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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 30 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

wow! That must be a really confusing/difficult ordeal for Thomas... I hope he can graduate quickly and help out his Ute football team.

Salt Lake City, UT

Actually I think the real question is whether he's Paul Millsap moonlighting as a High School Football Player. Guess he got bored during the lockout...

Look at pictures of each of them, side by side.

They could at least be brothers, or cousins, if nothing else!

And before anyone jumps on me for dissing on Millsap, it's a JOKE! I think Millsap is one of the best guys on the Jazz and a class guy. This was just too fun to pass up.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Disappointing that someone would try to lie and cheat by changing all this dates associated with his records. Hopefully he had no connection to that. A coach then maybe? Hopefully it is discovered who.

Highland, UT

He really thought he was 18? Ok. If true he must be a real Einstein. The kid is 20 years old. He'll be playing college football to an older age than any missionary would.

Personally I don't beleive he didn't know.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Of course you don't believe him or his coach. As we've all learned on these comment boards you believe you know better than just about anybody about just about anything. You're wrong about the missionary age. Any kid who goes on a mission straight out of high school without playing won't even set foot on the field or court until they're well over 21. That's about where this kid will be.

Whether the kid knew or not, his parents certainly did and that's where the responsibility is. It probably goes back to 6th grade when he had to repeat a grade. He was likely heavily into sports by that time and his parents knew he'd be inelligible for his senior season once he turned 19. At that point they might have told him there was a mistake on his age or something and he believed them. None of us know enough of the facts to pass judgement on him. Hopefully this won't be the start of a pattern of hiding embarrassing facts rather than dealing with them up front.

Provo, UT

""I want [Thomas] to take care of completing his education and put this behind him," Thompson said. "I want to see him be successful and watch him play for Utah on (television)."

He wants to watch Thomas play for Utah on TV? I didn't think they got KJZZ down in Texas...


I'm pretty sure Utah's PAC 12 regional network only covers Utah and Colorado, too, and, if this year is any indication with Utah being relegated to Versus this year in the PAC 12, I don't think they'll be on the national networks anytime soon :)

Go Cougars!

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Mormon Ute,

You're saying that in 19 years of life and through college applications, job applications, drivers license applications, and the dozens of other important forms this kid has filled out he never once would have figured out his age?

That excuse may pass in China. This is America.

This kid has a college scholarship and he doesn't know how old he is? If you're buying that, wow. Those summer sales kids must really love you.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re truecoug1:

Are you really unaware that the Pac 12 just signed the biggest NATIONAL TV contract in NCAA sports history and that it doesn't go into affect until next year? Or are you just pretending ignorance so your joke makes sense?

Here is a quote from ESPN to help simplify it: "Under this deal, Fox and ESPN will split the rights to college football games. ESPN will air its games on cable as well as ABC; Fox will show its games on its broadcast network, basic cable network FX and on the Fox Sports Net regional networks". ESPN will be airing a minimum of 2 Pac 12 games every week and FX will also be airing games a week so that means only 2 pac 12 games per week could be regional.

So No, this year is not a viable indicator of what Utah's TV deal will be like in the future because they currently are not part of the old Pac 10's contract or their new one.

Assuming Mr Thompson from Texas has basic cable he should be able to watch at least half of Utah's games next season.

Provo, UT


Oh no, I'm fully aware of that. I'm also fully aware that the PAC 12 "national" network only comes standard on the cable packages of people in the PAC 12 region (thereby only reaching 40 million homes) and I'm pretty sure that Texas is not part of that.

I'm also fully aware that Utah's game vs USC was put on Versus this year, while Colorado's game against the Trojans is on ESPN2.

So I ask you, if Utah isn't getting on ESPN NOW in the current PAC 10 TV deal (and Colorado is), what makes you think they'll get on ESPN next year when the new TV deal goes into place?

Food for thought...but here's hoping Mr. Thompson gets to see a couple of Utah football games :)

Go Cougars!

The Rabbit (in Spanish)
Salt Lake City, UT

Good for him. Almost 20 and he is looking at finishing high school "early" in order to join Utah. Those PAC12 academics just keep getting better and better!

