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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 31 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

One of these teams is the definition of athletic

One is far from it

Ole Miss athletes 30
byu 17

Utah athletes 45
Montana 10


Here's hoping the national opinion is based only on lack of exposure (people don't know what type of football BYU plays) and a less-than-stellar record last year. Indications seem to be that the Cougars match up well with the Rebels at almost every position (i.e. NFL prospect Matt Reynolds on the O-line against their top pass-rusher, BYU's super-tall receivers against their under-six-foot-tall corners, BYU's much-improved run defense against a run-heavy attack, etc). I think it will be a good game.

Chandler, AZ

These pundits are so ridiculous. When was the last time they saw BYU play? They all rattle off the same old lines...BYU is too slow, Ole Miss is from the SEC, blah, blah, blah...

BYU's tall receivers will kill Ole Miss' lame secondary. (Do any of the so-called experts know that BYU has two 6'4" fast, athletic receivers?)

BYU's O-Line, which is also very good, will have no trouble against the Ole Miss D-line.

BYU's D will also match up very well against a very good Ole Miss O-line. BTW, the average of the Ole Miss O-line is 6'6" 321, the average of the BYU O-line (the line that this defense has been practicing against for the past 3-4 wks) is 6'5" 307. That fact, plus the speed of BYU's LB and their depth will make it very difficult for Ole Miss to get their power running game going.

Ole Miss' QB can't throw. BYU's QB was the top rated HS recruit and played great as a true freshman.

I wonder if the sports writers have ever left the sports bars long enough to realize some of these things.

Boise, ID

Who knows? I don't know what BYU is capable of. BYU lost to Florida St., Nevada, and TCU. All 3 had quarterbacks who are getting playing time in the NFL. A decent Utah team had an incredibly lucky bounce, blown call, and blocked punt to beat BYU.(needed all 3) Utah State is a head-scratcher. BYU looks improved on defense and the offense should be significantly better. BYU could start 4-0 or 0-4. We will all know a lot more by Saturday night.

Santa Monica, CA

Vegas odds makers make BYU 3.5 favorite--BYU fans expect 12 pt. plus win.
Wow, this is news!
National media sees Jake Heaps as good Soph qb---BYU fans eyeing Heisman.
Jimmer Fredette seen as mid first round choice---BYU fans see next Larry Bird.
Independence seen as a lateral move from MWC by most---BYU sees themselves as Notre Dame of the West.
Pattern here?

Layton, UT

Re: bgl

Don't forget:
Most people pencil BYU into the Armed Forces bowl but BYU fans the BCS NC game.

Tualatin, OR

When BYU fans say nothing to embarrass ourselves, Ute fans are forced to put words in our mouths.

Provo, UT

The heat and crowd will slow down BYU a bit but Ole Miss isn't exactly Florida or Auburn or Alabama. BYU 31 Ole Miss 27...

West Jordan, UT

Ole Miss weakness is their secondary, BYU strength is their pass game. BYU will put points on the board.

Ole Miss weakness is their pass game, BYU strength is their LB crew. Ole Miss will be relying heavily on the run. They will struggle to put points on the board.

Does something seem lopsided here? I'm not saying its going to be a blow out, but something is not going to add up for Rebels on Saturday.

Go Cougs!!!


How can people be so biased against certain teams? It amazes me how guys like Belotti can say that BYU doesn't belong in a BCS conference after BYU embarrased them in the bowl game? Then he goes on to say that BYU cant match up against Ole Miss because they are athletic? Im wont guarantee a win for BYU but there is no way you can look at the matchup and say BYU can't beat Ole Miss.

BYU running game > Miss running defense
BYU passing game > Miss pass defense
BYU running defense = Miss running game
BYU pass defense > Miss passing game

Any team can win on any given day, but when you disregard all evidence and say a team has no chance, that just proves you are biased and you lose credibility

Dr Rosenrosen
Gilbert, AZ

Broken records think Chris B is redundant and annoying.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

I think the Las Vegas odds makers have the better record of predicting this game. We still have to wait another 2 days.

Go Cougars.

San Diego, CA

BYU 34
Ole Miss 20
Chris B: 1 out of 2 picks.

Alpine, UT

One writer who has been following and writing about BYU for 32 years says this is the best BYU team he has ever seen and is predicting a score of BYU 38 - Miss. 17. Sounds about right to me.

Dr Rosenrosen
Gilbert, AZ

Why am I not surprised that Belotti didn't learn a lesson after being embarassed in '06. How did the unathletes of BYU possibly manage to destroy the Mighty Athletes of Oregon? I'm sure Chris B has the answer--speaking of people not learning lessons after being embarassed by their own predictions. And not sticking to their word. (And I quote: If BYU beats SDSU [at Viejas arena] I won't post on a BYU article for the rest of the year. Close quote) Why am I not surprised he didn't keep his word?

Dr Rosenrosen
Gilbert, AZ

If the game were played in Provo, I'd say BYU by at least 10. Being that it's in the south, the weather, the mystique of the SEC, I see it being much closer, but I think BYU will win. The only thing that makes me nervous is the travel/jet lag. Western teams traveling east often have a hard adjustment and don't play to the peak of their capabilities.

Orem, Utah

The more people nationally think BYU can't do something, and the more BYU does it, simply works in BYU's favor in the long run. Proving people wrong frequently helps either to eventually get them on our side or to discredit them as reliable pundits.

If BYU can start the season 4-0, AND if Texas doesn't flop, it could be a BCS bowl year (provided BYU then runs the table). Even if Boise State goes undefeated, considering THEIR schedule is overall weaker than BYU's, and they started the year way ahead of BYU in the polls, BYU would get both ranked higher (BCS ranking because of SOS) and picked first (at-large---no AQ for mid-majors, trolls!).


Well, we are all most there. I keep wondering if my own senses are right or I am deceived, but I see the best BYU Team I have ever seen! I was worried when BYU opened against Oklahoma two years ago but the boys got it done. I have to believe that they are in way better shape this year. Bronco is working hard to contain his optimism.

I think that it is very funny. ESPN, BYU's godfather, is even pitching BYU down. I have to believe that Saturday will come like a lighting bolt. I expect BYU to dominate every aspect of the game. No one is talking BYU, its almost like BYU has fallen off of the grid. This will make the BYU lopsided victory even more shocking!


Weather update! In Oxford it will be 98 degrees, 73% humidity,10% chance of rain and no wind. The heat index will be 115 at game time. Enjoy the south cougies.......it will be brutal Saturday. Then you must go to HOT Texas after that! BYU = 0-2 start. And,the Utes will probably beat them too.

Alexandria, VA

It's either time to prove most wrong or show the world that not much has changed. Me? I think BYU is going to surprise many people.

Also, do the Utes have a game tonight? I've heard there was one, and I'd like to watch it, but I can't seem to find it on TV anywhere.

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