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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 30 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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American First
Merced, CA

If he want's to see gerrymandering he should come out here to California where democrats have legislated a permanent majority based on the recommendations of a partisan panel of citizens who have basically drawn political boundaries based on the ethnic makeup of a district. Totally un-Constitutional, totally un-American. You people in Utah should be on your knees thanking God that you don't have the same bunch of anti-Americans running that state. Get over it Matheson, it's YOUR party that has no respect for the will of the people.

Salt Lake City, UT

What goes around, comes around.

riverton, utah

If the demos were in charge matheson would have no problem with the process.

Salt Lake City, UT

Matheson has a problem...he votes with Pelosi almost exactly!

Sandy, UT

This process wouldn't be so egregious if there was some political balance in this state. Too much power always corrupts.

Ellie Marie
Herriman, UT

I don't think elected officials should be involved--from either party. I'm not sure who is knowledgeable enough to participate AND neutral, but I think that would be the best way. Avoiding even the very appearance of corruption, ya know.

slc, ut

Dollar to doughnuts Matheson runs against the likes of Carl Wimmer. Wimmer supported hb 477. Enough said

Saint George, UT

Whatever happens we don't want his district to cover southern Utah. Give him Salt Lake City.

Provo, UT

Let SLC have their own district. Keep the city folk together. And let the southern part of the state represent themselves. That's what is best for the state. None of this "pie" or "pizza" slice stuff that puts all the power in the northern cities.

Sugar City, ID

"I don't think elected officials should be doing this," Matheson said, renewing his call for an independent redistricting commission. "This isn't just about me. Every citizen in Utah has to put up with the results of this flawed process."

Shame on to suggest that the Republican Party is less than honest. We all know that they stand for good government.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Trillion Dollar Jim Matheson" needs to remember something HIS President said: "Elections have consequences." When Republicans control the Legislature, they have more power in redistricting. So, "eat your peas."

However, the law requires that they come up with districts with equal numbers of of citizens in each, so it really does not matter how they divide the pie (or donut) as long as every Utahn is equally represented. The same applies to any group of people who draw the lines.

I don't like being in a district where Jimmy is my Congressman, but if I want to change that I need to get enough other voters to throw him out, not whine and hope that someone redraws the boundaries so I can get a conservative Republican instead.

Jimmy is a nice guy, and when he is playing "Blue Dog" he is not bad (for a Democrat) but too much of the time he is Pelosi's best friend and supports the liberal Democrat agenda which is destroying our nation. I will work as hard as I can to see he is replaced in 2012.

And, that does not mean a promotion to the Senate or statewide office!

San Diego, CA

To get the fairest redistricting, they should pull some person from another part of the country who has no idea what areas are conservative, which are liberal or what the racial makeup of different areas are. Just give the person a map with the zip codes and their populations and have that person create the boundaries that fit the population requirements. That, or have a computer do it.

Provo, UT

"Waddoups said lawmakers did not gerrymander the 2nd District after the 2000 Census... [and] said then, as now, lawmakers were only trying to create equal districts based on population changes..."

Though he's quite experienced in the craft, it looks like Waddoups still has some lessons to learn before becoming a master liar. When you get nationwide recognition- including harsh words from fairly conservative media such as the WSJ- for the worst instance of gerrymandering in the country, pretending you had no political motivation just hurts your credibility.

It's tiring to continually see juvenile comments trying to justify Republican abuses of power here by appealing to abuses of power in California and other predominantly liberal parts of the country. Not only do two wrongs not make a right, but wrongs being perpetrated against the citizens of Utah can't possibly "avenge" wrongs perpetrated against others.

People who claim Matheson "votes with Pelosi almost exactly" need to actually look at the record rather than the silly statistics people spout. The percentages you hear include a *lot* of fairly insubstantial or procedural votes; on major issues where most Utahns disagree with the current DNC party line, Matheson disagrees with them as well.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia


I like the idea of having someone from outside doing the redistricting. The computer idea is OK too -- just as long as I program the computer.

Salt Lake City, UT

Love the idea the elected representatives are to bias to do a good job of redistricting. Dose this say anything about Mr. Matheson's support and trust in representative government?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: rok | 10:54 p.m. Aug. 30, 2011 - San Diego, CA
"To get the fairest redistricting, they should pull some person from another part of the country who has no idea what areas are conservative"

Or maybe they should do it the way it is done in California.

Kearns, UT

The good news for Jim is that he's not really a Democrat. Only in Utah is Jim Mattheson a Democrat. Anywhere else he's a moderate Republican.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

Jim Matheson is a career politician.

Jim Matheson, please go back to private sector for retraining.

We don't want more Wilderness (the extremist form of Federal control of Utah) in a State with 70% Federal ownership.

We did not want health care forced down our throats.

We wanted health care and general tort reform, but got none.

We don't want to live in a debtor nation.

I'm in your district. You surely don't represent me.

San Diego, CA

Re: Rifleman
The way it is done in CA isn't great. They still had to create special racial districts and weren't totally untainted by attempts to gerrymander.

S.Andrew Zaelit
Salt Lake City, UT

I wrote this 5 years ago (Nov. 2006) when Matheson was making the same claims. What has changed?

As a Utah native who has lived and voted in Salt Lake County and in two congressional districts (simply by crossing Redwood Road) I am completely bewildered by the early redistricting attempts by the Utah State Legislature. As the districts are currently drawn, the eastern half of the county (where there is little to no growth) is separate from the western half of Salt Lake County (where growth is happening). That western half of the county is put with Utah County. Why? West Valley City is no more in line politically and geographically with Utah County than the city of Randolph is with Weber County. To the Utah Legislature I ask simply this: Why not let all of Salt Lake County be joined in one voting district for the U.S. House of Representatives, just as they are in Salt Lake County government?

Matheson has been protected by a system that is clearly not functioning. Whining about being a target when the disparity still exits simply to keep you employed is not leadership. Elections matter and congressional district boundaries should to.

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