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

What we have actually all learned on these boards is that you will accept any story given to you, no matter how ridiculous it may be, so long as it is about a utah player.

Of course he knew how old he is, it's laughable to even pretend he didn't, that is unless he is really the dumbest kid on the planet and has no business going to college anyway. Let's not forget he was held back once. So maybe you are onto something here and maybe this is the sort of "student" the u is looking for.

I mean as The Rabbit pointed out he is a 20 year old that is going to graduate "early" from high school.



@The Rabbit
You can come back and talk when BYU's APR isn't last in the Mountain West Conference. Although they were beaten by some academic powerhouses like UNLV and Wyoming.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

byronbca | 4:26 p.m. Aug. 30, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

"Re truecoug1:
Are you really unaware that the Pac 12 just signed the biggest NATIONAL TV contract in NCAA sports history and that it doesn't go into affect[sic] until next year?"

Utah is part of the PAC-12 and if Larry Scott wanted, and advertisers asked, Utah would be on National TV every week. Even the Kardashians can get on TV. Lose the tired arguments. They don't hold water.


A twenty year old kid trying to pass himself off as an 18 year old?

Josh Gordan coming to Utah after a second offense?

What kind of pressure is Kyle under?

Salt Lake City, UT

Re truecoug:

One thing you are not accounting for is that it doesn't matter if Utah is a good draw because they will be playing teams who are. The Utah byu game will also be on ESPN every year. As long as Utah stays in the upper half of the conference, Mr Thompsons everywhere should have no problem following most of Utah's games.

Also, a Cal Utah game on regional ABC for example is still a game that would be broadcasted to about 50 million people.

I don't even know why we are arguing over this, the undeniable fact is that both Utah and byu have the best TV contracts they've ever had and what they have now is 1000 times better than watching games on the mountain channel.

Eddie Would Go


Don't go there. I have pointed out that fact, encouraging people to check the NCAAs website about APRs for themselves, but the BYU Faithful don't want to talk about it. It's an inconvenient truth that either is ignored, misunderstood, or denied my many on these boards.

Anyway, I hope this young man makes the most of the opportunity presented to him.


It's a shame somebody has to go through something like this so publicly so that a bunch of hypocritical fans from another school can attack him like this. Fortunately, probably a year from now most people will have forgotten about this because his play on the field and in the community should speak for itself. Even if he did knowingly break some pathetic rule, that hardly speaks on behalf of his character. At least Brandon Davies had the dignity of having his issue left private and for him to discuss. It makes me sad as a church member to say that the least tolerant and most insensitive people I know come from a church-endorsed school.


On a lighter note, how about the article about Steve Smith and his relationship with mentor/coach Fred Graves!

If you didn't read the article, do it. It's worth the time.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

All the BYU fans on this board talking down the Pac12 TV deal are in denial.
Enjoy any dig you can get in this year. Ute fans will just continue to roll our eyes and laugh while knowing next year begins the greatest television agreement in sports history. And yes the Utes will be on National TV every week with the possible exception of out of conference road games.
And someone please tell me why BYU fans think making fun of Utah being on Versus is funny? Versus is national folks and I for one would have no problem with that station every single week if needed. People will be looking for a game on Versus a million times over before ever looking for BYUtv.
The regional networks are not for football or Mens basketball by the way...they're for the olympic sports and even academic programming. Some of you Cougar fans need to read up on things before making foolish comments that only hurt your credibility and make Ute fans laugh.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, most of you commenters are so kind and respectful of people. Bashing a kid you don't even know because of a situation where he was held back in school. At least he has stuck with it and will graduate. He could have dropped out and become involved in the street life.

Being held back is usually not the kid's fault, and is a decision the schools make to help someone catch up in their learning abilities.

I think Kyle Whittingham should start up a bit of an investigation though and get some explanation as to what happened. Our program doesn't need the spotlight of a "Cam Newton" situation.

If he can get some credible explanations, the kid definitely deserves a chance to make something of himself just like the Shaky Smithsons, the Nai Fotus, and the Josh Gordons of the world should have if they choose to own up to things.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

so he's 20 and hasn't graduated from HS?

Sounds like an intelligent recruit for the Utes.

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