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Published: Monday, Aug. 29 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

Chris b

Why do you have to bring race into it?


We get that you have "bias" toward "Athletes."

BYU is too white, too religious, and too successful for your narrow mind.

Murray, UT

Chris B.- You have never seen any of these 3 play...stop spoutin' off until you know what you are talking about.

Morgan, UT

Chris B


One of these is an amazing athlete. Two are decent ball players. There is a difference.

If Utah tradition holds true, Loveridge will transfers from Utah between his freshman and sophmore year...sorry, thats just the way it is.

Fort Worth, Texas


I never said 2,000 seat is quite, what I said was a empty HC red seats will make "more noise"; assuming that Coach K brings winning back to the program. I am willing to bet 2,0000 fans make less noise than 8,0000 fans (HC avg last year) on winning or losing programs.

Actually, the fact that Jabari Parker made a trip to Provo is not amazing considering he's a devout Mormon and his mom is a BYU alum.

What would be amazing is players like Shabazz Muhammad from LV making a trip to BYU or USU or even Utah.

Fort Worth, Texas

@Veracity | 3:06 p.m. Aug. 30, 2011

One can also argue...

If BYU's tradition holds true, BYU will find another Ainge/Jimmer in 30 years to lead them to their next Sweet 16... sorry, that's just the way it is.

Frisco, TX

First - Your argument that BYU only gets Utah kids is weak. We get the best of the Utah kids, but more than 50% of our roster is from out of state.

Stephen Rogers, Noah Hartsock, Brock Zylstra, Matt Carlino, Damarcus Harrison, Charles Abouo, Anson Winder

By the way, which Utah players would U not want on your roster?

Second - I don't understand your shots at BYUs basketball program. I get the banter back and forth with football, because the teams have been pretty even for awhile. But if I was a U basketball fan and watched my team get whipped by the bottom team in the WCC, I don't think I'd be taking any shots at the WCC. I'd keep my head low and hope for better days ahead.

Provo, UT

@Uteology "I never said 2,000 seat is quite, what I said was a empty HC red seats will make "more noise"; assuming that Coach K brings winning back to the program."

I think I can state fairly positively that 8000 EMPTY Hunstman Center chairs are definitely NOT going to make as much noise as 2000 filled chairs.

Unless you're referring to the sound of silence...then you may have a point :)

Just throwing that out there.

As for Jabari, I was mostly being facetious with my comment, but the fact that BYU is right up there with the 'big' time programs in his commitment is pretty impressive, regardless of the fact that he's LDS.

U fans says that an LDS athlete can get the same experience at the U as at BYU, and yet Jabari's not even considering the U (or Utah's not recruiting him, which also seems absurd, since they're in the mighty PAC 12 right now).

Either way, it's pretty cool he's considering the Cougs.

Go Cougars!

Cedar Hills, UT


Have you ever traveled to Air Force to watch the cadets play in front of almost 6,000 fans? When was the last time you were at a filled high school gym watching an exciting game with less than 2,000 fans, but the place was rocking? I would take exciting basketball in a jam-packed full arena (being broadcast by ESPN all over the country) over sitting in a half-full Huntsman Center crowd watching a bad basketball game ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

Jabari came to BYU because he is actually interested in the basketball program. Not just because his mom is Mormon. Again, my question to you is why is he not visiting the Utah program? I'm with "CougFanin TX"....I just don't get the shots a few of you are taking at the Cougs basketball program right now. I actually do hope the Utes make it back in basketball soon, because these comments are getting REDiculous!

Unbiased Viewpoint
Draper, UT

These kids can play and they are going to win a lot of games. Having been associated with highschool sports for my entire life in multiple states I can say that this is no small victory for BYU. Basketball in the state of Utah is at a pinnacle right now and these boys along with Loveridge are what is making it so great. It is without question that BYU wanted Loveridge, but if they had to trade Loveridge for Emery it would be done in a heartbeat. This doesn't take anything away from Jordan, but more speaks to the talent of Nick. Haws is largely viewed as a better player than his brother who had an immediate impact on BYU as a freshman. This is even more impressive when you consider that his team won 30 games so to contribute as a freshman is a big deal. In my opinion the best of all of them is Kyle Collinsworth. He is long, atheletic and a fierce competitor.

Sandy, UT

ted cantrell

byu has had some very good big guys over the years for sure. However none of them have done what Utahs bigs have done in the NCAA tournament. Winning and money can never take precedence over byu's honor code. That's the law at byu.Assuming byu would have made it to the elite 8 with Brandon Davies this past season is unrealistic. He's good. Not great.

You are right about Utah having a great basketball history. It is in fact all history now. But as byu proved in football by overcoming the terrible Crowten era and in basketball by overcoming the terrible end to the Reid era Utah can overcome the past few years of bad basketball.I have no reason to believe they wont.

My main point was you're never going to go far in the NCAA tournament with a bunch of 6"0-6"5 white players from Happy Valley unless you have Great bigs and very good complimentary players that aren't all white. Ainge and Jimmer were twice in 30 year abberations for byu. The sweet 16 was their ceiling.

Cedar Hills, UT


Not sure what reasoning you are using when you claim that it would be unrealistic to see BYU in the Elite 8 this past year, if they would have had Davies?? Without him, they got beat, in O.T., by the team that won it all! Was BYU one point better with Davies?? Uumm, YEP.

That said, I agree with what you are saying about needing big men to go further. BYU's hope is that with top-notch players beginning to commit to BYU (see Collinsworth / Emery)they may begin to attract the bigger, taller, longer players there, as well. Hard to not respect the program that Rose has built, and it doesn't appear to be de-railing anytime soon. You are right, though - they DO need the bigs to take the next step.

Cedar Hills, UT

So you have another Randy and Robbie Reid?

Who are the best BB players that have ever come out of Utah County?

Travis Hansen, Emery? Good role players at best. I don't see the reason for the hype.

Sandy, UT

To Natester:

we'll never know if Brandon Davies would have put the cougars over the top or not in that sweet 16 game. Just like we'll never know about a lot of other what if's. we could argue that the other players such as Hartsock would have never played above their abilities if Davies had been there. All speculation.

The bottom line is byu has never had the overall athleticism, size and skill to go any further than they have. Utah has rarely had it either. All of the final four teams and eventual NCAA champions of the past 40 years Have atleast that mix of players that I mentioned in my earlier posts.

Orem, UT

utahcountyute said,

So you have another Randy and Robbie Reid?

Who are the best BB players that have ever come out of Utah County?

Travis Hansen, Emery? Good role players at best. I don't see the reason for the hype.

Umm, how about Devin Durrant? Conference player of the year, All-American. Provo High grad.

Logan, UT

Can you have an empty crowd?

Logan, UT

Charles Abuo went to Logan High school for 3 years so he is kind a, sort of, from Utah.

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