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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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That's terrible. Why can't everyone just love and respect everyone?!

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a horrible crime -- extremely violent and disturbing. The cowards who did this should be in jail. I can't even imagine that kind of violence. Hope he recovers quickly.

Well Read

It is too bad that we in the United States can not be more tolerant of others who differ from us in religious, political or lifestyle choices. The intolerance of others for religious, political or lifestyle choices are rampant throughout our society. We need to be more respectful of others.

Bountiful, UT

Does Utah have a hate crimes law? If not we need one.

Perhaps the feds do and it can be applied. Any group that is singled out for persecution, needs to also be singled out for special protections.

This is why this why the army applies armor to tanks. The same logic applies here.

spring street

absolutely disgusting that any human being could treat another person this way. for those of you that think the vitriol you spread against the gay community causes no harm take a good look at the picture attached to this story and then think twice how you phrase your opposition to gay rights. You haver a right to disagree with those of us that support gay rights just be aware of the possible cost of how you express those views.

Cora Smith

I would pray that it's not just the gay community thats upset. Resorting to this kind of treatment of an innocent victim is among the horrible things that humans are capable of.
And for what?

Jeffrey Wilbur
Eagle Mountain, UT

Note: Seriously? The Deseret News denied this comment? I guess they don't want anything remotely critical of the Mormon church to be seen on here. Let's try again and see if they censor me again.


Human beings are predisposed to feel uncomfortable around those they perceive to be "different" or "inferior". For some, especially the hateful and vindictive, that discomfort transforms into bigotry, slurs and verbal attacks, and sometimes violence. It's the very reason the very first step in propaganda is to paint your enemy as being as evil as possible, to reduce them to a subhuman categorization.

As such, it doesn't matter so much if a religion doesn't "condone violence" if that same religion also teaches that certain types of people are subhuman or inferior in some way. For decades, most religions - including the predominant culture in this state - have silently and subtly taught that homosexuality is everything from a disease, to a psychological disorder, to Satanic, to disgusting and subhuman. In one breath violence is condemned; in the next, "different" people are.

It's not a huge leap from that to a few fanatical and hateful individuals using it as justification to attack others.

Taylorsville, UT

Physically violated a person is a serious crime, their intent is to harm this person because of his personal trait, everyone knows that a person can not be changed by beatings. These individuals need to be held accountable for their actions and behavior and prosecuted, otherwise the State is promoting violence.

Salt Lake City, UT

flyfisher & Belching Cow--
There is often a huge gulf between what is taught and the lesson received. Christian denominations,and indeed all major faiths, teach love as a primary virtue ("Faith, hope, love..."). But it is often a mixed message. Christianity is full of violent imagery (literal and metaphorical) in the Old and New Testaments and advancement of faith is often couched in violent terms (Revelations, anyone?). Leviticus has some harsh punishments for breaking the rules generally and some harsh words about homosexuality in particular. "Abomination" is the standard term linked Biblically to gays and the destruction of Sodom is often cited by the haters. Churches are leading the political movement against recognizing gay marriage rights. As much as the great majority of religious folks strive to live lives of peace and love, given the foregoing, I'm not the least bit surprised that some in the fold see it as their calling to destroy that which offends their religious views. It's a perversion of the teachings, but scriptures can be misinterpreted and religious zeal hijacked to violent ends, or do you not remember 9/11? I don't think Beenlistening is far off the mark in that speculation.

Dallas, TX

Jeffrey Wilbur writes: "...if that same religion also teaches that certain types of people are subhuman or inferior in some way. For decades, most religions - including the predominant culture in this state - have silently and subtly taught that homosexuality is everything from a disease, to a psychological disorder, to Satanic, to disgusting and subhuman. In one breath violence is condemned; in the next, "different" people are."

Here is what the Mormon church teaches, so we're all clear:

1. The purpose of our life is to experience a very broad range of circumstances, urges, emotions, events, thoughts, and desires so that we can learn to distinguish between the bitter and the sweet.

2. Sin is essentially doing those things that don't lead to the greatest personal growth as a person. Therefore, more than anything, sin is delay.

3. But every single person is going to willfully sin. There isn't one person, not even an Apostle (as they will well tell you) that hasn't sinned.

4. And sin can be erased by the Lord in an instance, so it isn't an indelible trait.

I don't see anything in the above that separates out or denigrates gays or any person that sins.

Semper Fidelis
Apo, AP

As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I read this and was appalled at this. We are all children of God who loves us and wants us to treat each other kindly.

I am not sure why people are draagging the LDS church into this, because this act was not perpetrated by the LDS church, nor would it ever be supported by us. The very few who might support this violence are not representative of the Church or its doctrines.

