic, Evangelical, Muslims "people", have the right to vote "their" minds.

What happened in California as in Hawaii is that churches "as organizations" promoted a political bias.

About gays being "anti-Mormons". Gays don't hate Mormons they hate the sin of bigotry.

Who really hate Mormons are some self-proclaimed Christians who see Joseph Smith as a false prophet and charlatan dedicated to distort the teachings of Christ.

If you check the history of the church, no gay person was ever accused of participating in a mob against the saints.

GLBT people are usually reacting to negative attacks against them. Curiously, then the attackers claim to be the victims.

Violence and bigotry from and against LDS or GLBT or anybody else are equally wrong.

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