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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Yes...as far as today goes.

Last Summer Texas was in control, this summer Texas A&M pushed it to the brink, on Monday byu looked like it could set terms such as no sunday play...their own tv channel...guarantees from Texas and Oklahoma to stay put. Today Oklahoma can make big12 expansion moot. Tomorrow??? Crazy days.

Today I prefer PAC12 to PAC16, but I could warm up to the idea.



God must be a Ute!


I do have some concerns about the super conference idea. However, Ive read Wittingham, Scott and others seeing this as setting that new landscape for future college football. I would rather be part of a conference who is out front with this than not. Unfortunately for schools not already in a BCS conference, their future looks bleak. Thank God this didn't happen a year ago.

American Fork, UT

BYU lacks "an impeccable academic pedigree?" Since when? BYU has higher ACT and GPA scores for its recruits than most Ivy League schools now. Various majors like business, accounting, and engineering are ranked among the country's best. Is it the lack of certain PhD programs? Not sure how that relates to an athletic conference. On which academic metrics does BYU trail, say, Texas Tech?

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, Oklahoma absolutely controls the fate of the Big 12.

People say "Add BYU so the league can get more money". OU doesn't need more money. They demand stability. They thought they had it, until it turns out Texas A&M was telling a lie.

It's an interesting stand off. BYU won't commit the Big 12 unless it's stable. OU won't stay unless all members are committed.

Alexandria, VA

Their measurement expects kids to graduate within 5 years. Because of the mission, most students start school, leave for 2 years, then finish school 3 - 4 years later. 6-7 years instead of 4 or 5. Because of this, many schools don't accept that BYU is a true university.

It's a convenient scapegoat for schools not wanting to accept BYU's mission. I don't mean agree with it, just accept BYU students for what they are and do.

And enough of the older men argument. It's not like these missionaries are working out every day. If anything, missions have ruined more players than helped. It does help with their maturity, but how is it cheating to have more mature players? And how do you realistically measure that?

Also, Utah should be disqualified as well since half of their players served missions.

Alexandria, VA

Also, Big 12 and ESPN are in talks with Notre Dame. I'm not saying anything will come of it - probably not - but the Big 12 isn't giving up. And I really don't believe OU would want to leave THe Big 12, where it is a big fish in a big but shrinking pond, to be USC's second fiddle. I'm not sure that Texas is all that interested in leaving it's fat tv contract for the Pac 12 either.


BYU lacks "an impeccable academic pedigree" - That's a nice way to say it.

It's not about inputs: ACT scores, entrance GPA's, etc. In other words a school's admissions requirements are not a measure of its academic quality.

It's about what is produced. How does the institution make the world a better place through research and expanding human academia. BYU just doesn't do that. The main thing BYU produces is marriages.

Wiley Old School


Hmmmmm... you think maybe TECHnical programs?


BYU is a good fit for independence, anyway. How many schools can actually say that. They probably should have gone indy 5 years ago rather than waiting for the MWC to get an AQ or a better TV situation.

OU to the pac makes a lot of sense to me. Texas should follow along and keep a semblance of the Longhorn network on the Texas regional Pac-16 network. Oklahoma State is an okay addition but TTech doesn't fit the PAC mold at all. Too bad the big boys have to bring their ugly little brothers along.


Let's face it. The big12 is BYUs last chance at a BCS conference. If they miss out, they better get used to playing teams like Eatern Washington.

Utesville, CA

...Let's face it. The big12 is BYUs last chance at a BCS conference. If they miss out, they better get used to playing teams like Eatern Washington...

It now makes sense that BYU will be invitted to Big-12.
If OU leaves, Texas will also leave. Pitts will remain in Big-East.

That leaves Big-12 as Big-mid-major.
So, BYU will fit nicely.

Murray, UT

Pittsburgh will join Big-12.

BYU will stay as Indy-WACy

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Funny, linking to a Huffington Post article on sports. I don't consider them a credible source on anything. I just roll my eyes with the nutty stuff they publish.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Sorry but I can't let this one go...and neither should any true blue blooded Cougar fan. So here it is once more... but this time a classification of "impeccable" is being wrongfully used catagorically as an undermining pitch so far from the truth of BYU academics that it's almost criminal... the author of this article about Oklahoma must really think he got a solid jab in...and a couple of the posters on here also obviously seem to think so also. If impeccability in research academics is such a lacking thing at BYU then what does the academic world think of a University who supposedly has oversight over all members of thier research departments to ensure the accuracy and validity of the research they oversee before they announce stunning results and heralding triumphs that later fizzle on the fires of review. I can think of none more stunning and so embarassing than the totally inane heralding of achieved Cold Fusion at one of the campus's in Utah. Is that the kind of impeccability that the author is talking about. If it is then he's right. You don't find that at BYU. Try Miami...or Ohio State.

Lake Elsinore, CA

If Notre Dame is in, then BYU should go. That will hold the conference together. Otherwise ... STAY PUT!! The conference appears on its way to implosion.

che loco
Springville, UT

I don't give much credence to this commentary. It's speculation & is no more informative than what I can come up with in my own mind. Any writer who goes to the "older, more mature players" card is clearly not qualified to make a comment on the Y. Those "older, more mature players" were plentiful on the 7-6 BYU team last year. Where were all the complaints then? Until there's something definite by either the Big 12 or BYU this commenter should probably keep quiet.

Hank Pym

re: Juggy & Wiley Old School | 4:08 p.m. Sept. 1, 2011

"It's about what is produced. How does the institution make the world a better place through research and expanding human academia. BYU just doesn't do that. The main thing BYU produces is marriages."


What about variety of programs? Outside of Law, Business, & the M R S degree; what is byu notorious for?

Apo, AP

It's ridiculous slander, and I know I shouldn't be drawn into conversations with mud-slingers, but it is important for the objective reader to realize that BYU's focus/mission/emphasis and its strength is on a high-quality undergraduate education. Its resources have been spent on this.

Check out wikipedia's site about BYU and this becomes evident.

BYU produces more dentists than any other school in the US.

Also BYU sends more students into PhD programs than all but 4 other schools in the US. (see the recent DesNews article)

As a physician who did undergrad at BYU and Med School at Georgetown, I can assure you that BYU undergraduates are sought-after around the US.

I doubt that Hank Pym or Juggy have been in a graduate school in Utah, or they'd realize that many of the Utes graduate programs rely heavily on BYU graduates (certainly their med-school has).


Stay independent where you are in control of your own destiny as long as ESPN will stick with you! With ESPN as your partner, it won't take long if you win to gain respect and be offered a similar BCS deal as Notre Dame.

With all the big teams being sanctioned or player suspensions, BCS now only means Bad Criminal School and who wants to be the champion of that?

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