Here's to hoping for a quick recovery and justice for the perpetrators.

South Jordan, UT

What does this have to do with the LDS church?! I am sorry this happened but how did it turn into a discussion on mormon bashing?

Logan, UT

Really DNEWS? why was this comment denied? It violates NONE of your terms: not obscene, no name calling, no yelling,no links or commercial promotion, and is not provocative or trolling. Follow your own guidlines and don't censor something that is pertinent to the conversation and follows all your rules
"I don't know of any of the mainline religions in the Salt Lake area which teach that this kind of treatment of another human is acceptable."

Really? People repeatedly use the Bible as "Evidence" that homosexuality is against God's "plan", but the very passages in the Bible that they cite demand stoning and putting to death gays, adulterers, disobedient children, etc.

If you believe in the Bible, then you DO believe in such violence. If you pick and choose which parts you believe and which you don't, then you have no legs to stand on in trying to use it as an authoritative moral source on any issue.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, I was going to bash Beenlistening for blaming this kind of hate on religion, but then I thought about how much I was shunned, ridiculed, and hated for being a non-mormon growing up in a mormon neighborhood in Sandy. When my parents moved away and I did not go with them, my Mom could not believe I could stay in a place that had caused me so much pain. She vowed she would never come back here ever again and she did not. I guess the point I am trying to make is that there are people in this state that take things too far and it is because of the dominant religion. I still try not to judge people by their religion, but I know firsthand the prejudice that the mormon religion is capable of depositing amongst their flock and it is hateful, wrong, and very scary. I was a little kid and did not understand why I was hated so much or why and I struggled with it all through childhood. There are radicals in all religions including the mormon religion.

Layton, UT

Mr Wilber, your comments are so disgusting. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints does not teach what you espouse they do. Your comments are extremely insulting and filled with lies that it borders on hate speech. Your agenda comes through loud and clear..we get it, we get it, you don't like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints......next

A crime is a crime, they are all motivated by hate and fear. The homosexual community wants to be treated as equal yet they want crimes that are just for them. This was a horrible crime, a vicious crime but it should not be put into some special crime under the heading of hate. I wish all of the so called "hate crimes" would just go the way of the dodo. These men or women or both who committed this horrific crime should be sent away for a long long time.

Bountiful, UT

As a high school teacher, I have heard some horrific comments aimed at gays. One year as our class was discussing prejudice, one of my students prefaced his comment with this statement: "I come from a religious home. We read our scriptures every night." He then proceeded to issue an appalling gay slander. I was shocked, and thankfully, I believe most of the class was as well.

Nonetheless, I see many who use their religion to justify prejudice and discrimination. Instead of being offended, we need to take steps to rectify that misunderstanding. Does the Church encourage violence, prejudice, and discrimination? Of course not, but some use the Bible and the Church to justify prejudice and violence.

Cache, UT

"Why are supposedly "religious" people taught by that religion that anyone who feels differently than they do cannot be tolerated? What ever happened to tolerance?"

You assume the perpetrators are religious.

I have never been taught to tolerate actions like this. I will never condone it. If I were anywhere near this disgusting action, I would have stepped in to help.

Do not lump me, as a religious man, with intolerance or behaviors such as these, that is offensive.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

There is absolutely no room in our society for this kind of violence. Absolutely sickening! The guilty parties should be put away for a long time.


@ JNA: No, not all crimes are the result of hate and/or fear. Some crimes are committed because someone is drunk, or wants to get high, or is mad at a particular person.

The Holocaust was about hate.
The Mormons being driven out of Missouri was about hate.

The person that stole your car, has no idea who you are and really doesn't care - there is no hate or fear involved.

The guy that murdered his ex-girlfriend did so in a fit of passion, not because he hates all women simply because they are women.

Hate crimes don't just apply to gays - they apply to the aged, the handicapped, the religious, and, should a heterosexual be beaten for no reason other than being heterosexual, they would apply in that situation also.

There are many different levels of crime. Each different level of crime has a different level of punishment. A hate crime designation raises a crime to a higher level, allowing for a stricter sentence.

This beating wasn't about Dane Hall. This beating was about being gay. The crime was intended to send a message to all other gay men.

Hate crimes are not regular crimes.

Mission Viejo, CA

JNA, a not all crimes are the same and motive is definitely a part of the determination of motive. Hence we have a difference between voluntary manslaughter and murder. Enhancements are also standard practice.. assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon. A hate crime designation is just that: a crime that was committed based on the person's identity. To be clear, such a designation can be made for more than sexual orientation. Religion is also a protected class.

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